How to Blog Effectively [Reader’s Question]

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Most of the readers have questions like how to grow traffic, how to write consistent posts and how to become a better blogger. In this question answer round, Hari asked me similar question about how he can blog effectively.

How to Blog Effectively

This question is asked by HariHaran:

“I am having difficulty in writing posts each and everyday and sitting in front of  the PC for hours makes my eyes pain a lot. With all that pain I can only write 2  to 3 articles. I don’t know how you are finding time to write so many posts each and every day. Also I have seen quite improvement in your blog’s traffic in the recent months.

Will you suggest me some ideas, timings you follow, and tell almost anything that helps you to blog so well. Thanks in advance. Please reply  ASAP.”

This is one of the most common asked by readers. I will put all these question in appropriate categories and will answer one by one.

Ways to Blog Effectively :

Health and Eye:

Sitting in computer all the time will make you lazy and less productive. You should always mix your work and social life, so that you will not get bored and keep your body fit and fine. You can read following posts to keep your body more productive:

Blog Traffic :

Blog traffic matters a lot, because directly or indirectly it impacts your monthly earning.  5 common point to improve your blog traffic are: SEO, Social media, Social bookmarking, RSS subscribers and Writing killer content.

Here are few posts from the pasts which will help you to help improving your blog traffic:

Maintaining post Frequency

Post frequency helps a lot to maintain regular readership into your blog. Imagine yourself reading a blog which post 5 posts a day and next 5 days no posts, you might not subscribe to that blog. Make a regular posting schedule and frequency. My strategy for writing regular posts is to write 5-6 posts in weekend and schedule one post for everyday of week.

I’m keeping the last point short and will be looking for your point on, how do you maintain your blogging frequency? Do you want to add your suggestion for people who wants to know how to blog effectively ?

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COMMENTs ( 9 )

  1. Nile says

    The problem is a lot of people get in the mindset that blogging should be a chore. I have seen a lot of bloggers just avoid going out of their inner circle to get advice and just fade out from the blog scene. It is terrible and only tells me that they got on because they thought having a website was a cool idea at first, but did not think how much effort it took to keep it up, let alone network it out there in the social streams.

    I hope you do not mind me blogging a follow-up and giving you some link love back.

  2. Arijit Das says

    Harsh, you are really cool Indian Blogger and in related to the question you made this post more helpful with a “Blog Carnival” … Uff! Awesome!!

    The Tips in regarding the Post Frequency is :
    Maintain a perfect time! You don’t have to be like a machine which forcefully posts 6-5 post a day. Keep your time and if possible create a post in 2days, which will gain your readers but keep a descriptive content. I know, you are thinking… How this could increase your readers? But i must say you that, posting a helpful and descriptive long contents works similar to 6-post a day! :) Just give it a try…

  3. Techno-Pulse says

    Maintaining the post frequency & focus are the two biggest hurdles of any part time blogger. So, I try to post once in a week.

  4. TechOfWeb says

    i have no bad habit of drinking or smoking
    smtimes i do feel lazy while writing posts

    idea of writing posts on weeekend is gud


  5. Dev @ Blogging Tips says

    Good question :)

    Maintaining post Frequency is really hard eespecially for part time bloggers.
    You have shared some great tips Harsh.
    Thanks for this great post !

  6. Rakesh Narang says

    I blog daily which is quite difficult since my studies are going on. I post 3-4 times a day but my content length varies.

    I don’t know i will think about SEM when i get 100 posts and reader base.