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Why Pocket Reader App Is My Favourite Offline Reading App

Why Pocket Reader App Is My Favourite Offline Reading App

When ever I share any productivity tips or time-management tips, I highly recommend to focus one job at a time. Being a blogger, I stumble lots of articles in a day, and even while writing this particular piece of content, I have at least 10 extra tabs opened which I discovered while reading more about Pocket app, and I find those article worth reading. Now, the big problem with having too many opened tab with unread article is, it kills the productivity. Now, one way to get over with this problem is by bookmarking that page, but who uses bookmarking sites like Delicious, Stumbleupon anymore for re-discovering the content? We all are smart users, and once we have seen an article, We know how to Google it again. Don’t we?  But, how about if I give you a solution which I’m using from last 14 months and it’s working out great. Today, I will be sharing about Pocket reader app (Earlier: Read it later!), which is one of the best app for offline reading.

Why every blogger should use Pocket Reader app?

When ever we are browsing internet or even Facebooking, we spend a lot of time reading new articles that we discover or shared by our social-group. It’s good to read new stuff, but if you are doing it at time, when you are suppose to do something else, you killing your productivity time. A good solution is to have a fixed reading time (I prefer reading @night), and focus on our work at the working hour. As I have mentioned before, reading is one of the thing that is must for any blogger, and if we organise our reading and content discovery time, we will be more productive. Now, let me show you how Pocket reader works, and why you should use it.

Pocket read it later app

Pocket reader app is an offline reading app which is available on multiple platform (Mobile, Tablets, PC) , and works seamlessly with many popular apps like Zite, Twitter, Flipboard to name a few.  First time when I installed Pocket app on my iPhone, it was known as Read it later, and later they rebranded the app and launched Pocket app. I had to install the app for offline reading, as I’m a frequent traveller, and Pocket (Formerly read it later!) was the best available option than and even now (Readability is a close alternative). According to their website, they have 10 million registered user, which is a huge number, and from a blogger point of view, we should tap that to get more returning visits to our article.

How Pocket Read it later! App works?

Pocket is an offline reading apps, and it offers bookmarklet, and integrates with most of the reading apps to save any webpage for offline reading. According to recent video by Pocket CEO Nate Weiner, people prefer to save article on the pocket more than sharing it right away, and it makes complete sense.

Pocket reach

Even when I’m using Zite, Flipboard or other iPhone reading app, I mostly save any good article to pocket which I want to rediscover . What best about this app is, it offers standalone app for every platform and every devices. It doesn’t matter if you are using Android, Mac, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS,Pocket have a stand-alone app for you. If not, you can always use the web-version of Pocket read it later app.

Here is a recent video presentation by Nate, where he shared some great insight about the usage of Pocket and new features like Highlights and interest. One thing which I liked most about this presentation is, this company cares about user-experience and with addition of features like Interest, now I can quickly re-discover old saved articles on my pocket app.

How a Blogger can make most out of this Read it later app?

First of all consider Pocket as “Read it later” or “Offline reading tool” for yourself. Here are some ways I use Pocket, and some additional tips for using it for optimum performance.

  • While working on internet, if you discover a great piece of article, save it for read it later. Don’t limit this to text content, but use it for videos , slides and other media types.
  • When ever you are travelling, and have time for good-read, Pocket will help you to read all the content that you saved and care about.  (Offline reading without internet)
  • Always remember to sync your content before travelling or living an internet Zone. This will ensure that all your saved article are on your reading app.
  • You can add the bookmarklet on your browser or download Pocket app for your device from official page over here.
  • While browsing you might have stumbled upon a website, product or an article that you would like to write on your blog, and with pocket app bookmarklet, you can save it for later use. Now, think about how do you usually save new article ideas that comes while browsing? I was using Evernote before, but now I prefer using Pocket more, as it helps me to lower down the clutter.
  • Most important, with Pocket app you can share articles to multiple social-network with single click. This will make sure that your social-media profile is always updated with best of the articles. Best part is, it works seamlessly with Bufferapp.
  • Pocket Publisher program will let you check the stats of your site on Pocket. It will give you detailed insight on how people are consuming content from your website on Pocket. They also have buttons for blogs, which will help your readers to save articles for offline reading. You can also take advantage of this plugin to quickly add Read it later on Pocket button at the blog sidebar. To get access to Pocket publisher program, you need to login using your free pocket account, and verify your site to get access. You can do so from this page.
  • Clean layout of Pocket app, will make reading fun. If you are using Readability app for cleaner reading, you should definitely switch to Pocket.

One feature which Pocket is still lacking is; best of Pocket. Pocket can add a feature that will let us discover most saved or shared article on Pocket. This will help us to discover some amazing content loved by people around the globe.

Over all as an individual and as a blogger, Pocket is one of my favourite app. If you have never used it before or not using it to optimum use, I highly recommend you to start doing the same. This will make sure that you not only stay productive, but you will also save best of the web in your pocket. Here are some more blogging tools that I love, and I would love to know about how you using Pocket read it later app?

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