10 Free & Premium Pinterest Style WordPress Themes

Niche based WordPress themes always attracts me and especially when a Social networking sites become popular because of its design, we can always expect similar WordPress themes developed on the same design. Specially with WordPress, we have a variety of theme choices and here I’m sharing Pinterest style WordPress themes, which you can use on your blog to give a stunning Pinterest like design.

Pinterest Style WordPress theme

These wordpress themes makes your blog not only look like a Pinterest profile, but also like a great social media network. Listed down are 10 WordPress themes which exactly looks like a pinterest template.

Free and Paid Pinterest WordPress Themes:

If you have a blog where you are using Pinterest to drive lots of traffic, using such Pinterest designed WordPress themes will help you to make it more social.  Specially, traffic coming from Pinterest will find it more interesting and since they are accustomed with grid look of Pinterest, it won’t take much time to understand your site architecture. You can pick any of these themes and most of themes I listed below are premium one, and I’m sure you know the benefits of Premium WordPress theme.

Pinboard by Themify:

Pinboard pinterest theme

It was tough for me to pick the theme which looks exactly the replica of Pinterest, and if the best one and closest one here is Pinboard by Themify. This theme also have features which makes it the perfect Pinterest theme for WordPress. Here are features that makes it astonishing:

  • Infinite scroll
  • Responsive and stacking happens in grid way on tablet or different size screen.
  • You can also show a welcome message exactly the way you see on Pinterest.
  • Supports all media type such as video, images.
  • Author images on homepage.

Check out Pinboard


Gridnik WordPress theme

GridNik is not an exact replica of Pinterest design but if you enjoy the grid view on Pinterest and find it perfect for your WordPress blog, this theme is for you. Gridnik is a Pinterest like WordPress theme that can be resized to large and narrow screens. It comes in 9 slick colors and 15 font options that is served by Google. There is also an update notifier to keep you notified on the new updates. This AJAX powered theme has individual galleries for projects. This theme is priced at $35 and you can grab it from Theme Forest here.



This AJAX based WordPress theme comes with a filterable portfolio. Flexfolio also has custom theme options and video support. It comes with 3 custom skins in dark, light and purple. This theme is easy to customize and you need not have to wait until the whole page is loaded. This is perfect for creating a Portfolio based WordPress site.  This theme is also priced at $35 like GridNik theme. You can grab it from ThemeForest here.


Shakengrid Pinterest theme

Shaken and Stirred themes comes with a built-in theme options panel where you can upload your own logo and customize the look. This Pinterest style WordPress theme is Smartphone and iPad optimized. It comes with 4 unique page templates and 8 color schemes. Video support, social networking options and 8 custom widgets are few other features. VIEW


Graphic is a free WordPress theme that supports XHTML and CSS. This theme is SEO optimized and compatible with Safari, IE7, IE8 and Firefox. Graphic happens to be a perfect platform for photographers, illustrators and graphic designers. Check out Graphic Theme


Autofocus Pinterest Theme

This simple but stylish WordPress theme is designed on an 800 pixel, 8 column grid that lets your images to glow. Autofocus is compatible with Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox. It allows Dynamic Flickr Integration by which you can directly transfer images from your Flickr account. This theme supports WordPress 3.0+ and has an optional portfolio style layout with squared images. This is another premium pinterest template for WordPress and it cost $25 and you can purchase it from Autofocus site.


iPhoto Pinterest Like WordPress theme

This is a free Pinterest like WordPress theme that comes with a full-width home page layout section. Sections like views, photos and comments are included in homepage thumbnails. Iphoto is completely SEO optimized and is compatible with the major browsers. VIEW


Pinpress theme

Pinpress is a pinterest style wordpress theme that comes with a multi column layout. It has the facility to add any number of images. Photographers, designers, travelers, personal bloggers, corporate and picture bloggers will certainly find Pinpress helpful. Pinpress is search engine optimized and allows easy customization. It’s a responsive design and offers great customization option from back-end. You can see installation guide and other setup feature from here. This theme cost $29 and you can also add additional support package. Your license is linked to main domain which you will be using at the time of purchasing this theme and you can change your domain once in every 12 months. Check out PinPress theme.


This powerful WordPress theme comes with a light documentation, ultimate slider options, grid alignment fixes, and light box galleries. The Narrow way has both auto start and auto stop options. It has an enhanced live theme editor which includes options like color pickers, header bar, ans post elements control. Check out TNW theme.

DAILY NOTES WordPress Theme:

Daily Notes elegant theme

Dailynotes is well again a simple and elegant pinterest WordPress theme, which can be used to share your daily life with your friends. If you are looking to make a fun and pleasing blog, then Dailynotes will a best pick. You can buy this theme and all other premium themes from Elegant themes for $39. Check out Elegant themes.

Do let me know which Pinterest like Wp theme are you going to use from the above list and if you know any other similar themes like Pinterest design, do let us know via comment. Don’t forget to share and like this post on Facebook.

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