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PutlerOne thing which I have learned from my experience of working from home, you need to have a motive and goal to keep you going. Specially, when you are into pro-blogging, you need to set new goals, new target to keep yourself running and motivate.

It’s been 3 years that I’m working online and make money from it, and  honestly at time, I get bored of doing the same thing. Earlier, I never used to set any minimum goal for money but now at the starting of new month I’m bound to put a target for me in terms of revenue. So, that I can work more to reach my gaol. Usually I keep 10% extra of previous month goal as new money goal for next month.

Most of my clients payments are via Paypal and I have to open Paypal several times a day to check new payments and how my target and goals are doing. I have been looking for any useful and free PayPal desktop application, which does this job including sending money from desktop. In my search, I manage to find one unofficial PayPal app call Putler. Using this PayPal app, you can receive or send money using it, but you can set goals and see all the transactions via your paypal account.

How to Use Putler?

Putler offers free and premium plan, free plan comes with many limitation but for an individual blogger like you and me, it’s good enough. If in future, you need more details, you can always upgrade to premium Pulter plans.

I downloaded this application and tried to use it, though at one point you might found it little geeky to use this application, as you will be needing Paypal API credentials. But they have already explained everything in the tutorial on how to get your Paypal API credentials and activate Putler. <link> And, I have already explained the same on how to get PayPal API below.

Once, you have downloaded Putler and installed it on your system, simply create a free basic account and login. Here is the download link to Putler. It will import data and it might take some time. To kill your time in between, you can talk to virtual girlfriend or you can learn about another useful Business project management tool call Active collab.

Meanwhile, lets learn about PayPal API, which you will be needing for this PayPal desktop app to work.

How to get PayPal API:

Login to your PayPal account and click on profile at top navbar. On the next page click on Selling preference. Under API access, click on update. See the screenshot for better understanding:

PayPal API

Now, you will get two options, click on View API signature and accept the agreement. On the next page, you will see API username, API password, Signature and request date.

So, now you have all the details. On Putler app, click on settings and remove the sample data and click on add your PayPal account. Username and password will be your API username and pass, which we got from above.

Configuring Putler

Click on continue and it will take minutes, before this PayPal desktop app will pull out data from PayPal and show it on your desktop. One good feature of this app is, it let you set monthly target and you can work upon your money goal with a focus and target.

In the latest version of Putler, you can also send money from desktop using your PayPal account, which is a real time saver. They also support PayPal mass payment option.

Here is a screenshot of this application, which will give you much better idea about what Pulter is capable of.


Personally this desktop tools come out to be productive for me as I can see when I’m missing my target goals and can speed up the work according to that.

You can also try, NiftyStats which is also very useful to track adsense and other affiliate payments from desktop.

Do remember it’s an adobe air application and you need to have adobe air installed on your system, else you can get it from here. Are you using any other desktop software to monitor your PayPal account activity? How’s your experience with Putler?

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COMMENTs ( 11 )

  1. Malkom says

    This is a good article on Putler and on setting up the PayPal API credentials.

    However, if you don’t want to use a subscription based service to access your PayPal account then a couple of paid-for desktop apps are TractionPay for OS X / Windows and GaragePay for OS X. In terms of account analysis they aren’t as powerful as Putler but are still great for checking your PayPal transactions, sending money and exporting details. They both have trial versions.

    • says

      You can import historical data into Putler easily. The free version only shows last one week’s data, but all paid versions can show entire history.

      Even if you setup Putler with only one month’s data initially, you can always import additional data by going to settings for that account.

  2. DiTesco says

    Interesting but I am somewhat concerned about the “safety” of my password. Does this software need my password to access my account or is the API key enough? The email thing is kinda “blurry” but I can live with that. All in all, the tool seems to be a good one.

    • says

      Putler uses your PayPal API information and this information is stored on your computer. It is never transmitted to Putler’s servers. PayPal API information is different from your PayPal login username and password. So it is as safe as any other data on your computer!

  3. Ileane says

    It’s nice to learn about this tool. I have little use for paypal now but my daughter is starting an online retail business soon. I’ll share it with her. Thanks!

  4. Ashish says

    The tools looks great and very useful for me.. Nice to know that you have started your own company. Whats your company’s website?

  5. Paul Tech says

    I hope I can be in this pleasant situation of using Putler. That means I will be receiving paypal payments frequently. Unfortunately, that is not the case now.

  6. Nirav Mehta says

    Thank you for your review Harsh! I am glad Putler is giving you insights about your business. That’s precisely why we built it!

    We also understand the “geeky” bit about requiring Paypal API. We will simplify the process in a future version.


    • Navjot Singh says

      I am using Windows 7 and this app is way 2 buggy. I can’t even run it since no settings are saved. How to proceed? Using Adobe Air 2 Beta.

      • Nirav Mehta says

        Like I mentioned, there are known issues with AIR 2 beta and we will release a new build once AIR 2 final version will be out (in a couple of weeks actually). That should solve your problems.

        Thank you for trying out Putler :)