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Harsh Agrawal

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On January 19, 2013
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PostRocket is one of the best Facebook tool to automate your Facebook fan page. This tools will help you to schedule posts, keeping Facebook edge-rank in mind, and help you in better engagement.

Update:PostRocket has been shut down on 15th August 2014. You can try Postplanner which is one of the best alternative to PostRocket.

Facebook page is one of the best free tool for marketers and brands.  Due to Facebook edge-rank (Facebook page algorithm), our updates on pages is not seen by all the fans who liked our page. Facebook offer paid options like Sponsored posts which will help you to increase your page status updates reach but again it’s not the best option for people who are looking for keeping things in budget.

One easy way to increase your Facebook page status updates reach is by understanding Facebook edge-rank algorithm, and creating a schedule for updates, which helps your page status updates to reach out to more fans. Manually doing this is time-consuming and despite you use Facebook post scheduling feature. it’s hard for you to keep a proper track of all the updates.

More over, to make your page status update reach to maximum fans, you not only need to post only compelling updates but also keep a good mixture of images and text. I have seen images works better on Facebook pages as many people use Facebook mobile apps to access Facebook, and images stand out on mobile devices. From last few months I have been one of the beta tester of Postrocket, which is a 3rd party Facebook tool, and it will help you to beat Facebook edgerank. PostRocket will help you to improve the reach of your Facebook pages. Here I will share my story, and review of Postrocket Facebook tool.

PostRocket review and I how I used it for ShoutMeLoud page:

Last 2 months were busy for me and you can easily figure out with the posting frequency here at ShoutMeLoud blog. Instead of letting my blog stand still, I used the power of Facebook to keep it engaged and drive traffic to old and evergreen content. More over,  with 2-3 hours of work every month, I managed to increase my fan page engagement, and reach. We are about to touch 20K fans milestone on ShoutMeLoud fan page, and PostRocket is one of the biggest contributor in this. Before, I share my joy more, Let me talk about features of PostRocket, which will give you an idea about why PostRocket is an essential Facebook tool and why you should start using it from now on.

Features of PostRocket Facebook Publishing tool

Postrocket is a complete tool to automate your Facebook fan page. Unlike other tools, which just let you schedule updates, it does most of the task like scheduling, optimizing, suggestions and post recommendations. I will explain, each of these features one by one:

Post Scheduling:

Facebook offers post scheduling on web and from mobile app too, but they are not as great as they sound. Scheduling posts via Facebook default tool takes time, and you need to manually add dates one by one, which is also time-consuming. PostRocket works as a buffer, where you keep adding status updates (Links, images, quotes, videos) and it will publish it according to the best-time. The best thing is, it’s designed to match Facebook edge-rank, so your readers will not see too many updates, and also they will not be getting fewer updates. This keeps a constant flow of status updates to maintain the engagement on your Facebook fan page.  Here is an example of queued updates for SML fan page via PostRocket:

Postrocket Facebook scheduling

In-built Editor:

This is one of the best thing I liked about PostRocket. It will let you add images, edit images, add images effects which will make your updates more viral. You can quickly add watermark text to your images. You can quickly convert any link into images, which helps to increase the reach, as on mobiles images works better.

PostRocket Link to Image converter

Post optimization suggestions:

If I know one thing about Facebook edge-rank that would be, keep a mixture of different status updates type. Use a combinations of text, image, videos updates and maintain a frequency. PostRocket offers this from their dash-board and depending upon your last updates, it will suggest you what you are missing.

Why you should be using PostRocket tool:

We have already talked about benefits of Social media marketing in blogging, and we all know the importance of keeping our social media profiles constantly updated. One problem with most of the social media automation tool is, they look so much automated, that people starts ignoring them after a while. Social media automation works best, when you varies your updates and keep it a good mixture of personal and automatic updates. PostRocket let you achieve the both by letting you manually make your status update more attractive and by managing the schedule and finding out best time to post updates. This all happens automatically, and you don’t need to worry about anything else. I usually spend 2-3 hours every first day of the month to schedule updates, and later I manually update and engage with users on my fan pages.

Pricing and other details:

PostRokcket is a free to use tool for single Fan page and for more managing more than 1 Facebook fan page, you need to upgrade to any of their paid plans, as shown in below image:

PostRocket Pricing

The best part is, you can sign up free for any of their plan for the first month without giving credit card details. After one month, if you like their service you can choose what ever plan you wish to pay for or downgrade to free plan which will let you manage one page free for life-time. I will be sharing few video tutorials and PostRocket tips on my Youtube page here, so you can subscribe to get notified for the same.

Update: As promised, here is the video review of PostRocket-

Update: This service is no more longer available.

If you are an existing PostRocket user, I would love to hear your reviews and feedback about them. If you know about any other similar services, do let me know via comments.

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PostRocket is one of the best Facebook tool to automate your Facebook fan page. This tools will help you to schedule posts, keeping Facebook edge-rank in mind, and help you in better engagement.
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  1. Raghavendra says

    Wow! thank you harsh! this is a very good post! I was loosing my facebook fans on the page due to the facebook’s new algorithm and was not at all satisfied when i was seeing that my posts were reaching just over 400 or 500 people out of 25000. I will surely give this a try! :)

  2. Gautam Doddamani says

    i saw recently that you were using the postrocket app to publish updates from your fanpage on Facebook and when i visited the site…there was the tutorial…thanks again harsh..gonna try this one! :)

  3. Ammar Ali says

    I was looking for such tool to manage my page and statuses. And finally found this one!

    Gonna try it now. :D

  4. Amit Shaw says

    Thanks Harsh for sharing the tools. Would love to give it a try. . .I am Buffer Addict. .. Let see how its works. . . .

  5. Ravi says

    Scheduling Post & Watermarking seems to be it’s Prime aspects. Although Price doesn’t seem a Big Factor, Will surely give it a try.