Power Guest Blogging- Confession of a New Blogger

Have you ever wondered why some guest posts get approved each time? Ok, for the time being, forget about why, but don’t you want to know how these guest bloggers do it so easily? Ofcourse, if you are a blogger then you should learn the secrets of “Power Guest Blogging”.

Before that, let’s just throw some light on what exactly is, power guest blogging. Irrespective of whether you are a new blogger or a top notch blogger, you must have heard, read and also wrote much about the advantages and disadvantages of guest blogging. So, what good does this particular guest post on power guest blogging serve, that too when it’s from a new blogger.

power guest blogging

Power guest blogging is way too different from normal guest blogging. It’s more than just getting a high PR backlink to your website/blog. By guest blogging on an authoritative site like ShoutMeLoud, you get to know more stuff than submitting posts in article submission sites. In this post on I will share some top notch blogging practices, which I learned from my first guest post over here.

1. Enjoy extra liberty:

To be very frank, I really enjoy writing guest posts for high PR blogs. Yes, backlinks are a bonus but it surely is not my motivator for writing good guest posts.

Here, you don’t have to worry too much about search engine optimization techniques and you can even target short tail keywords. It will still rank higher because of its high authority and the number of visitors the blog gets.

So, power guest blogging gives you more freedom to allow your natural flow while writing blog posts. Unlike incase of my blog, which is relatively new, where I have to write posts that will please both readers and search engines, alike. And we all know if content writers, bloggers or guest bloggers are given this liberty then they surely will give their best efforts. No surprises.

2. Drastic drop in Rankings:

There was a remarkable drop in my Alexa ranking ever since I started guest posting on other blogs. Yes, in my last guest post over here, I talked about, how flawed is Alexa ranking and why bloggers should not be obsessed with it.

But, if you are a new blogger then such momentary gains can surely inspire you to write better and more frequently, like it did to me. Because new bloggers need to be motivated regularly and believe me, Alexa does that perfectly.

Every time I make a blog post, my Alexa ranking jumps 2-3000, without getting involved in excessive SEO techniques and without an optimized custom theme. And one guest post over here boosted my rank by 98,000. Ok, still not impressed? Read even further.

3. Live Learning Experience:

What if I say, guest blogging for ShoutMeLoud helped me to write better blog posts. Yes, I am not exaggerating. Apart from fostering a natural flow for writing good content and providing greater exposure, power guest blogging can even improve your writing skills.

I was browsing through some of the old posts so that I could create internal links for my first guest post and make things easier for Harsh. I came across a well written article on readability level. Until then, I had no idea about it and surprisingly when I compared on Google, ShoutMeLoud’s score to mine, it was 71% :  4% (Basic level).

Ever since, I am trying hard to cut down on my ifs, buts, so thats, whiles, etc, but as you can see I still have a long way to go. May be another 3-4 power guest blog posts will help. Another major thing I learned after guest blogging was, the manner in which my guest post was interlinked to old posts and how it revived these old posts. Internal link creation and effective anchor texts are something you too should master.

4. Ego Stroking:

Every new blogger wants recognition. And why just new bloggers, infact all bloggers want their blog posts to be noticed and appreciated. So what good did power guest blogging did to me?

When ever there is a death of comments and shares on your blog, don’t get disheartened. Instead write a great guest post for a popular blog in your niche. All channels of interaction among fellow bloggers will reopen once again and you get to know some new people by replying to comments on your guest post.

And you can maintain this tempo on your own blog too gradually. My newer posts have started getting comments on a regular basis. That’s what I did and I am sure you too can do the same.

So, what’s your style of guest posting? Share your stories with everyone and let them learn some more ways of power guest blogging.

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Sadhil is a passionate writer at Mokshis.com. His expertise and personal interest is content management system (CMS).


COMMENTs ( 15 )

  1. sam says

    Thanks Mokshis, Can you please tell me any good way with which i could make money. I feel writing Articles very boring and it will also take alot of time to get adsense account too. So please suggest me some other way with which i could make money.

    • Mokshis says

      Blogging for money is fascinating. I love how some guys start earning from their hobby and some even move on to make it their career. It’s something i too wish.
      But for the time being, Buddy, i have n’t given a second thought to that. But dont worry, you are at the right place to know all about monetizing blogging.

      • Mokshis says

        The only advice i can give is “Look Up” or “Look Upto” those who earn online. ;)
        Check out the Make Money category in the Main Menu or ask Harsh.
        Bt one thing i must say here is, there are no decent ways of making Quick Money. Even Harsh will agree to that.

  2. sam says

    Wow very gud post and inspirable. Does guest posting backlink help more than just getting a simple backlink by a comment.

    • Mokshis says

      Thanks Sam.
      Ofcourse. You get more than just a backlink. Recognition, traffic, guidance and interaction with fellow bloggers are to name a few. And you too can be befitted from all those mentioned points above.

  3. Jayaar says

    An inspiring article to motivate guest posting. Though I have been thinking of writing guest posts (not sure of the chances of being accepted), I never gave a serious thought to the idea all these days. You have mentioned that guest blogging for shoutmeloud has improved your writing skill. Yes, it is true that most of the times, we do better when we are committed.
    Thanks for sharing your experience as a guest blogger.

    • Mokshis says

      Thanks a lot, Jayaar. Do write guest posts for other blogs. Its the best form of exposure your blog can get.

  4. david says

    Hi Mokshis,

    Very good post with good insight. I think blogging is the art of writing and eventually it could really pay off for a blogger – on the other hand, it is not always easy to make that happen.

    • Mokshis says

      Thanks David.
      Yeah the correct blend of skillful writing and proper SEO, marketing is required to flourish. All these ingredients are required for a successful blog. :)

    • Mokshis says

      Thanks George. Good to know that. :)
      Sorry i couldn’t trace the author link of yours.
      Could you explicitly post your link sothat we can get to learn what you had to say.

  5. Asif Billah says

    You are really nice Guest Blogger. I saw many of your guest posts on other blogs. But this is totally awesome. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks Mokshis

    • Mokshis says

      I am glad that you liked my post over here. :)
      To get a better picture read my other guest post over here too.

  6. stargaterich says

    Very good post on what it takes to be a guest blogger and a very refreshing perspectives on the benefits associated with it (instead of the usual reason such as getting back link juice and all those kind of stuff ) . I am quite enlighten and hearten by the fact the guest blogger often enjoy liberty doing so instead of having to worry about long-tail or short keywords.
    To be quite honest, I have never try guest blogging before for the simple fact that I think I am
    just a normal blogger who find it difficult to express and and conform to guide and rules. At times, or rather most of the time, posts in my blog is punctuated and filled with tons of grammar mistakes, something that I don’t really put too much care into it
    Anyway, thanks for the great post, good reading and I must a quality one also.

    • Mokshis says

      Thanks for your appreciation mate. Yes you get to learn hands-on experience through guest posting, which you may not get from article submission.

      Start guest posting. You will soon learn the tricks. What for do you think sites like ShoutMeLoud are for. Its more of a brand than just another blog.
      Even i din’t know about setting anchor texts when i first guest posted. Bt like i have mentioned in the post, i was fortunate to learn the tricks here at ShoutMeLoud itself.
      If you have a strong point to make or genuinely want to help your readers, then blog owners can overlook your grammatical errors. They can help you out.
      Best wishes. :)