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Some time back Freya shared an interesting article on How to prepare for first client meeting with the help of social-media, where she shared an interesting case study of searching people interest via social-media sites.  That was a great case-study done by her, and most of the time when we have to find details of a person, we go to sites like Facebook, Google plus to know about that person. Facebook and Google plus is indeed one of the most popular people search engine, but they are not so perfect, as they are limited to that social-network only. Google is quite useful only when you are searching for someone popular, but if you need to find details of a person who is your next door neighbour or your office-collegaue, there is a nice alternative option.  Today I will talk about one such search engine, which is dedicated for finding people.

Pipl People Search Engine

What is Pipl – The people search engine?

Whole world knows that Google is the most popular search engine in the world.  Still there are some features which are not effective enough on Google like searching people, as that can be done with Pipl.  Pipl is a people search engine which compiles and produce data from social media networking services, search engines and other databases based on the user’s search.  Pipl search results include data from every popular social networking service like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or MySpace.  Pipl search results are even better and reliable than many search engine result, when we talk about people search.

How Pipl came into existence?

Pipl was launched in 2007 and has been very popular since then among user looking for people search.  The distinct and advanced features of Pipl are the main reason for its popularity.  It searches through all the profile directories databases across the world including data from other people search engine like Intellius.

How does Pipl works?

Pipl is more effective than other search engines as it works on the principle of searching through deep web.  Pipl is different from most of present day search engines, as unlike other popular search engines it is used exclusively for searching people around the world.  You can get your search results simply by entering name and location of the person.

Just now I made a test search on the Pipl by entering my name and location, the result it produced is very surprising for me.  Search result returned my photos and link to social-media profiles.

Search Result Pipl Search Engine

Who can use Pipl?

Anyone who needs to find someone can use Pipl, whatever reason for it may be.  But there is a category of professionals who will find Pipl more helpful for their work.  Debt collectors, asset investigators, criminal investigators or skip tracers can find this people search engine very helpful.  In short professionals who work with people in their day to day work will find this service very helpful for them.  However, there is only limited data which is free on offer for users of Pipl.

What does a Pipl search result is comprise of?

Pipl search results will provide you following components in any given search:-

  • Photos – Any Pipl search result will return photos of the person with the profile, which will help you to determine the correct person you are looking for.
  • Public Information or Profile – You will find public information or social networking profile of persons based on the search.  You can also get past history of the persons you are looking for.
  • Comprehensive reports on demand – You can opt for comprehensive reports or cross check background of any individual on Pipl.

Drawbacks of Pipl

There is particularly no as such drawback associated with Pipl, however, sometimes the search results it return on any given name may be bulky.  There are generally many people with same name and in some countries you will find many people with same name and surnames also, here your search can be little hazy for you.  But surely you won’t mind that, as a person finding someone in the whole world can take out time to reach the right person by going through all the profiles.

That is how Pipl search results can help people who are looking for their classmates, colleagues or peers from around the world.  Pipl is strongly recommended for the people who are not in contact with their past friends but wish to meet them or arrange a get together with them.

More interesting websites:

If you know of more search engines which are dedicated for specific purposes, do share it with me via comments. Don’t forget to spread the word by sharing this article with your friends on Facebook and Google plus.

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    Thanks for sharing nice interesting things in this post. This is something new that i am not aware of this. I am very glad i learnt one of interesting thing today :)

  2. Prashant says

    Just checked out this site after reading your post and really amazing I am able to search my old friends. :-)
    Thanks for sharing….

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    U r always amazing harsh. It is so good to know about this search engine. It makes sense for any business…loved it.

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    Pipl Working well And Get Fast Search Result, I am sure It would be help My old class mates find Out On Social Media

  5. Vikas Yadav says

    A Complete solution to my questions that I searching answers for the last 15 days on different search engines. When I searched my LinkedIn profile, then it shows people with different jobs and sometimes outside India.
    But, after using this small search engine i.e. Pipl I found Myself at the tops.
    A very valuable articles for me and rest of the regular shoutmeloud readers who are continuously reading this blog. Thanks a lot@Harsh for sharing this kind informations.