This Extension Report Spam Sites To Google From Chrome Browser

From past few days Google has done many changes in ranking a website. And from last few months Google Webmaster team is concentrating on the Spam content on the web and made a lot of changes on Webmaster tools. To provide users a valuable content on its search. Google Added URL Submission to Webmaster tool to make your site pages index faster. This is really help full for the new websites or blogs to make their content index faster.

Google WebSpam Report Extension

Coming to spam protections Google webmasters team launched a new extension for the chrome which is known as “ Google Webspam Report “ this is a really help full extension for all the web masters who are worried about their content which is being published in many sites. By using this extension you can easily report a particular web sites which is spamming your content directly to Google Webmaster. This extension saves a lot of time for the web masters in reporting a web site which is spamming search engines with duplicate content.

How to use Google Web Spam Chrome Extension ?

Just download this extension to your Chrome browser at Google Webspam Report , install it to your browser. Now a small red flag appears at top left side of your browser. Just click on the icon if you find a particular site is spamming the web, then it automatically takes you to Google Webmaster tools. In order to use this extension you have to log into to your Google account because it will redirect you to Google webmaster spam reporting tools with the claimed URL.

Quick review of its features :

  • Adds links to search result and web history pages to report spam quickly.
  • Prepopulates the spam report form where possible.
  • Select a spam url from your Chrome history.
  • Cycle through your recent Google searches to fill fields of the spam report page.
  • Options page to enable/disable features individually.

I recommend to use extension for all the webmasters and bloggers to make web free from spammers. Specially if you are tired of people copying your blog post, this will be very useful to report them to Google.

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