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    Taking a Shot at Samsung ChatOn

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    Samsung brought forth its instant messenger app in Sept. 2011 by the name of Samsung ChatON and it has progressed in leaps and bounds. This service is available in as many as 66 languages and enjoys coverage in 120 countries. It has been cited as a strong competitor of the Blackberry Messenger and has had a decent fan following fan since it’s release. A brand based IM is nothing new and earlier brands like Black berry did the same with BBM and Apple with iMessage. Here I’m sharing a detailed features and some information about Samsung ChatOn.

    Features of Samsung ChatON

    Samsung ChatON is known for its creative approach towards messaging and also allowing its users number of innovative features. It brings in a lot of features in one app, and that is what makes it so appealing. Let’s take a look at the main features (includes latest) on offer by Samsung ChatON.

    Group Chat

    Using Samsung ChatON, it is possible to chat with multiple people at the same time. This simultaneous broadcasting of message is unique to this application.


    Samsung Chaton Taking a Shot at Samsung ChatOn

    This feature brings in the social network element into instant messaging. This is basically a sharing box through which you can post comments to your favorite social network.

    Animation Messages

    This is one of the most famous features on Samsung ChatON. It lets users to show their creativity by allowing them to make their animations themselves. This includes drawing features in addition to text and audio content. It also allows users to change the background images too, adding to the versatility and visual appeal.

    Animated Emoticon

    This is an extension of the animated message concept. You can download emoticons and use them in chat. It is available on the main site as a download, and is under the name “anicon”.

    Buddies Say

    This features allowing posting to your buddy group profile whenever you want to.

    Interaction Rank

    An interesting gimmick, you can track down the frequency of your chat with friends.

    Micro Social Network Service Community

    It allows communications within your joint social network groups, and is fairly smooth in terms of functionality.

    For those people who do not have a smartphone platform, they can avail the Web Version of Samsung ChatON. For this, you would have to create a Samsung account and not use this service with your mobile number.

    Since the launch of Samsung ChatON, its support has been extended to Android, iOS, Blackberry, Samsung, Windows and bada featuring smartphones.

    Samsung ChatOn quick review

    Now that we have taken a look at what are the main features of Samsung ChatON, let us a take a brief review of it and how people have responded to it. The general sentiment is that Samsung ChatON is user friendly and its support over a wide range of platforms and devices is an added bonus. Much work has been done by Samsung to make the communication environment richer through Samsung ChatON. Group chats have been made easy with the help of good management features.

    If we were to compare it with other instant messaging options like Gtalk, WhatsApp, Skype, WeChat and others, the yardstick would be that what has Samsung ChatON more to offer. Well, basically this one is more features rich and also a touch unique. It doesn’t deviate toward one platform of device, rather is quite diverse. Users who have tablets can make use of the tablet specific interface, testimony of Samsung ChatON’s ease of use.

    I previously discussed about this app being rich on communication. By this, the referral is to so many modes of communication that are on offer. You can embed pictures and voice messages into text with ease. The thing is that you can do so many things at the same time and share it with all with the help of group chat. The interaction sphere has never been as large as in Samsung ChatON.

    If we talk on the official level, this also helps you with the scheduling tasks as well. It allows you to share appointments and contact via chat! To spice and glitter your conversation, you have these funny and customized emoticons too.

    All data uploaded goes straight to the “trunk”, so you don’t have to worry about losing data. This is quite a valuable feature for me. “Interaction rank” adds to the funk element of the chat. This app is totally free across all devices and platforms, and it has so many premium features.

    As far as the public sentiment is concerned, the usage shows that Samsung ChatON has really given Blackberry Messenger real competition. This is one is more endearing and functional than the other. While it would take more time for Samsung to take this IM to the top, it has made a niche of sort as a dynamic portable community. Your personal profile can be customized the way you want, and there is a lot of customization that you can do.

    In a nutshell, as compare to other IM services, Samsung ChatON is a service that should be tried for its functionality and dynamic features.

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    samsung chat on mobile
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    Akhil Abraham

    Awesome post and great information that you given i have a samsung s2 and this will help me some way..

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    it’s a great app available in both IOS and android . Samsung chat on is more feasiable to use
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