What Matters Most? Quantity or Quality Of Blog Post

Quantity or Quality Blog Posts ? What to choose ? Many beginners are trapped into this question and don’t know what to do next. Specially when we know, it’s easy to work on small and speed posts. We can easily publish 5-10 blog posts in 2 hours of time, if we focus more on quantity and ignore the quality. Though, there are pros and cons of both side and in this article, I will show you what are the benefits and demerits of both. I have also shared a bonus tip at the bottom and would love to know your opinion on the same.

Quality or Quantity

Benefits and Harms of Having Quality Posts Only :

First of all , let’s observe the benefits and harms of having quality content. No I’m not crazy and not kidding too. Having quality content also has some disadvantages that are going to be discussed below. But let me show you the benefits first.

Loyal Readers

The first and most important thing that you are going to get with quality content is Loyal readership no matter if it is huge or not. A quality blog most will probably cover something in detail and the way a reader needs to know. Hence by making your readers happy and feeding them with what he needs at the same time, will help you to earn more subscribers. And in case you don’t know , Loyal readers are the biggest assets your Blog can have. Because they come back again and again just to see what you have to say unlike other who just visit you by searching something on Google and landing on to your pages.

More Subscribers

I know it exactly because any time I’m on a quality post I make sure to subscribe to that blog before leaving so I never miss anything from them in future. That’s exactly what your readers are going to o if you post highly informative and quality post. And everybody knows that subscribers are the key to sell products and getting flood of traffic in matter of minutes. You can spread any news with few minutes and make great social buzz resulting in immediate traffic to your blog.

Freelancing Opportunities

Some people say that having a good profile on Freelancer.com or ODesk gives you the most freelancing work and other similar things. But the truth is, having a high traffic , high quality blog is the best way to make clients come to you instead of running behind them. If you run behind the clients, they are going to have the upper hands in setting rates and everything else but if they come to you, you are the one to set everything.


Having a quality blog with quality content not only keeps your readers satisfied it gives you the best relaxation possible as well. You know that you are doing great and you will surely be successful. You are not afraid of being insulted or pointed out as classless etc. And when a blogger is mentally relaxed, his mind is the most furious things in the world. New promotion ideas, guest posting plans, new post ideas are few of those thing that are coming to him with real ease.

 Free Social Promotion

Loyal fans are the best social promotion tool on the earth. They share only what they like and when they share there are high chances that some of their like minded friends will share it as well either because your content was great just because their friend liked it. In both cases , you and your blog are going to get the advantage and free effortless traffic.

Cons of Quality posts:

Takes Ages

That’s right. If you focus only on creating high quality content, it’s gonna take ages to become popular and even more time to start generating a handful income. You’re keep building it up , producing wonderful content and promoting it as well but still you will have a lot of time to wait until you can call yourself a successful blogger if that’s your only blog.

Less Page Views

Since it takes a lot of time to build up lot of content, less content directly means less page views per visitor. You might be focusing on multiple topics and have not produced anything related to the post currently read by the reader hence there are less chances that he is going to do a second click on anything.

No Trust

In online business, trust is like backbone . Either you are selling products or giving some advice, trust has the basic importance. No matter how good have you written, if there is not enough content on your blog, readers likely won’t trust you as much as if they could have if there was a few bunch of posts. And it will keep hurting you until you reach to a reasonable amount of posts and fans. 

Advertising Opportunities

Less content means less trust and less trust means low traffic and eventually low traffic means zero advertisers. Why would any body be interested in advertising on a blog that has no or very low traffic. So this is one of the most crucial things that you will have to face if you want to focus on content quality only.

Benefits and Harms of Having Quantity Only :

Pros :

More Page Views

I don’t think there would be any serious blogger on the planet who don’t want his content to be read . So when you have a large amount of posts published and someone lands on a page then there are very wide chances that he can easily find something relative to his interest which would result into more than one page views ,then click on ad or even a new member in subscribers list.


If there is a large number of posts available already, that will impress the reader even if he is not impressed by the articles he is reading. He would probably think like “That seems to be a pretty developed blog. They must have put lot of efforts into it and they know what they are saying ” and that’s my friend is exactly what takes a simple visitors to your subscription list.


