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 productive chrome extensionsGoogle Chrome turned out to be one of the best browsers in short span of time. I’m not sure how many of you are a fan of chrome browser, but from a user perspective I love chrome. We have already shared some productive chrome extensions earlier to do more in less time and today we are going to extend our series by sharing more useful chrome extensions which you can consider installing.

Chrome extension store is full of useful extensions and here at SML, we have covered many such extensions in the past. In case, if you have missed it, I will hand-pick some of the post which any Google chrome lover like you and me would consider installing. Though, before you install tons of chrome add-ons  on your blog, make sure you limit it to a certain number. Reason being, too many extensions will slow down your browser and especially you will face issues with browser crashing. So here are some posts, which I would suggest you to have a peek:

I have explained every extension I mentioned here and you can install one which you require. Later on, you can also suggest few extensions which you use on day-to-day basis to increase your productivity.

Useful & Productive Chrome extensions:

Pixlr Editor

Pixlr Editor

Image editing is one thing, which I believe everyone does here. If not professionally, you might use services like Picnik, Photofunia and many others to edit or add effects for Facebook or any other social networking site. Let me intorduce you to Pixlr editor.

Pixlr Editor is your online Photoshop for Google Chrome. You can do great photo editing with this online photo editing tool. This online editor supports a variety of functions and tools which you can use to give your photos a professional touch, without having to download your photos to your computer, edit them and upload them to the web. This editor allows you to edit files from your computer, from any URL or from Facebook as well. This will be the perfect tool for all your photo editing needs. <Link>



Colrd is a great colour mixer and creator extension for Google Chrome. With this tool you can easily create different colours, interchange the settings and get a completely different colour. One of the main thing about this extension is that this is a great tool for designers, as the HEX code for every colour you make is given at the top left corner, which enables you to use the colour in your projects. You can also consider using Eye dropper extension, which is very useful too to pick colors from any web pages. <Install Colrd>



Wunderlist is one of the greatest and most used extension for Google chrome when it comes to managing your daily activities efficiently. With Wunderlist you can easily manage your daily routine, by setting up your tasks in your Wunderlist account which can accessed anywhere and anytime from a wide range of devices. You can also set up priority for your tasks so that your most important tasks are listed on top of the To-Do list, and after completion of each task, you can put a tick mark on them, indicating that its done, and it will be out of the list, making your list look cleaner. This extension will surely help you out with your daily work, as in this busy life, it’s very common to forget about something which should be done, and with Wunderlist, you will never miss out a thing, and its brilliant interface makes it stand out apart from the rest. <Install WunderList>



JustEdit is a wonderful platform for editing and previewing JavaScript, CSS and HTML codes right within your Chrome browser. With this extension you can directly test how a piece of code works, right within your browser, and it doesn’t matter if you are coding in JavaScript, or CSS or HTML, you can view preview for each modified code. If you don’t want your code to go public, then you can create your own account, and your code will not be shared with the public. <Install Justedit> is one the unique extensions for your Chrome browser, which allows you to quickly share your files right from your browser and that’s so easily. One of the distinguishing features of is that, apart from allowing 2GB free storage, it allows you to download files while the file is being uploaded, that means anyone can start downloading your files right after you have chosen the file to be uploaded. <Install>

Well this is not the end but there are many other productive chrome extensions in the market. Here are some others which I like and you can have a look : Facebook chrome extensions, Evernote. In case, if you fall into the category of those who have bad surfing habits, like you spend too much time on Facebook, YouTube or any such sites, I would suggest you to try Nanny for Google chrome, which is very useful and helps you to manage your browsing habits. Also look out these two posts, SixRevisions chrome extensions for productivity and productive chrome extensions.

I would love to know which chrome extensions you are using to boost your productivity and something you would highly recommend to every chrome lover?

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