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Po.st Make money

We have talked a lot of ways to make money from a Blog. Starting from Adsense –> Affiliate Marketing –> CPM ads —> Viglink –> Direct advertising and many more.  One rule of advertising on a blog  is, ad should never hamper user experience and should be unique. Today I am excited to share a new income method for bloggers which can pay you eCPM rates as high as $20, This require only to use social sharing buttons in WordPress powered by Po.st. Po.st is new service that convert your sharing buttons into a revenue model.

What is Po.st & how to make money?

Po.st is totally free to use, as well as it is the only known social sharing platform that will help you to earn money from social media sharing action on your website. Their income model is fairly simple as well as innovative. When a user on your website shares your articles, a sharing confirmation box shows up on your website which also shows a 300×250 ad from a digital promotions operating with Po.st’s parent Organization, RadiumOne.

These advertisements pay out high eCPMs and will never mess your website’s design. These advertisements are from trustworthy Fortune 500 corporations and can pay eCPM rates as great as $25.

Po.st presents Accessibility to over 50 social media channels which includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, email and so on. It offers numerous different button designs for you to select from. You can have small, medium, or large buttons, placed vertically or horizontally, with or without having share counters.

Using Po.st to Make money
Along with making money part, Po.st also serves your social media analytics need. It also gives specific social statistics that can assist you improve your social strategy. Po.st is acquiring the market slowly but steady. Some of the  big players have included Po.st into their income stream. Few of the website using Po.st consist of: Dictionary.com, ESPN, ImageShack, TheChive, and many more.

Po.st WordPress Plugin for quick integration:

Po.st offers a WordPress plugin to quickly integrate money making social media sharing button on your blog. Using Po.st WordPress plugin is quite easy. After activating the plugin, you would need to have sign up a free account at Po.st website there you have to generate a Publisher key for your site.

Po.st social media sharing

On you WordPress/Website add your Po.st publisher key, and you would be ready to generate income from your social sharing buttons.

Po.st also offers you different option and design for you sharing buttons. They also offer another useful service call Po.st link Shortener., which offers free social media analytics of your shortened link via their link shortener.

I like the idea of Po.st plugin, as first it makes it easier for you to integrate social media sharing buttons on your WordPress blog and also let you make money from it. If you are an existing Po.st user, do share your review about money generation and feedback of the overall service.

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  1. says

  2. Subbareddy says

    Lots of Doubts about this Monetizing system
    1:where should we add our payment details
    2:what is the minimum payment
    3:Tested my ads but not found how its working .

  3. jatin says

    hi! I have integrated the plugin in blogger and graduallyit seems like people are sharing the post and clicking the Ads too! But what is the payment method? I do not get any details regarding this in my po.st dashboard . Please Help!

  4. Chetan Bhasin says

    I implemented on my website, there is one problem with it, though.
    It does not allow you to add more than one site to one of your accounts. Also, I can’t seem to find where it displays the account balance and CTR etc.

  5. Chetan Bhasin says

    I just signed up for Po.st but there was one thing that I didn’t like.
    While signing up it asked me for which website I wanted to use po.st, they don’t tell you if you can use the same key for multiple website. They don’t even give the option to add multiple websites that you like to you their plugin with.

    • ilhamsk says

      agree, I can’t add another website. And I don’t know about their payment method and minimum payment. I hope I can get the answer.

      • Margo says

        Hi, in your Po.st dashboard please click the “Administration” tab on the top navigation bar. Next click “Add Profile” to sign up a new site and to receive a new publisher key. We send payment when a revenue account has accrued $250.

    • Margo says

      In your Po.st dashboard please click “Administration” on the top navigation bar and select “Add Profile” to add a new site and subsequently receive a new publisher key. Hope this helps!

  6. Shorya Bist says

    Hi Aryan,

    Nice post , i was totally unaware of this program. Seems that it is worth to try it,but how to apply and all how to make money is still bounce to me can you explain in simple.

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest

  7. Rob Schneider says

    This sounds interesting – I’ll check it out.

    You mentioned Viglink early in the article. I tried it on one of my sites that was earning okay money from a hotel affiliate site and then forgot about it until about 3 months later I got a whopping $1.12 from Viglink. Since I hadn’t actually used it, I wondered where the money had come from. I was also wondering why I wasn’t making many commissions from my hotel links. As it turns out, Viglink was redirecting those links, even though I had not given them permission to do so. I sent them a polite email, but received a “mail cannot be delivered” notice. Needless to say, I’ve disabled that plugin and am now getting regular payments from my hotel site. Have you or any of your readers had a similar experience with Viglink or another service?