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    Related Post Slider WordPress Plugin

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    Related Post Slider WordPress Plugin

    Blog design plays a major role in lowering down bounce rate. A bad design will generate less CTR and it will give less conversion. Even avg. time on site will be low. Specially, when it’s clear that Google consider user interaction as a point for SEO, having a well optimized and designed blog helps a lot.  Related post is very helpful to make your reader stick to your blog, and slider like related posts below post, when properly optimized with your blog design, helps a lot to  increase more CTR.

    Related posts are one of the most essential element part of Blog design to lower down bounce rate. Here is a useful WordPress plugin “Related post slider” which shows related post as slider below your WordPress post.

    This is a plug and play plugin and works along with YARPP (Yet another related post plugin).

    Once you download and install this plugin, you can customize the settings by going to Settings> related post slider.

    relatedpostslider thumb

    Here is a working screenshot of this plugin:

    relatedpostscreenshot thumb

    You can download and read more about this plugin at official webpage. You might like to check 30 WordPress plugins worth Installing.

    Do let us know your views about this plugin.

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    Great share harsh.

    Thanks. I will check this out.

    Digital Bunch

    I’ll use this for my new blog. Thanks for sharing.


    Great plugin…..i am looking to use this plugin….



    is there anything to shoe recent posts? i mean it can be a slider or posts with thumbnails

    looking for one desperately

    Shyam S. Sharma

    This is a nice plugin for permanent blog reader . It can increase confusion to new reader , not page view.
    BTW Thanks Harsh, You and your Dream Success “SHOUTMELOUD” saved me from Blogspot blogger platform. After reading your posts about wordpress I take a decision to move from blogspot to WP, and i think That was a turning point for my life. In just 3 months old blog and 30 posts i’m receiving a good amount of traffic from search engine. Thanks again( DIL SE ) to Harsh and ShoutMeLoud.

    Michael Aulia @CravingTech.com

    Wow, that’s cool, especially since I’m using YARP. Hm I’m not sure whether I should use this though because at the moment I put an AdSense ad next to the YARP print-outs. Using this means I have to take the AdSense ad out :)

    It does look really appealing though


    Thanks for sharing a good plugin but its not working at my site http://itwel.com after activating.

    Harsh Agrawal

    Shezz do you have YARPP plugin installed? You need to have yet another related post plugin (YARPP) installed, to make this plugin work.


    Well, thanks a lot for help, its working and looks great now.


    You can create a support ticket for your issue with RPS on clickonf5.com, and get that resolved in no time.

    deepak sharma

    gr8 plugin………..


    wow i surely try this on my blog thanks


    Thanks Harsh for providing this detailed review of “related posts slider” plugin. I think the related posts layout on “ThemePremium” is looking really attractive at the same time very professional.
    @Pumama Loading speed of pages will not slow down because of the plugin as we are loading the JS (very small) at the end of the template. And it uses jQuery which is anyway loading in most of WP theme by default.

    @Sreejesh I am glad that you liked the layout of this plugin.
    P.S. – This plugin is developed by “Tejaswini” who is the development head of “Internet Techies” where we released this WordPress plugin for free.

    Bilal Ahmad

    Superb plugin. I am going to install on my blogs. Thanks for sharing harsh.


    The plugin looks nice.


    Thanks for introducing the plugin. I am going to implement it in my blog very soon.


    Thanks Harsh. I was searching for this type of plugin for my site . I got it .


    Yeah its a very neat looking plugin by Sanjeev.

    Jagan Mangat

    It looks cool with hover color change and next page of related posts.


    This plugin may decrease the loading speed. I am testing in localhost


    Great Plugin Harsh i will use this in my new blog.

    Vivek Parmar

    Thanks for sharing this plugin, didn’t know about this. a new way to decrease bounce rate

    Blog the bank

    Great post I just got this plugin yesterday for one of my websites and I thought CTR was considered on a page by page basis, Learn something new everyday


    Wow…. this is really good plugin and looks beautiful too.. Will try it

    Kamal Hasa

    Looks beautiful, I just hope that it’s not too heavy on the loading time. For now YARRP wordpress plugin does a decent job for all of my blogs :)

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