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Pinterest is no more a new site and being one of the popular social networking site, a Blogger can use it for driving targeted traffic to their blog. One of the most common rule of Social media marketing is monitoring and keeping an eye on what content from your blog is popular on Social networking site. Pinterest being one of those, there are new tools coming every day which will let you monitor new pinned images from your blog. Pinalerts is one of those Pinterest tool and is very handy for bloggers.

But before we move ahead, for new comers: Pinterest is popular Social networking site for images and videos. Images being one of the popular element in Social media sharing, you can use pinnable images on your blog and help your readers to quickly pin your content on Pinterest. If you are completely new to Pinterest, here are two guides which will help you to get started:

PinAlerts: Free Pinterest tool to get Pinned images notification

Pinalerts is a free tool which is currently in beta. It’s a useful pinterest tool which will help you to get Email notification for new images being pinned from your domain. You don’t need to add any script or code on your Website to use Pinalerts. Using it is very simple and all you need to do is create a new Pinalerts account and add domain which you would like to track. This is a free service and you can track multiple domains from one account.

When you add a new domain to track on Pinalerts, you can set few settings like how often you would like to get Email notifications for new pinned images from your domain or you can also download the list with one click. Here is a settings for Pinalerts setting for my domains:

Pinalerts setting

Along with your domain, you can also set Email notifications for your competitor domains, which will give you a fair idea of what kind of content people liking from your competitor Website on Pinterest. There is also a small list of blacklisted domain, which you can find here.

Pinalerts is more like one time setup tool for Bloggers, and once you have set up Pinterest notification for all your domain, you will get Email notifications for new pinned images from your domain. Here is a screenshot of email:

Pinned images from Domain

You can always check previously pinned images on Pinterest from your domain by going to : , replacing with your actual domain name. You can check out Pinned images from ShoutMeLoud here.

Let not the pricetag of 0$ fool you here as Pinalerts will be very useful for your Social media promotion efforts and using it you can also find like-minded pinners. More over, connecting with Pinners who are pinning images form your blog is always a plus point for your Pinterest profile and Social media efforts.

Do you use Pinalerts or any other similar tool to get Pinterest notifications for new pinned images? Do let me know via comments. You can also join me on Pinterest here.

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    That,s really a nice post about pinterest. Now a days pinterest is more valuable to bloggers and this tip will give some more value to the pinterest..

    Thanks for a great post..

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    Now a days we are hearing much about Pinterest. It is like an emerging star of social networks out there. And with PinAlerts, it would become easier to monitor traffic and activities from Pinterest. Nice share Harsh.

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    thanks for sharing such a vital information, Pinterest is key player in today’s social media marketing spectrum. Having a tool like this can significantly improve chances of success.

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    Thanks for sharing this interesting tips with us. Pinalerts reminds me of Google Alerts, another great free tool to track keywords of interests. I am many will find Pinalerts a good companion monitoring tool moving forward.