Recaptcha Plugin- Fighting Spam comments & Spam Bot Registration

Spams are the biggest bugs of any blog. Bloggers generally are compelled to deal with spam comments and even if the comment moderation is on, spammers find a way out of nowhere to insert trashy links to your blog’s comments. And many a times, it has happened to me that even plugins like Askimet sometimes filter decent comments into the spam category. Spams are like malwares in wordpress blogs, you need to give extra time in fixing them up. So, if you need to sort out the comments and separate spam, you may need to spend a good 1 hour doing that. Is that worth it? Of course not! So, are you thinking of adding a registration form to your blog so that readers register before commenting? Well you should think it over because people generally don’t choose to comment if you they need to register. People even don’t bother to comment by logging in via Facebook or Twitter, that is prevalent in many sites these days.

So, the best option is to add Captcha to comment forms. There are a lot of handy Captcha generating scripts and plugins, so you’d be confused about which one to choose. The best one would be the ReCaptcha plugin.

Many of you wouldn’t want to use a Captcha system, because many of them are really very annoying. Some are horribly smudged and the others are two-word phrases, which many people fail to recognize correctly. When it fails, it requires the reader to refresh the captcha and then try again. Well, who wouldn’t be driven away by such nagging? But these captcha can surely stop the Spammers.

The Recaptcha plugin is a very handy one.  You’ll need to sign up with a ReCaptcha account so that you can get a Public and Private key which you’ll have to input in the plugin settings. Now install the recaptcha plugin from WordPress repo here.

After activating the Recaptcha plugin in WordPress, go to the Recaptcha settings. Here you’ll be asked to enter your public and private keys that you obtained after the sign up process.

You’ll have a plenty of options for tweaking the plugin. You can choose to make it simple for the registered readers by hiding it for them. Besides, this can also be used in the registration form. The MailHide feature lets you convert every single email address published on your site into a link with the actual email address hidden, which prevents the email address from getting spooned away by spam bots.

The plugin is really a gem for wordpress blogs. But even if you have sites on other platforms like PHP, Joomla, Coldfusion, phpBB, Drupal, Java etc., you can use the Recaptcha plugin by downloading the appropriate versions. But in every case, registering is a must. Adding Recaptcha to these platforms is also just as easy as in WordPress.

All in all, the Recaptcha plugin is really a boon for your WordPress blogs if you are serious about fighting spams and want to spare yourself the hassle of spending long hours sorting through the spams.

Note from admin:

No Doubt recaptcha is one of the most effective way to fight spam and most of forums and services are using this. Though I discourage using any captcha plugin as it gets annoying at times. You should read: Why I hate captcha in comment form. For better and effective way to fight comment spam, I would suggest use Akismet + G.A.S.P plugin. But if you running a forum or some sort of registration method, do install recaptcha to prevent spam bots to register.

Do let us know your views about recaptcha. Are you using it in any of your projects?

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COMMENTs ( 9 )

  1. hussam says

    Can you tell me what do you use to stop spam of my friends said that recapcha may be will keep the spam comments and the good ones too since people find it hard to read then type what they read!

    Any advice pls


  2. Digital Gupshup says

    i also hate using captcha on my blog… it will reduce comments in your blog… i suggest to use combination of akismet and conditional captcha….

  3. Tech Maish says

    Spammer are very smart these days, they use different types of techniques to get links.
    Yesterday a commenter post a comment in my blog and include “” in the sentence. I thought it is a normal sentence, but actually “” was a click able link.
    Spammer are now really getting very smart.

  4. Gourav Jain says

    I have same views as u, Harsh Bhai. Akismet alone is enough to fight comment spam and we should use Captcha on registration page to avoids spam bots to register (Though they can’t publish posts generally)

    I wouldn’t like commenting were captcha is enabled.

  5. Yuwak Desai says

    Wow this plugins sounds like something. I guess a reader will comment on a post no matter what if he’s genuinely interested. Have you read the Yahoo news site? They require a sign up for commenting. Even then, a post gets thousands of comments and even a single comment gets thousands of feedbacks. Recaptcha is a great thing to use!

  6. Kartik @Techntricks says

    By typing Recaptcha u r also helping for OCR of older books.

    So keep using! and dont think u r wasting ur time by typing captcha but indirectly u r helping for conversion.