Getting a decent Google and Alexa rank becomes so easy when you are bringing good amount of posts on consistent basis. If we talk about Alexa, it’s all about publishing regularly and Google is pretty much same. Because content that we see in SERP’s is not managed by humans. It is all indexed and managed by robots and they mostly care about quantity. Specially after Panda updates, it’s clear that your content should be quality content. It’s not the length of the content which makes it a quality content, but it’s the information and trust factor of you content that makes it quantity content. You should check out What is low quality content, which will help you to work on speed posts without hampering the quality that Google seek for.

Easy to get Ideas

If you are smart enough, you can never be trapped in Blogger’s Block if you have a decent amount of content already out there on blog. Published articles are like treasures of ideas if you spend just a little bit of time and mind with them. You can quite easily drag new ideas out of it by analyzing which post was most popular or which one got most comments.

Cons :

No Returning Visits

Why in the world will someone even wish to visit a blog ever again that had no quality. Which was just about trapping the visitors in hope to get their email address or a possibility of getting clicks on ads. And as you read above, if there are no returning visitors, no one will be sharing your content and promotion is all onto you. So be careful when deciding which way to go.

Less Subscribers

That’s a no brainier. No one will ever let you send him emails containing what he doesn’t like so stop expecting the new subscribers if your blog is only about quantity and you never stop to think about quality of your content. This will make it hard for you make announcement that spread quickly and probably hurts those who have news or similar blogs.

No Respect

If you work on a shop and you don’t give your customer what he wants or the way he wants, he won’t respect you anyway. Same thing goes for online work. If a reader doesn’t get what he was looking and feel like the only reason you brought him to your site was getting some bucks , he is gonna leave for ever with disrespect for you in heart.

 No Sales

The world has became a Global Village and people deeply search and investigate about anything that they are going to buy. Even they decide to buy the product, they still need to be encouraged by the site from which they are going to buy. If you don’t write well and fail in impressing the customer, forget about making money selling anything. 

Conclusion :

So at the end of the day, you need to focus on both. If you work on any one of these, they will have some disadvantages along with benefits. But if you use them together, you are probably going to impress readers and make them buy or subscribe to your blog resulting in immediate success. The best way is to keep a combination of Pillar posts and speed posts. My suggestion is target a niche and try to cover all important updates, news and tutorials on the same, and you will have best of quality and quantitive Blog posts.

Do let me know what approach do you take on your Blog? Would you prefer quality or quantity of Blog Posts?

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COMMENTs ( 9 )

  1. Harish Krishna says

    Great post dude. But I would like to say that less quantity doesn’t mean you’ll face all the above cons. One quality post will beat them all. But I do find good points in your argument. But still this post stands out in few areas.

  2. says

    Agree with you point that every blog needs both quality and quantity articles. But the problem with quantity articles is they will be surely related to Latest News, Instant Offers, Version Releases etc which are not useful in future. So how to manage that sort of articles?

  3. Radha Krishna says

    Yes, both quality and quantity are important factors to become successful. While quantity of articles bring visitors to our blog, quality makes them to stay with us.

  4. Chetan Bhasin says

    Well! Ever since I’ve started blogging (whether it be for myself, or for someone else’s blog) I focus more on quality than quantity. I don’t know why but I don’t feel comfortable unless my writing is well researched and makes good sense. Plus, I can’t write too much, so I take some long breaks between two write-ups.

    Anyway, not talking about strategy – what have your observations been about your writing of quality and quantity.

  5. Mihir Naik says

    Quality ofcourse..! Because I have seen some blogs where people write one or two post a week but they are running successfully..! There is a kind of content marking also there..!

  6. akhilendra says

    I think Quality is the king and it cannot be compromised but quantity too should be addressed, if a blog is not updated regularly then it will loose its traffic. So we need to update blog regularly with good quality post. Thanks for sharing such a detailed post about quality and quantity.

  7. says

    Hi Raja,
    I like the way you shared your view over quantity and quality of Blog post. But in some way i am confused that how a single person can write both quantity and quality posts because i personally feel that it get so hectic as you have to write quality article than you have to take a lot of time to research on the topic and when the blogger have to increase the quantity of blog also then the work becomes double.
    If any possible ways to go for both quality and quantity post then please let me know.

    Thank you
    Shorya Bist