Nifty Stats : Affiliate Stats Software

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Nifty Stats : Affiliate Stats Software

As an affiliate marketer, one thing which every one requires is an affiliate stats software to kee ty Stats p track of all the affiliate programs I’m enrolled in. Here I’m going to talk about Nifty Stats which is one of the best desktop aff. stat tool I have came across. This software comes in two version: Free and Pro. The best part is you can use pro one for completelty free for 30 days and then you can decide if you want to buy it or not.

I added few of the popular Affiliate programs like CJ, Clickbank, Shareasale, Adsense and many more. Nifty Stats database has almost 1000+ affiliate programs and that’s the reason I liked it. Since it has almost all the affiliate program and I can keep a track of all the programs right from desktop, I loved this application.

Nifty StatsIf you will notice in the above Image, I can actually see which affiliate network is  performing the best for me and I can check daily stats for any period. Just to let you know, I’m using the free version of Nifty stats which has almost everything which one need. Though if you are completely into Affiliate marketing, you might like to try their premium version.

How to use Nifty stats?

This program doesn’t need any tutorial  for using this, since it’s easy to work but let me show you an Example. In this case I will be adding adsense account and I can keep track of my adsense account from Desktop.

Install Niftystats and at the top click on Affiliate program> Add program

Affiliate Stats Software

Now select adsense from the huge database and add your adsense account username and password. It will download the adsense report and you can see it right on your desktop. Watch screenshots.



That’s it and it will start displaying your adsense income on your desktop.


Having desktop application saves lots of time and specially if you have lots of affiliate program which you want to keep a track of.

If you are a adsense user or any other popular affiliate program user, download this free software and do give it a shot.

Download Nifty Stats

If you know more desktop affiliate stats software like NiftyStats, do let us know via comment.

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  1. Gurl says

    This sounds like a better version of an app I wanted to have made :( LOL I will have to check it out. I prefer desktop apps to going to websites for just about everything…including posting to my blogs ;)

    To element and nabeel, Why wait? If you start monetizing your blog early, then your readers are used to it…which means no backlash when you switch over because there’s no switch needed. I am not saying go crazy with it, but starting now could avoid pitfalls down the road.

    One other point for starting early is that you can make pages on your blog where you review the affiliate product, punch it up with good SEO and over time its rank will build…assuming your SEO is really good and its not a super competitive niche. (just my two cents, but I thought my thoughts might get you thinking about alternative things you can do right now :))

    Anyway…thanks for checking this out and sharing it with us! I will be checking it out.

  2. element321 says

    Nifty stats looks like a great. I am not getting enough traffic yet to use affiliate programs and track my traffic. But I will try it out, once I get the traffic and start using affiliate program.

  3. Nabeel | Create Your First Website says


    Nitfystats looks really useful and VERY easy to use. I will definitely use it once I am using more than one affiliate network. Currently I am just using ClickBank.


  4. Tinh says

    Is there any risk to adsense whie using the third party apps? I have heard several issues related to this.

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