5 Reasons Behind ShoutMeLoud Massive Success

Before continuing our discussion on the probable reasons behind ShoutMeLoud massive success, let me give you a brief history about it. ShoutMeLoud was founded in the year 2008 and within 3 years it has witnessed a massive success on its backyard. As of January, ShoutMeLoud generates approx. 11,000 page views daily and has a massive fan following of more than 30,000+ followers across various social media sites. Not only this; ShoutMeLoud is contemplated to earn lusty bucks ranging more than $7,000 monthly.

ShoutMeLoud Success story

ShoutMeLoud.com provides tips, advice and support for those starting out with a blog. If you are also amazed by such massive successful figures of ShoutMeLoud, let me provide you few reasons, which made ShoutMeLoud what we know of today.

What made ShoutMeLoud a hub for Bloggers:

Before we look at the strategy used by ShoutMeLoud, I would recommend you to read about Harsh Agrawal blogger journey, as it will give you an insight about, how ShoutMeLoud started.

1. The Blogging Forum:

While most blogs tend to be a forum for ideas and opinions, bloggers rarely ask each other about blogging. By providing an online space for online writers to write a guest post, question each other, he has created a community for bloggers, that consists of more than followers and readers. By bringing the bloggers together, the website has amassed a whole host of knowledge and experiences that it would be hard for a blogger to resist.

2. Learn to earn money without paying:

By offering practical solutions such as targeted website traffic, money making ideas, practical know-how; ShoutMeLoud.com gives the hope that blogs will become financially viable very soon. He does not charge for his written advice, but instead lays out the simple path to making money online, mentioning the other buzzword “SEO” in this process. He uses entirely correct terminology, yet none of his suggestions are overly technical or complicated. Not only this Shoutmeloud allows any guest writer to earn with his post by AdSense revenue sharing program. And by doing so; it has become one of the few blogs that allows this.

3. Varied Levels Of Technicality:

Harsh gives blogging tips on a level that is professional and businesslike, treating his readers like respected and intelligent clients who are operating on a professional level. He doesn’t treat them like amateurs indulging in a hobby. By feeling respected, his readers, as well as his clients, respect him in turn, and he is becoming even more popular. And therefore using this popularity for gaining more readers and clients worldwide which are adding success and credibility to its name.

4. Sincerity:

The website is authored by Harsh, and he is a blogger, and willing to share his experiences. By offering a personal touch he shows how it is possible to become a blogging success within a short time, – he is a living proof of it. His information is, therefore, reliable as he has used it and succeeded by applying it to himself already.

He clearly knows what he is talking about, what he is writing about and his homepage describes his tentative steps into the blogging world and show his preparation of everything. This is no successful corporate website with hidden charges and business goals. Whereas corporate firms are charging for unproven methods; ShoutMeLoud is a lot more likable for its free readership and practically proven methods.

5. Social Media Optimization:

‘Optimize’ is the most buzzword of the moment when it comes to the world-wide web. By offering to not only share what makes a good blog and how to keep things ticking over nicely, but ShoutMeloud.com also provides a necessary part that is in dire shortage – willing readers. By offering social media optimization, bloggers can use tools that are most likely already available to them – such as Facebook or Twitter, to help promote their blog. It sounds effective but does not imply any hidden costs or complications.

Winding it up.

Well, that’s all I can think now. I am hopeful that you guys will adopt everything that Harsh is up to conquer success for your blog. I f you think that there might be some reasons as well; Please post in the below comments. I would be happier to listen to them too. These all are my opinion, and my goal with this post is to, make you aware that Success is achievable for anyone, all you need is determination, and passion to reach your goals.

This is a guest post by Ansh. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check ShoutMeLoud guest posting guidelines.

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COMMENTs ( 20 )

  1. says

    Harsha, If you don’t mind,I have a question. How are you spending your site’s income of 14 lakhs per month.I feel amazed at your remarkable talent.You have dual language skills I hope, “programming skills and written expression skills”.Why don’t you start your own blogging platform for better blogging experience.

  2. Aqib Shahzad says

    These days most of the bloggers and internet users loves to read the experience of top bloggers. @Harsh Agarwal and Pat Flynn are doing the same job and this is the main reason behind their blog success. BTW i like the third reason from this article, Ansh Gupta thanks buddy for writing this interesting guide.

  3. says

    Hiiii Ansh,
    you have very nicely explained about – the Reasons Behind ShoutMeLoud Massive Success. i like and read all the Article of ShoutMeLoud because Harsh always share something different and impressive with their reader. and whenever i come to read the post on ShoutMeLoud, i always feel that i got something unique and helpful. thanks Ansh for writing this interesting Article and thanks Harsh for sharing this Article with us.

  4. Nizam Khan says

    Wow! Amazing and inspirational post. Well, all these strategies are much useful to be successful. Indeed, it’s possible to become successful in blogging and Harsh himself is a excellent proof of it. Moreover, SML success shows His true dedication and hard work that He had put up and still goes on. Best wishes to Harsh for future :)

  5. says

    Hello Ansh,
    Well written. I too am a huge fan and follower of SML. Infact it is one of the 5 blogs that helped me to learn immensely and I have even thanked it thrugh one of my post. If it wasn’t yours, I too would have approached SML to approve my Guest Post on same topic.
    Wish Harsh and SML all the luck for future.

  6. Gautam Doddamani says

    hi ansh i agree harsh has done a lot to setup shoutmeloud as a world known brand…he has educated many individuals like me and helped us earn money without paying a dime..he is my primary source of inspiration! :)


  7. TechChunks says

    Sincerity and best use of SEO are 2 major factors in Shout Me Loud’s success I’d say. Keep going :)

  8. Anmol Makkar says

    Guest Post’s is awesome!!!! It helps new bloggers get recognized thru famous blogs like shoutmeloud :)

  9. Rashmi Sinha says

    For me the content of this website is the main reason that it has witnessed so many milestones in such a short duration of time. The post are just amazing and regular too. I absolutely love to come here.

    Thanks for SML guys!!! :)

  10. says

    Pretty impressive stuff.
    I think being a punctual blogger gets all these things together and can lead a single blog to its success journey.
    Thanks for unleashed these success story amongst us. :)

  11. Deepak Singh says

    Yes. Ansh you are absolutely right with whatever you said, and anyone who want to be a successful blogger like Harsh Aggarwal, has to learn a lot from him. He is a real motivation for many young bloggers of the country.

  12. Derek says

    I remember this blog when it was not popular and just new, didn’t really pay to much attention to it and thought this was another “typical blog” that will fail.

    I was wrong and glad I was. I’ve learned a few trick’s that I might never known from visiting here few times a week. Congrats on the success shoutmeloud.

  13. Shanker Bakshi says

    Great Success Indeed, I still remember those days when Harsh started it off …… I was pretty much sure that he will make it BIG one day……I am not saying this for the sake of just saying it…..If you search the comment section of this site…you will found my comment made four years back about the success of this blog. The biggest reason is, the guy is very regular, discipliner and sincere.

    All the best for Future …..

    • says

      Hey Shankar
      Those are really encouraging and motivating lines you used. Glad to see that you believed in me.. About making big, I have a long way to go to be there.. but eventually I will achieve all the goals. Thanks for your wishes :)

  14. says

    Cant believe shoutmeloud is as old as that. The amount being generated from the Blog really Worth it,but to me i think Shoutmeloud made popularity Because of its Social Media presence. Thanks Ansh For This Post