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    Recovering From Google Panda Penalty

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    google panda Recovering From Google Panda Penalty

    I am sure all bloggers know about Google Panda Effect and I don’t need to tell anything about it here. Around April 13th Google rolled “Google Panda” world-wide and from very next day I have seen many blogger shouting about their blogs. Most of them including me, were badly affected by it. Well, google did it for readers and it was a warning to all webmasters who were ranking high due to SEO not due to content.
    I noticed 1 thing, sites which were focusing on SEO, not on content got penalized and sites only with Quality content not much of SEO got gift from Google.

    Few Points I noticed after this Panda Roll out :

    1) All Article Directories got penalized including most popular EzineArticles and ArticleBase. Few of them even got banned by Google. One of my own Directory got banned from Google Search which was giving around $40/Day Revenue.

    2) Posts with not much content and focusing on keywords, by stuffing keywords and all, either disappeared from Google Search or decrease in SERP.

    3) Slow loading sites got penalized and Google mentioned this on their official Blog.

    Recovering From Panda penalty

    I am not much technical person but I heard about “Google Panda” few days ago before experienced it on my Blogs, I didn’t bother to care about it. I was running around 15-16 sites that time, including few High Traffic Sites like AllaboutIndia.org etc. My website traffic was going up and up every month and almost started getting half million Unique Visitors on my all sites. I seen sudden fall in my traffic on almost all blogs and I called my one and only Resource for all Technical problem, none other but Harsh Agrawal, as always after few Calls and SMS he finally picked my call and told me in detail about Google Panda and few ways to get things back on track.

    Few things he asked me to do are:

    • Do remove short length posts which are not getting enough traffic and make sure you also remove them from Google Search by Requesting from Webmasters Tool.
    • If some posts which are not written well, and had either poor content and short in length but still getting some traffic, do edit them and make them better.
    • Write At least 300 words+ posts  from now on wards and make sure no rewrite or copied content should be there.
    • File DMCA against all blogs who are copying your blog post.

    These things helped me but not instant, and there was a time when I thought its useless to blog and I will never ever get back from now, I stopped posting on my blogs and tried concentrating on other things, meanwhile I analyzed my content, filtered it and seen some changes not so quickly but after time of 40-50 days.

    All my blogs lost traffic but 1 Blog gained traffic and this gave me confirmation that Post Quality, you will get the result sooner or later. One of my Health Blog, which was not doing well before Panda effect but after that its traffic jumped by 25%. I never did SEO for that blog, I posted only Quality Content, never spammed keywords so it paid off.

    Right now, after 3 and Half month of Panda Effect, my Health Blog’s Traffic is jumped by 300%. I worked on on my other blogs and almost all are recovering with the time. Hopefully will get traffic back with time and it will increase like never before in coming days.

    Here I would like to share Screenshots of 1 Month Traffic before and After Panda

    traffic before 550x212 Recovering From Google Panda Penalty Traffic Before Panda Effect after panda traffic 550x211 Recovering From Google Panda Penalty traffic After Panda Effect

    I got 1 conclusion that forget trying  cheap SEO techniques and concentrate on natural links which you will get without much efforts if your content has quality. Commenting on do follow blogs will help you in building links for your site but make sure no spamming.I would surely like to know How it affected your blogs and have you recovered from Panda till now? If yes, then do let us know what measures helped you in recovering from Panda?

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    Suraj @Smartfatblogger

    Very nice.
    Thanks for sharing this article!
    very informative



    Fact: Google rolled out its Panda Update not in April, but around February 24 ’2011.



    Well, they rolled out Panda around 24th Feb but that update was only in US. They rolled out Panda World Wide around 12th April.

    Almost all webmasters and bloggers confirmed this


    Geet | HobbyIdeas

    Can’t agree more on this. Google’s algo is evolving & quality content is getting rewarded. I noticed a continuous rise in my traffic after Panda. But still I’ve seen some keyword stuffed sites siting right at the top of SERP for a few keywords.



    This is a good post.Thanks for those tips.



    I was not at all aware of the panda effect, thanks for sharing the tips now atleast I know what to do when google panda effect is arriving.



    my sites also got suffer from this …thanks for your tips



    Really Very informative post. I also suffered from this panda update


    Zenil Shroff

    i have same views buddy and had suffered from same situation, i made couple of changes to my site and my site is back with a bang since this 31st july.

    You said most things, my one and only tip is to fix h1 and other tags, this helped me very much.


    Tyson Otto

    Google say they are now examining long-tail search query results. But do they seriously think that every idiotic query a user can enter should bring up a well-researched, well written, well-referenced page about that topic? They obviously haven’t thought through the feasibility of what they are trying to impose on website owners.


    Lucas Vu

    My site just got hit by the latest panda update i guess. So the panda update rolled out on 18th July 2013. My site (3 months old) boosted it traffic (about 300%) on 5-8 August then dropped drastically. All of my keywords drop in SERP. What should I do?



    My case is also same case as Lucas. My traffic suddenly dropper by 40% after Aug 23rd and still not recovered. Please help.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Here is a guide which will help you to understand; how Panda works and what you can do to recover: http://www.shoutmeloud.com/how-to-recover-from-google-panda-effect.html


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