How to Optimize Quora Blogs for Search Engines

Earlier, I talked about how to create Quora blog, and also explained how it will help with your online presence. Now, like every other blogging platform, your Quora blogs could be well optimize for search engines. If you are a brand, it’s a good idea to do search engine optimization of Quora blog, as it will make it more visible on Search engines, and  if you can make your Quora blog rank higher, you can use it for passing quality link juice.

In this article, I will explain different ways to optimize a Quora blog for Search engines. You can create any number of Quora blog, and it will be a good idea to grab a sub-domain Quora blog, with your brand keyword or your target keyword. For example, for ShoutMeLoud, I have

Search engine optimization of Quora blog:

Before I get started, here are few things which you should know:

Quora uses the NOARCHIVE tag, that means your blog will not be cached by Google, and it will not be accessed by using cache:URL operator in Google search. If you want to know more about Noarchive tag, you can read this useful guide.

  • There are many limitations with SEO of Quora blogs, as you can’t alter the Permalink after publishing a post.
  • You can’t use Alt tag for images (Using your Keyword as Image name is a good practice).
  • They don’t use Meta description tag, which is alright as Google already pull up Meta description based on search query.
  • No way to add H2, H3 tags.

So, lets learn what things we could do to make our Quora blog more visible in search engine:

Search engine Optimization at Blog level:

When you are creating your Quora blog, you can two options here:

Title of your blog :

Title which will show in search engine. You can use title up to 65 character, which could be a good thing to start with.

While creating your blog, use your brand name as first word, followed by your target Keyword or brand tag.

Description of your blog:

Quora doesn’t use meta description tag, and description is usually shown from the posts on your homepage. An example, could be seen from Robert Scoble Quora blog, where description is pulled out from his latest post.

Quora blog SEO

SEO at Single post level:

So far you have created the Quora blog, and optimized it on site level. Now, most of Quora SEO happens at single post level. You can optimise the permalink, and add your target keyword in first 160 character of your blog post. Here is something important about Quora permalink:

When you are writing a blog post on Quora, use your Keyword only as a post title. (You can alter it later).  Once done, click on save and your permalink would be:


For example: If I want to write an article on Search engine optimization of Quora blog, and my target keyword is “Quora SEO”, I would first use the Title as Quora SEO, and later will change it to “Search engine optimization of Quora blog”.

Quora Permalink SEO

Along with this settings, you need to take care of Keyword optimization on post level. You can read our article on On -Page optimization factors, which will help you to understand how you can rank for any Keyword in search engine. Make sure, you take advantage of outbound link SEO, to improve the authority of your Quora blog. Here are quick recap for your On-Page SEO on Quora post level:

Use Your Keyword as post title first and click on Publish. Change your post title after that to improve the CTR. This will help you in getting your target keyword as permalink.

  • Use your target keyword in first 160 character of your blog post.
  • Maintain a decent Keyword density along with LSI keywords.
  • Change your image name to your target Keyword, and upload it.
  • Link out to authority sites from post level, this will help in improving the authority of your blog.
  • After publishing post on Quora, share it on your social network.
  • Your Quora blog post title uses H1 tag

These are some of the On-page optimization technique that you could try, but do remember: best of  optimisation is done at content level. It’s the quality of your content which determines the ranking now, so focus more on writing high-quality content, instead of just another piece.

How to index Quora blog in Google Search

Till now, you have created your blog, added content and now it’s time to make your Quora blog visible in search engine. Quora does’t let you create sitemap, so that you can submit it to Google webmaster tool. I created ShoutMeLoud quora blog last night, and it’s not in Google search within 8 hours. Here are few things which I did :

Backlink to Quora blog:

You should link out to your Quora blog from an active blog of yours. This will help Google to find your blog quickly, and index it in Search. You can also comment on other active do follow blogs, with your Quora blog URL in commentator URL field. The idea here is to let Google bot or other search engine bots to find your blog link, so that it can crawl-index your blog. Here are few more resources, which will help you to build links to your Quora blog:

Ping your blog:

Index Blogs on Quora

If you have read my earlier article on WordPress Ping SEO, you would know how important it is to ping your blog. There are many external tools which can be use to ping your Quora blog, and I used Ping-O-Matic. For any other platform or more techniques to index your Quora blog, you can refer to my earlier guide on: How to index a website in 24 hrs (Case study).

So far, I have tried doing all the above methods to make my Quora blog more search engine friendly, and you can follow this guide to optimize your’s for search engine. Do remember, unlike other platform, Quora is to improve your online presence, and for branding. These above tips are useful, only when you are writing quality blog posts, which is not only upvoted by Quora community but also get natural links from everywhere.

I will keep updating with my findings here, don’t forget to join me on Quora. If you find this article useful, share it on Facebook and Google plus.

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  1. Pratap says

    It is the first time I heard about quora blogs. what is the difference between WordPress Blogs and Quora Blogs?

    • gaurav khurana says

      WordPress is very enhanced version and professional place of blogging.
      Quora you can create a presence just for SEO so that your original blog on wordpress etc will get more visibility as its a little easy to get good rank for the things you post.

  2. eddy says

    thats a nice article about how to do SEO on quora blogs. Too bad the blogs offer very limited SEO capabilities but i will try to use the ideas that you have suggested and will build on my web 2.0 properties

  3. Anchit Shethia says

    There is PR update soon and doing this now will help boost the backlinks.
    Another gem here Harsh. Doing it now