Pros and Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting

Yesterday I posted about What is managed WordPress hosting and I talked about what features and advantages you will get when you purchase a managed hosting package. Now, as we all know there are two sides of coins and same goes with managed WP hosting. Though, there is no as such limitations or bad thing about Managed WP hostings, but there are few downside which you should know. Personally, I feel for any Business WordPress Website, managed hosting for WordPress are the best pick. 

Pros and Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting

Many of you might already be familiar with Managed WordPress hosting. As the name implies, it’s a service which takes care of everything related to WordPress. We all know that managing WordPress platform isn’t easy. The plugins, themes and more have to be kept updated. A Managed WordPress hosting service provider takes care of such things. This provides you with the time to focus on something else. You need not worry about updates and a slow loading site anymore. However, there are two sides to every coin. So, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this management service.

The Pros of Managed hosting for WordPress

The benefits of paying managed WordPress hosting are:

Being up-to-date

There are a lot of updates that are released in order to improve the WordPress experience. By paying for this management service, you can be sure that everything will be up-to-date as soon as an update is released. Even the plugins will be updated, and the service providers will test them before they make an upgrade. This means that they will test the compatibility of the plugin before they make the update.

Speed Optimization

The speed with which a website loads is very important. Visitors hate slow loading sites, and you can lose a lot of traffic because of this. The service providers will make sure that your site loads as fast as it can. There are a lot of things they will do in order to ensure less loading time. They can implement the most-recent caching plugins, developments in speed optimization, content delivery networks and more in order to make the site load faster.

Most of these managed WordPress hosting providers, enable caching at server end, that means you don’t need to rely on caching plugins for speed optimization. Also, CDN comes as a part of package, which make sure your site loads blazing fast.


You spend a lot of time in order to improve your site. Just imagine how you will feel if something unfortunate occurs, and you lose all of the content? If the site is running on a bad host, then there’s no doubt that you will lose everything if something unfortunate occurs. However, using Managed WordPress hosting provides you with the surety that your data will be safe through their nightly backup service.

This also saves on your money if you use paid services like VaultPress to take your backup, as managed hosting backup will ensure if something goes wrong on your site, you can quickly restore to previous working state.


If a technical issue arises, then a normal shared hosting support team might not help you in a proper manner because the support service doesn’t completely understand that platform. By paying for wp managed hosting, you know that the service providers understand the platform, and that’s why they will be able to help you in the proper manner and take care of the technical problems your WordPress site is facing.


Your data will be kept safe because with these service providers, you don’t have to worry about malware or other security issues. These service providers do what they can in order to keep your site safe.

Save Time

You don’t have to spend hundreds of hours in order to understand how the platform works because everything will be handled by the managed hosting service providers. Everything technical is handled by them, and you can focus on other things.

These are just few of the advantages of managed WordPress hosting services, now lets look into some of the downside of it.

The Cons of managed WordPress Webhosting

Some of the things which you won’t like are:


Managed WordPress hosting will cost you money. It can start from $30 per month to some hundreds of dollars a month. It depends on how much management you need.  You will also have to pay extra if your post goes viral. The basic package, generally $30 a month, allows a certain number of visitors to your site each month. If the limit exceeds, you will have to pay extra. You can increase the ‘limit’ by paying for a more expensive package that allows more visitors. Below you cans see the pricing table of WP Engine which is a managed hosting provider for WordPress and funded by Automattic.

Managed WP hosting Disadvantages

For a high-traffic site, cost can go up to hundred of dollars/month and at the same price, you can have a dedicated hosting.  For a normal Blogger, such cost might not be acceptable but if your blog is your full-time business or you operating a corporate or enterprise level blog, huge cost of managed WP hosting, should not be a reason to stop you from buying.

Less Control

You won’t have full control because the technical things will be taken care of by the management service providers, and they will decide what needs to be updated. It doesn’t meant you can’t add new stuff or do anything on your dashboard, you will be doing everything like usual but for many things like Cache plugins, speed optimization plugins, CDN configuration and many technical aspect of WordPress, will be taken care by the service provider.

Not for Newbies

Managed WordPress Hosting is secure. However, if you’re a beginner Blogger that makes just one or two blog posts per week, then Managed WordPress hosting isn’t for you. Furthermore, not earning a good income from the blog can take a toll on the budget if you decide to go for it.

We can clearly see that there are no as such disadvantage apart from the price factor on managed WP hosting, but when it comes to peace of mind and having a complete hassle free WordPress blog, managed hosting is indeed a good pick. If you think that you can pay for the services in a comfortable manner, then going for Managed WordPress hosting is a good option for you.

If you are using any of managed Wp Hosting provider? Do let me know your review and your feedback about their service.

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    Limitations can only be borne if they don’t skip much of the regular, yet important tasks. Technical pace like rare or never a downtime, higher page loading speed, safe storage and quick access along with accurate ongoing support is must. Appreciate the info!

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    Nice article Harsh. One possible alternative to WP Engine is BlogDroid. They’re a little less expensive, give you more control over your site and offer several features that WP Engine doesn’t.