Public Awareness: Safeguard your self from Phishing Email

Phishing EmailEmail has always been the most used tool for marketing and despite of it’s pros it has it’s own cons. Once your Email details get into any spammer database, in no time you can expect tons of phishing Emails. That includes fake emails from your banking account, from PayPal and most commonly you won lottery mails. How common it is now-a-days when you receive an Email from any bank saying your password has been changed or your account has been compromised and to fix everything you need to send them an Email bank with your account information.

Though people who are techy or geeks they know these emails are phishing Email. That means, those emails are sent to compromise an account security.

Types of Phishing EMails:

How many times you have got Email from Facebook saying you won something and you need to fill a survey to earn money or those Emails, which says you won thousands of $ and you need to send bank details to receive the money. Phishing is technically one of the type of hacking and social engineering.

Hackers create Emails, which looks like coming from official sender, and redirect you to a page which looks like official page (Facebook, PayPal, Bank fake pages) and once you login you lose money or you fall in the trap and by the end, you lose money. I will try to show case some common types of Phishing Emails, which you will be receiving most of the type in your inbox.Knowing about them will save your time and effort.


These are the most common type of email asking you to send your details to keep your account active or to keep your account secure. Users generally fall for this kind of trap and giveaway their account details in reply and end up losing their valuable and hard-earned money to scammer.

Paypal Scam

Since most of online marketer are using Paypal, losing a paypal account can be disastrous for anyone. These are usually phishing emails where you are asked to login to your paypal account. Those are usually fake page and you will not even realize you just gave your password to hacker.

Million dollar Lottery Winner

I wish I can count how many times I won million dollar lottery and I’m sure you must have won few times like I did. These common emails are usually asking you to send them your account details in Email and once you start a communication, they will ask you to deposit 5k-10k in your currency to start the transfer. Though ignorant or non tech people fall for this trap easily. I have personally seen my friend , tried calling on the mobile number given in the email.  This is the most common and most effective method of Email scam. If you think you know about this , don’t forget to tell or tell people around you about this. You never know it may be your  brother or sister who might lost their hard earn money to these scammers.

To be honest there is no short cut to fight against these Email scam , and only solution if by educating people. if you have a blog , make sure you write about this topic and let people know about these email scams.   You never know , when your single post can save someone money or account.

I use Gmail which filters most of these spam and phishing Email in normal scenario but it’s never 100% accurate. Infact, I have seen my friends losing money falling for those “You won lottery” Scam emails. What’s your strategy to fight against such mails?

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COMMENTs ( 7 )

  1. Aaron says

    Fortunately Gmail does a decent job of putting those messages in the spam folder. When I do get one from Paypal or Ebay I forward it to their security address. The emails from banks I just automatically delete without reading. I even get ones from banks that I don’t have an account with.
    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the request from some person(usually Nigerian royalty) that needs help transferring millions of dollars from their country to an account in a different country,where they’ll generously give a portion to you for helping them out. Those are big here in the US.

  2. Amit Banerjee says

    Yeah..these days lots of email spam in my inbox too. Always check the URL’s before signing in to your email account. Fake phising pages are a common issue these days.

  3. Sushant says

    Phishing emails used to be common type. Now its customized especially on the bank ones.
    Alert for all Bank Of India customers in India. You may get highly customized email asking you to verify your bank account with debit card and pin. Beware!!

  4. Tushar says

    i am pissed of these emails…i have to delete 2 of my mail ids because of these mails….i used to get 10-15 mails everyday