Do you Really Think That Pro-Bloggers are Mean ???

Mean BloggersBeing a Professional Blogger is not an easy job and once Blogging become your profession, things changes for you. Your blog doesn’t remain just a Blog, but it become your main source of bread and butter and you have to treat it like a business. That’s why we emphasize on Blogging business plan for every Blogger.

Now, as we say “With power comes great responsibility” same is with Professional Blogger. When you have become pro blogger, you have to take care of so many things like: Blog maintenance, updates, Social media marketing, Personal connection, promotion and what not. Anyhow, this post is not about how tough a life of pro-blogger is, but it’s about why at times we don’t get replies from Professional Blogger. People drop a message to pro-blogger on Facebook, contact form and expect a reply instantly, but it doesn’t happen like this all the time. Ever thought what could be the reason? Is that Blogger mean? Is he too busy to solve queries of his readers or is it something else?

Do you think that Professional bloggers are mean? Right, that’s the question. Darren Rowse, Pete Cashmore,Zac Johnson are some of the bloggers making millions from their blogs and to address them as a Problogger wouldn’t be much wrong. But sometime, maybe at the beginning of your blogging stint, you will feel that they are mean and they don’t much care for us. Well, let me tell you that you are completely wrong. Even I was thinking that they are mean but as I got more and more exposed to blogosphere, I found that they are right at what they are doing. I hope that at the end of this article you will completely agree with me.

Below I am going to mention about some points that make you feel that Probloggers are mean and I will tell you why they are not.

Why Bloggers are not mean:

They don’t reply to my mails

If they are not replying to your mails then don’t take it the negative way. As I mentioned above, Pro bloggers job is not easy and one have to take care of so many things. You are not the only one mailing them and like you they get hundreds-thousands of Emails daily. Some of them are important, some are news and some are pure garbage, but you can’t let any Email hitting your inbox unattended, and then priority Emails come into the picture.

If you have mailed them and waiting for the reply, then why not send them a reminder about your mail and that you are awaiting the reply. Try to make a conversation and I guarantee you that you will get a positive feedback. If your Email is still not getting answered, time to get in touch with other blogger in your niche.

They are not accepting my guest posts

This is another reason about the baseless hatred. If you have submitted a guest post and they haven’t yet accepted it, then you might be wrong somewhere. Have you tried to talk with them about your intention of guest blogging on their blog ? If yes, then have you presented them with an article that meets up to their blog’s status ? Bloggers lack at these points. You should always let them know before hand about your intentions and not signing up and submitting an article.

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Even here I want to mention that they get many offers about the guest posting and they can’t just accept each and every post. You will understand this thing once you start receiving guest posts. At the same time, a Blogger might not like to miss a unique work, so come up with a post which justifies dialogue from Godfather ” I’m gonna make him an offer that he can’t refuse”.

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They are replying to everyone’s comments except mine.

Is this the case with you ?? Then again its your fault that you are not getting any reply even to the comments. Check yourself if you are leaving comments worth replying or not ? Many newbie bloggers comment just to get a link back. Comments like “Nice post”, “Keep up the good work” show that you haven’t even read the complete post. According to me, your comment should be completely removed from the blogs. If you want to give feedback, then give one that catches your host’s attention and compels him to give you a reply.

Things you should do to catch their attention :-

  • Leave genuine comments on their blog posts.
  • Start a conversation with them via e-mails.
  • Add them in your social circles.
  • Give an honest feedback about anything he asks.
  • Ask for his permission, if you do anything that is about his blog or about him.
  • Use social networks to stay connected with him.

If you implement the above points then you won’t ever feel that the Probloggers are avoiding you. You will get your reply. I hope that after reading the article, now you won’t feel that they are mean. If I left out some point then please point it out and let me know via the comments. Also answer if you really feel that the Pro-bloggers are mean??

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COMMENTs ( 24 )

  1. Akash Kumar says

    Well I don’t think that they are mean. The problem is that these blogs receive so huge amount of traffic and mails that it gets hard for them to manage and reply to them all.

    I also submitted a guest post to them and got a reply within a day. So I think they are not mean. Maybe they don’t have the time or you are unlucky I guess.

  2. Charles says

    Zac Johnson is the best!! Pete Marshable doesn’t reply to msgs, accept requests or even reply “useful msgs” but Zac Johnson replies to my childish msgs, helps me in whatever I ask, so I won’t say all probloggers are mean, but a few sure are…

  3. isaac says

    most of them rude, i have chatted with a couple of them on Facebook, and one of them told to me am wasting his time because i asked him questions that wont help him.

