PayUMoney : Create Online Store in India with Zero Technical Skills

Update January 29th 2014 : PayUPaisa is now rebranded as PayUmoney.

When it comes to creating an online store in India to sell stuff, and collecting payment, we all know how much technical knowledge we need to get started. One way is to set up a proper E-commerce website, and integrate various marketing techniques to get the word about your brand. But, how about someone who is looking to create a simple online store, where he/she can sell a product online without any technical knowledge. For example, my sister is really great with hand crafts, and she always asks me to create an online store for her, and I know to create a great online selling store for her, will require lots of tasks. Which includes:

  • Selecting a platform.
  • Integrating payment methods.
  • Taking care of delivery.
  • Adding products and lots of stuff.
  • Marketing
  • SEO

But when I look at stuff the other way: All she wants is an online webpage, where she can display images, description and price of products that she wants to sell. Along with, an easy way to collect payments, without any hassle. This is the case of my sister, but I’m sure there are thousands of Indians, who also feel the need of such platform. Thanks to PayuMoney (Previously known as PayUPaisa), they come up with a revolutionary idea for individuals to create an online web-store, where they can not only sell stuff online, but the payment, buyer-seller protection is well taken care of.

What is PayUMoney & How to create an Indian online store?

PayUMoney is an initiative by PayuIndia, to enable individual Indians to start their online store without worrying about the tech hassles. It also makes creation of online store hassle free. Let me show you how it works for a seller, and how it protects a buyer from any kind of fraud.

To create an online store via PayUMoney, all you need is:

  • A product that you want to sell. It could be used gadgets, it could be service that you sell, could be art and craft, or virtually it could be anything.
  • Bank account details
  • Pan Card

Once, you have all these details with you, simply go to PayUMoney, and sign up for a seller account. It’s free, and all you need to do is, fill up details like your contact details, your bank details to receive the payment, Pan Card details. You need to complete few steps which will not take more than 10 minutes.


Once you have filled out all the details, within 24 hours, your account will be approved by the PayUMoney team. Meanwhile, you can continue creating your own web store to sell products.  Click on Tools to collect money > Create store. Add your store name and store description details. Add logo, and within minutes you can start adding products to sell it online. Here is one, which I created in no time:

Sell product in India

Individual product page

P.S: This store is a test store I created for this tutorial. Now, the best thing about these web store is, it could be created and used by anyone like you or me. For example, you could use it to sell your collection of books, sell your collection of used gadgets, or virtually anything.

Benefits for buyer:

From a buyer perspective, These PayUMoney store provides enough protection, which will stop them from getting spammer. Pay U Money have integrated a strong dispute resolution process, which works in following way:

  • Safety Checkpoint 1: A buyer purchases a product from any PayUMoney webstore or storefront, his money is kept safely with PayUMoney and is not released to the seller in first go.
  • Safety Checkpoint 2: When the seller sends a proof of product delivery to PayUMoney or the buyer explicitly informs PayUMoney to release the payments, only then the buyer’s money is transferred to the seller. In case if PayUMoney doesn’t receive any confirmation from the buyer in 3 days after the product delivery, the payments is released to the seller by default.
  • Safety Checkpoint 3: In an unlikely case, where a buyer faces a problem with the delivered product, he can raise a quick dispute with PayUMoney’s dispute resolution team. This team will resolve the dispute in an unbiased way so that the buyer does not face any financial loss. The dispute needs to be resolved in maximum 12 working days and PayUMoney refunds back the money to the buyer if the dispute is genuine. 

Buyer protection

In short, PayUMoney empowers small businesses or home based businesses to come online, and sell their product without worrying about other stuffs like documentation, managing a website or similar stuff. All you need to do is create an online store, share your store link to your friends, family or via other form of networking, and let people buy stuff from you. Best part is, it’s free to create a store and within few minutes of time, anyone can create their own online store.

Here is a video showing how you can use PayUMoney to create your own online store:

For young mind like you, I would recommend to help other home-based businesses around you to know about services like PayUMoney, and empower them to start their own online business. Do let me know, if you know of any other similar services like Pay U Money, which let you sell stuff online along with taking care of payment, without any technical hassle?

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  1. Liana says

    It’s a nice information for me. But may anyone tell me that after every sign-up process is done and after my store name, description, etc. is also submitted, will it be registered as my domain. I mean that if my store name is ‘bigshop’, can i have domain for that. How will my store link URL comes?

  2. yashobant says

    nice information for starters who look to sell online with minimal techy things. its pretty much DIY store for beginners…the only part needs help is traffic. this is same like ebay but ebay has thousands of subscribers. only if payupaisa gets so much subscribers then would really help. my request to business owners and admin to jointly think about this. there must be some marketing before sales!

  3. Manish Agarwal says

    After reading this post, I was visiting payupaisa and find such a interesting concepts and also thanks to you for sharing such a useful info.