Resell Fiverr Gigs to Make Money from Fiverr

When you are working online, it’s all about the reach. More reach and followers, you have: More money you end up making. Have you ever thought, how you can use other services to make money? Today, we will look into one of the easy way and that is fiverr apprack to make money. We will learn how we can resell Fiverr Gigs created by others to make money from Fiverr.

Most of you know what Fiverr is. It is a $5 marketplace where you can buy and sell various jobs for $5. The beauty of Fiverr is that you can make $5 even for doing jobs that will only take about a minute to complete. Successful people on Fiverr takes time to find such jobs and offer them on Fiverr.

To make money out of Fiverr, you don’t need any blog or website. You can use any of your skills to make money out of Fiverr. In this post I will be sharing how you can Resell Fiver gigs and make money from Fiverr.

How to Resell Fiverr Gigs

Resell Fiverr Gigs

The first thing is to join fiverr if you haven’t done so. After you have done so next thing is to go to the home page. On your right side you will see many categories like video, social marketing, advertising and so on. What you need to do is going to any of the categories you like and sort them according to the ratings. For example,

here is a screenshot of social marketing category sorted according to the rating.

Make Money from Fiverr

After you locate a gig of your choice with good rating, you are going to advertise about the service in other places. Let me explain. Say for example you choose the Fiverr gig that gives you 10k YouTube views as your favorite gig. You see that the gig has positive reviews and it delivers  in time. So what you do is you go to other places like webmaster forums, your site and other related sites and write about giving 10k YouTube views as your own service.

The only difference is that you are going to charge more than $5. When some one order the service you just pass it on to the Fiverr guy and complete the gig. Any price more than $5 is your profit. You shouldn’t get greedy here.

I have used this tactic whenever I want some quick buck online. The great thing is you don’t need to have any idea how to complete the gig. If any of your customer ask questions, you just pass it along to your Fiverr guy.

Have you ever thought of reselling Fiverr Gigs to add some money in your pocket? If you have not tried it yet, why don’t you give it a shot and let us know how was your experience?

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COMMENTs ( 19 )

  1. Skyline Nismo says

    Guru… get a hold of yourself. If fiverr sellers wanted 100% market share for their services, they would be charging more on sites other than fiverr in addition. Also, This type of arbitrage has been and will continue to be a platform of e-commerce. Appreciate the extra sales, don’t get defensive.

  2. Guru says

    As a Fiverr seller, I’d be very angry to discover that someone else is attempting to resell my service for more than the $5. After all, it’s MY service. No one else should be able to benefit in that way except ME. Not only would you be competing with that seller for their own traffic, you’re stealing someone else’s idea and attempting to use it as your own. Furthermore, you could end up promoting that seller’s service in a way that they aren’t comfortable with, possibly damaging their reputation or the reputation of their services. I imagine that would seriously anger sellers who have worked hard to build what they have.

    There is another aspect to this as well. When you’re attempting to resell someone else’s gigs, you’re not in control of anything that happens with those gigs. You won’t have any control over when a Fiverr seller decides to pause or discontinue their gigs. You also have no control over whether that seller’s gigs are taken down by Fiverr. As a result, you could find that you have orders building up but no one to fulfill them. That will look bad on YOU, not the Fiverr seller, because the customer doesn’t interact with them. The customer would only be interactive with you. There are also other factors you won’t have control over, such as whether the scope of the gig changes and how often. If you’re not diligently checking on the gig each day, you might come back one day to find that you’re unable to get a service or extra that you were previously able to get, or that the pricing has changed. In short, you have no control over the base service you’d be building your “reseller” business on and no contract or agreement with the Fiverr seller about any potential changes. That could spell disaster in the long-term.

    You need to be careful about recommending this as an option for earning money. Unless you’ve consulted the seller, you could find yourself getting into lots of trouble – particularly if they’re offering something that is in some way proprietary, copyrighted etc.

    It’s also possible that Fiverr as a company could get involved and there could be legal implications. If you’re interested in earning money online, particularly with Fiverr, I suggest simply using your own skills and setting up your OWN gigs rather than attempting to build a business off of someone else’s gigs. Doing so would ensure that you stay out of trouble (either with the Fiverr seller or Fiverr itself) and would ensure that you’d have MUCH more control over the service being offered and any changes made to that service.

    You should NEVER make the actual service provider the “middle man” in their own service. That can seriously come back to bite you later.

    • Andy says

      Why would you be angry? You are getting a customer that you would otherwise not have got. Your post makes zero sense. I hope people resell my fiverr gigs. It means more cash in my pocket.

  3. Andrio says

    really its interesting! What do I do inorder to resell it ? Whether I need to share the link in some other page?

  4. Jack N. Round says

    Thank you so much for posting up here.

    I have been searching to see if there are any rules against this on Fiverr.
    I have not been able to find any, but was elated when I found you here
    talking about the same thing I was thinking of doing.

    Always looking for another trickle,


  5. Avadhut says

    This is a classic *arbitrage*. Many people still do not know about Fiverr and they do not mind giving you $10-15 for the same task as you get it done on Fiverr for only $5. Smart strategy,Rison.

  6. Jasmine says

    Oh, this sounds good. I think it will definitely work for some quick bucks! Fiverr is a nice website to sell and buy quick services at $5… and if leveraged properly, I am sure we can “resell” their services for some quick bucks!

  7. Raghav says

    Hey Rison thanks for sharing this. I’m now familiar with Fiverr. Nice idea for making extra money.

  8. Shubham says

    Seems good! But I don’t think this would work in most cases. As many people know about fiverr now. And on forums (webmasters for instance) almost everyone would be knowing what fiverr is. So why would they take up your service (for more than $5) when they can get it directly from fiverr only (for 5 bucks) ?!
    This question just came to my mind.. so I posted it. I don’t know anything about this, so I’m just asking my doubts. I don’t mean to offend you friend. Please don’t take it personally.
    Also, you said you’ve tried this method.. so it would be better if you could please share the forum name or the place where you tried it so that we could be benefited from it (:

    • Rison Simon says

      I used digital point forums to sell a link building service. You can use any forum though. People don’t know all the offers in fiverr! There are some gems in fiverr that are way good to be sold for $5 which you can use to sell for higher price.

      • Michael Edwards says

        There are some gems indeed. But why not package up a whole bunch of different services to achieve a goal for the customer.

        ie. Offer a branding service for customers which requires a few different gigs: business name idea gig + logo design gig + business card design gig + stationary gig etc.

        Or perhaps you want to make an explainer video for a customer: video script gig + voice over in your country gig + explainer video gig which you could charge a few hundred $$ for.

        Your organising the puzzle for the customer, being the go to guy, the middle man. Convenience and stress-free progress people pay for.

  9. Digital Bunch says

    I also managed to do this before few months. I order service from fiverr and sell it to zeerk for $25 ;)

  10. Rison Simon says

    Yes, I contacted them a while back and they have forwarded my suggestion to include more options to their product manager.