  4. Rahul kuntala says

    You’ve made a wonderful list here Arbaz. Truly when I was a noob, I used to think in the similar way, that they’ll be busy, they don’t mind my words, comments etc.
    If anyone implement the above tips, they can easily grab the professional bloggers attention. Here I would like to mention a point that, most of the bloggers like to guest blog on A listed blogs, but getting their emails opened is a huge task(because top bloggers get tons of emails a day, you’ve to be stand out to grab their attention). And these tips will help them to grab their eye balls.

    • Arbaz Khan says

      Thanks Rahul.
      By implementing the above tips and by being patient, one can easily strike a conversation with a blogger, a Problogger or a newbie. It’s just a way you present yourself and you can see the magic happening.
      Thanks for giving your precious feedback :)

  5. Hari Narayan says

    Same as what happened in my blogging life of 6 months! Many Pro bloggers do as the same you mentioned except some Indian Pro bloggers [ Harsh Agrawal , Pradeep Kumar and many more ]. But Good post ! In my personal opinion I don’t think Pro bloggers are mean!

    • Arbaz Khan says

      Even I faced the same problem when I was new to blogging. But as I got more and more deep into this huge world, I understood why the blogger are not replying to my comments. And yes, Probloggers are not at all mean.
      Thanks for stopping by, Hari :)

      • Hari Narayan says

        Yeah you’re right Arbaz!, And anyway , this is my one of my favorite article in ShoutMeLoud. Not all Pro Bloggers are mean!

  6. Ammar Ali says

    Hi Arbaz,
    Awesome post. I don’t think I am a problogger as I always reply to comments, reply to emails that I get in my inbox. ;) But still I have good conversation with probloggers like Harsh, Johnson, Alex…

  7. Amit Shaw says

    Nice Post Arbaz. I don’t think that every probloggers are mean. You already know if you become problogger then you will not get much time like before. Your work will increase. Thats way all problogger do outsourcing too. Yeah they should interact with there readers so this will help him to expose more and more.

  8. Jason Bennet says

    I think we need to focus on giving values if we ever wanted to get any positive reaction. It is understandable that pro bloggers are very busy and they might not reply back to the email because they have miss it.

    Focus on giving them values and think about giving before receiving. This is the thinking that I have whenever I do my business :)

  9. Rakesh Narang says

    There are several bloggers who don’t reply to my queries but thank goodness Harsh is not one of them. He has always answered my queries and that’s one reason why I regularly read SML.

    • Arbaz Khan says

      I know Harsh is too helpful.
      As for other bloggers, I think you might not have approached them with a proper question. Or they might be busy with some task at that point.
      I have always got an instant reply from the likes of Zac Johnson, John Chow and of course Harsh Agarwal. Maybe you can too try to connect with them and you will surely get your reply.

  10. says

    I really don’t think that Pro-bloggers are mean. They are very busy in their works. They have a lot of things to do: from managing a blog, writing posts, accepting guest posts to editing works and much more. I think, the best way to get attention is to be genuine and honest.

    • Arbaz Khan says

      Yes Avi Jit,
      I completely agree with you. They are too busy to reply to stupid mails.

  11. says

    While I haven’t really tried contacting the bloggers you’ve mentioned above on a personal basis, my queries about guest blogging on did get an immediate reply (around 2 years ago) from a staff member. As far as moderately popular bloggers like Harsh (anyone reading this comment must know who he is!) and Justin ( are concerned, they always reply personally within a day at most. I guess it also depends on how you contact them and for what purpose. It would be just insane to expect them to reply to emails like : “Can you tell me how I can earn X dollars a month?”

    • Arbaz Khan says

      I have once contacted Darren Rowse and didn’t get any reply but t was a foolish mail so its understandable. About a week ago, I contacted Zac Johnson and the very next day I got a proper reply from him. If your query is appropriate, you can expect an immediate reply.

      Thanks for giving your precious feedback :)

  12. Aneesh Bhatnagar says

    These things happened with me when I tried to contact Harsh Agarwal during my earlier days of blogging! He was really helpful even though I categorized him as a pro blogger at that time and understood a lot of these points at that time too!

    • Arbaz Khan says

      I know he is the best blogger around. He is very helpful too. I just contacted him for a guest post and I got my account details in mail. He is very helpful.

  13. Mani Viswanathan says

    Nice post this Arbaz. It’s important for people to understand that pro blogging isn’t an easy job and takes a lot of effort to reach that level. Also, I feel that probloggers should also try to reply to each and every person (without any specific choice/priority).

    • Arbaz Khan says

      I am glad that you liked it.
      But as I said in my post, it is not possible to reply to each and every mail. But if you approach to them with a proper mail then they surely will give you a reply.

  14. Kashish says

    It’s really true. Probloggers are not mean in any way out. It’s just that their schedule gets really busy due to so many blogs and work. Its just like when a business gets stuck in his work and is not able to give time to his family and it is not any reason to blame them.