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Picasa For Mobiles

Picasa For Mobiles
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Picasa is Google’s photo service which offers free and premium account both. There are many apps for Picasa mobile. Specially, in recent days you will find many iPhone and iPad picasa apps which you can download free from app store. After the great success of Google official image viewer and editing software Picasa. It is Launched for iPhone , Windows mobile and for Series 60 mobiles.
When you open picas site on your iPhone, it also offers zooming feature which is very handy.

iPhone 4.ZoomView

For S 60 Mobiles, It still runs on Web browser but with AJAX touch , so the usability is much better. In case, if you use Picasa as one of must have tools for photo uploading, you would love to give picasa mobile a try.

You can access picasa for mobile by opening this URL on your mobile browser:

Also you can use mobile version of picasa site on your desktop, which works as light version of Web picasa. This is useful for people with slow internet connections. If you have been looking for some Picasa apps for your smartphone, instead of that try this mobile version of the site and you won’t be disappointed.  If you are using any mobile apps to access picasa on your mobile phone, do let us know.

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  • humayun

    helo guys this is good app!

  • saneepawar

    i like picasa so much more photo download & updating

  • Reshadat

    Hey I never knew Picasa have a mobile app. That would make the life easy. Thanks for sharing!

  • Mobiles

    I don’t have this yet..This is a jackpot hit. I wanted to have picasa in my mobile.