10 Revolutional Ways to Get Direct Free Blog Traffic

Free Direct blog trafficIf you take on the job of trying to build steady traffic to your site, then you’re in for an uphill task. You’ll need to spend time on SEO and other forms of marketing which may cost you. But then there is an easier way in which you can draw a steady flow of traffic for free and quickly. All you’ll have to do is leverage other people’s traffic. In this article you’ll discover 10 revolutionary ways to get other people to direct traffic to your site.

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How to make other people to send you Free direct traffic:

In this article I will not be talking about social media, SEO or other known ways to get free traffic to your blog. I will give you some tips which will help you to get free direct traffic via other blogger or internet marketer. One thing which is very important here is: Networking. You need to have good networking skills, and also you need to be pro-active. After all, to crack a deal with anyone, a timely response is most important element.  Couple of the tips are generic, but rest others are not very-popular, and if utilized carefully, you can get lots of targeted readers for your blog in no-time. So, lets get started with this:

1. Become a Guest Blogger

In this case you’ll need to create articles and submit them to already established blogs for publication. There are hundreds of blogs that offer guest blogging, and even those that don’t may be open to the idea if you give them a reason to.

You could:

  • Trade articles with another blogger so that they also get to post on your blog.
  • Employ the blog owner’s affiliate links in your articles so that they can make money when readers purchase their products.
  • Offer some form of incentive to the blog owner such as, endorsing his blog in your newsletter.

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2. Recruit for your Affiliate Program

Another quick and easy way to make money selling products through other people’s traffic is by asking them to join your affiliate program. You can offer them 50% commission on every product bought or even higher for those that send in a lot of traffic. You may even offer extra incentives such as discounts for their customers.

3. Trading Blog Links (Not recommended in 2015)

You can trade links with other blogs in your niche. This is very beneficial as your links will remain placed on that blog permanently.  It will be to your greater advantage if you choose an authoritative blog as this will increase your search engine rank.

4.  Trade Newsletter Content

If you enjoy the idea of trading content, then you may also want to consider trading newsletter content with other blogs serving the same niche. You’ll enjoy the benefits of inward backlinks and ongoing traffic.

5. Promote Other Products on Your Download Pages

If you offer products and services related to another blogger’s products, you may request to trade product links on your download pages.

Alternatively you could also ask the other blogger to point his affiliate links to your sales page. This has the ability to draw more traffic because more often than not, when a customer purchases something they are more likely to be in a shopping mood and will purchase from you.

6. Trade Links on Subscription Confirmation Pages

One great place to trade links is on subscription confirmation pages. You may agree with the other marketer to swap endorsements in the emails you send to your newest subscribers.

7. Get Involved in Joint Mailing

If you’re in the business of shipping out physical products, get in touch with other marketers selling products in your niche. Ask them to include flyers advertising your products and services in the shipments they make and in return do the same for them.

Try eBay where you can find related marketers selling many products.

8. Offer to Interview Other Marketers

Top marketing sites may not be up to the other ideas previously mentioned in this article, eespecially if you’re still new and unknown. But they may be open to the idea of interviewing them. If that’s the case then they are also likely to help advertise your services which in turn will mean more traffic.

9. Co-Create and Promote Articles

Creating and promoting articles together is a great way in which you can direct traffic to your website. For example, you could share 5 tips on a topic related to your niche and one of you writes on them.

Either way you’ll still get traffic because your already established partner will help distribute the content by posting on his blog.

10. Create Rebrandable Reports

Get other people to direct traffic to your website by creating rebrandable reports. This is whereby you allow other marketers to alter and change affiliate links in a report to their affiliate links, meaning that whoever distributes the report also has an opportunity to make money of it.

In conclusion, you don’t have to spend money or wait for months just to get a steady flow of traffic when you can simply leverage other people’s traffic!

This is a guest post by Josie. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our submission guidelines. .

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  1. Karan says

    You covered them all.
    The method which works the best for me is blog commenting. It helps me to engage with other bloggers and also it boosts my SERPs, so i get organic traffic as well.
    Anyways, thanks for sharing.

  2. Shounak says

    Hi Josie,
    Nice Post, but will this also work for website like mine, as I deal only in Affiliate Marketing.

  3. Mahesh says

    This is called great post with New content I have looked everywhere but as usual I got something learn on your blog…true excellence.

  4. Rajiv Gupta says

    Great post . These tips are really helpful for a new blogger because every new blogger wants traffic to their blog, this is the thing which motivate them for blogging.

  5. stargaterich says

    I like the way you put it, ‘leverage on other people traffic’ to gain traction for your blog. This is indeed a very smart way to build leads and subscribers more quickly instead of trying to compete with others for naturual organic search traffic using complex SEO and other traffic generation tactics which are not reliable.
    A good post , short and precise to the point indeed.

    • josie says

      Thanks Stargaterich, drawing traffic can be simple and easy. Just requires effort and hard work

  6. says

    Hi Josie

    thanks a lot for sharing this amazing piece on Shout Me Loud

    I’ve always been a huge fan of guest blogging and it works for me in a better way than any other method to drive direct traffic

    nice tips :-)