How to Create a Blog on Quora : Rises as Blogging Platform

Quora, which is one of the best website to get answers to your questions, and answers others questions. Like Yahoo answers, Quora also follows point system, but the quality of questions, discussions you will find at Quora, it will make you stick to it for long. More over, if you are an expert: Quora is one of the best platform to show your expertise in any niche by solving others queries. Today, Quora announced the launch of “Quora blogs”, which will let you create a blog on Quora.

As mentioned in announcement post, average Quora writer gets monthly 30,000+ views, and top answers get viral in no time. With Quora blogs, every user on Quora got a personal space to write about anything, and showcase themselves to more people. More over, Quora is best way to get answers from Tech entrepreneur, CEO of companies, brand ambassador,and many more. With Quora blog, brands and individuals got a great new way to improve brand visibility.

Companies, bloggers, product can create their blog on Quora, and like they promote their blog, they could use Quora for cross-promotion of their brand. Also, it could become a great way for people to engage with your brand. I will share more on this, in upcoming posts. Also, needless to say Quora could be a good source for traffic too. Specially, if you are new in Social media, and trying to build your online presence, Quora blog is a nice place to start with.

Blogs on Quora are great for people who (1) don’t have a big, established online presence already and (2) don’t want to do the time-intensive, heavy lifting of marketing their blog and slowly building an audience. If you are a good writer but don’t have thousands of Twitter followers or a big audience for your blog, Quora is an ideal place to write. Your blog will be discovered quickly without you having to do any work besides writing. Writing one great post on Quora will attract a big audience, no matter how many people already know or follow you.

Many bloggers already use Quora boards to re-post their blogs and expand their audience. Blogs on Quora makes this republishing experience even better.

How to create your blog on Quora?

If you are a Quora user, you can go ahead and create your own Quora blog. The steps are easy, which you can follow as mentioned below:

  1. Blog name
  2. URL (Your Quora blog URL)
  3. Topics that your blog is about.
  4. Description of your blog.

Create Quora blog

Click on create blog, and your Quora blog is created. Now, it’s time to spice up your blog with your brand image. Add your brand logo, avatar on Quora blog and select the theme.  There are current two theme options (White and Loose leaf), you can pick any. I find Loose leaf to be better, as it offers better readability.

using Quora blog

With this, setting part is done. Now, you should go ahead and create one post, so that when people land on your Quora blog, they will always have something to know about your blog. Here is one sample welcome blog post I created on Quora:

Writing blog post on Quora

You can follow ShoutMeLoud Quora blog here and my personal space on Quora here.

If you have never used Quora before, go ahead and create your account on Quora. Once you are on quora, consider creating a Quora blog for your brand, blog, company, product or anything that you have. Best thing is, you can create unlimited blogs on Quora.

How to make changes on your Quora blog?

Setting up Quora blog

There are few settings which you can configure by clicking gear icon at the top of your blog. You can add contributor to your Quora blog, which will help companies to maintain their Quora blog easily. (Quora just generated a new income source for freelance writers with this). Few things which you need to know:

  • You can change your Quora blog address from blog setting page.
  • You can keep your Quora blog private and secret apart from public.
  • You can use Quora points to promote your blog to Quora community. A good way to get more followers for your Quora blog.

Ex:, This will certainly save your effort of creating separate blog for all your brands. You can also click on Followers at the top of your Quora blog, and invite your contact on Quora to follow your blog.

Quora blogs is going to be social media buzz for the week, and coming days will decide how Quora blog will be used by brands for marketing and promotion. If you find this post useful, consider sharing it on Facebook and subscribe to our Email newsletter for more such updates.

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  1. says

    Absolutely said. I was searching something and found quora blog on top. Its Authority is high. People love to be there due to Q/A community.

  2. Rahul Yadav says

    You are right Quora is one of the best questions answers and Blog website Better then Tumblr.
    Because Google give priority Quora blogs. If you post a blog on quora google will index that page within 2 hours that best for us. For me its is best blogging website now a days.

  3. Jose says

    I was unaware about the Quora blogs option. Just created a blog using the above steps. Thanks, it was helpful.

    • U18 India says

      No, I don’t think so.
      Till date, I didn’t find any way to monetize quora blogs. By the way, Quora is a great platform to get traffic towards your main website or blog.
      Also, its a great resource of knowledge and platform to discuss things with really brilliant community.