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Q&A WordPress Theme: Create Question Answer WordPress Blog Like a Forum

Q&A WordPress Theme: Create Question Answer WordPress Blog Like a Forum

I have planned to start a forum around Shoutmeloud from long time but I couldn’t forum promotion need lots of time and to keep up a good forum, you need to give dedicated time to it. Recently I have come across a WordPress theme known as Q &  A WordPress theme which turn your WordPress blog into simple Questions and answer forum place. The interface is very simple and best part is this will be search engine friendly. Every question is counted as a post, so in short you will be generating free traffic from search engine.

Many blog like Labnol, Shankarbakshi are using this Q & A WordPress theme and this seems to be working great for everyone.

Here are few screenshot of this WordPress theme:

01 Home thumb 09 AdminMenu thumb

This theme is plug and play theme. The only catch is this theme is not a free theme and you need to pay $37 to buy this theme. But looking at functionality and free traffic, I believe this theme could be a great pick for everyone.

Don’t be surprised if you see next post as an announcement post for integration of Discussion forum at Shoutmeloud using this Theme.

Grab Q & A WordPress theme

Do let us know what do you think about this theme and what are the usage which you can think of?

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 1129 articles.

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  • Bhanu

    Theme is great, I have used it but its not my first preference, currently I am running on my question answer website on elegantthemes.

    Features are nearly same but look and support is good of elegantthems.

  • Deepanshu

    is this theme a better option than phpbb forum ? my phpbb forum doesnt hve much traffic from search engines whereas i have gud traffic for my wp blog :roll: can i transfer all my content to this theme easily ?

  • Richard Cummings

    I might have to give the other them that you mentioned, “The Answers Theme” a shot before this one. They both look good…the challenge is building the traffic :)

  • Christianwambui

    hi i am a complete rookie on design though i have a wp blog running & has good traffic, I so need to know whether you can run a theme inside another? for example can i use the Q& A with wp one i am using now?

  • Katie

    Can this theme be put on autopilot? Can we fetch questions from yahoo answers and post them automatically?

  • uma

    Hi i am intrested in to start fourms in my website.But some one tell me use simple-press for my fourms in wordpress website.Can u plese tell me which is best (bbpree/simeple-press ) for seo

  • Joynal Abedin

    I think p2 free wordpress theme do the same job……

    You may check it out.

  • Swamykant

    Nice theme .. Amit Agarwal and Amit Bhavani are using this theme for a longtime

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Yah and first time I noticed this theme on Amit Agarwal blog and it’s very useful.

  • Adesoji Adegbulu

    Nice Wordpress theme. I guess this is what i’m going to use for Make Money Online Nigeria’s forum

  • Pankaj Gupta

    This is really a nice theme.. I will try it in future.. Thanks for sharing..

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Pankaj when you start using this theme, Do share your experience with this Theme .

  • Siva

    @DenHarsh : You could opt for Vbulletin which is also SE optimized .
    btw, Q&A looks user friendly than vb .
    Also have you checked environment – eg. ?

  • Akshay

    nice theme

  • Samir@Cool SEO Tips

    While there is a plugin called “simple press” that allows you to integrate a normal forum within the blog on a static page in Wordpress, this theme is definitely the better choice if you want to add a Q&A type forum.

  • Kunal

    This theme is the same Mr. Amit Agrawal use for his question answer site Looks really good and easy to understand theme.

  • Mani Viswanathan

    I thought it was a plugin or a component for Wp like WP MU. Never did a research on that part :P

  • Mary

    Top of the line-$37 is not too bad-I have seen others for $199 and they are horrible-Thanks

  • Fazreen

    hey Harsh,
    If you decide to integrate a discussion forum with shoutmeloud using this theme, I would like to see a tutorial post on how to integrate them. I really want to know how to make it.

  • Namit Gupta

    This is a great way to generate free traffic. You can start a blogging forum using this theme, this will also help you in promoting your old posts, as you can provide links to the relevant old posts as the answers to the queries.

  • Devesh

    The theme looks awesome.
    Thanks for sharing Harsh.

  • SathishKumar

    The theme is really looking good. I think Labnol is using this theme for his Q&A section. Thanks for sharing the information about this theme, Harsh

    • Dinesh Verma

      Yes, Bro.


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