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    Paypal Stopped Delaying Bank Withdrawal For Indian Paypal Users

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    I’m sure like me other Indian Paypal users are in slight panic mode. More then 1000$ has been reverted from my Paypal account. We have already covered few posts in recent days about latest Paypal India fiasco. You can read them here :

    There are few questions which are still unanswered from paypal team as those Indian Paypal users who are using shopping cart, do they need to make changes in their settings?

    The major problem which I’m facing and after talking to fee other Indian bloggers I realize even they are facing.paypal thumb Paypal Stopped Delaying Bank Withdrawal For Indian Paypal Users

    I tried to withdraw almost 35K INR on 28th January and usually it takes 5-7 working days for paypal to withdraw money from Paypal to bank account. It’s going to be almost 10+ days and till now those money has not been credited into my bank account.

    More over Paypal is refunding almost all the transaction made after 1st feb , under service and personal payment to the sender.

    Seems like this paypal outage will have great impact on mid size users , who replying on Paypal for all the transaction.

    One of Shoutmeloud reader Chaitanya has come up with three alternative solution for current paypal outage:

    1) Use a Payoneer card
    2) Try Money Brokers service
    3) If you are facing cash flow issues, and dont have time for (1) or (2), simply tell your client to send the money through Western Union Money Exchange. You can collect the payment from the closest Western Union Broker.

    Do let us know, are you also facing issue with bank withdrawal using paypal?

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    So will my money be credited in time? I withdrew yesterday only coz of good exchange rate :D Hope PayPal get back to normal soon!
    There’s a typo in 2nd last para, should be rely.


    rajeshkannan mj

    How about xoom.com now? actually i was receiving money from that only. It is cheaper than western union.

    Any recent reviews on xoom.com please?



    Well, I have a business account with paypal. Hope It will not affect.
    Also, it seems that issue will be resolved soon


    Kurt Avish

    Got one of my blog partners acc affected too with this recent no-warning policy of Paypal.

    Over $500 of money getting reversed. Infolink is concerned too and we got the same reply as you said in the previous post.

    I think Payoneer is a good alternative. Just that there are some fees associated with its usage. But with Paypal being so unstable (and many of my web partners are from India which I need to pay and often share monthy income).. this is becoming a real problem.

    I jst hope more advertisers also use moneybookers.com as alternative.



    It’s 5th day today. Considering that today is a Saturday and tomorrow Sunday, its sure that the remit will take longer than the said 7 days. I’m utterly confused.



    Paypal is not going to restore the payment. They cleveraly planned and made checkmate on indian user.

    Bcoz of this many people was caught in problem. We are the sufferers. Plz join together and fight against the Paypal.

    Paypal made bad impression from Indians.

    Hereafter Paypal wont be secure and safe transaction. They should not use this words again. Idiots they don’t know how to make a move, without any notifications they made this.

    Paypal should face this severe consiquences.


    Anish K.S

    I have tried, My account verification by adding a small amount in bank account , last day i got a mail from paypal, they failed to send money to me. :(



    Duh! Even I have faced the same problem when my money from reviewme got reversed! Now waiting for the reply from the reviewme team!



    Finally my money from ReviewMe was resent back to my paypal account! :) Now have transferred it to my bank account! Lets see how much time it takes!


    Kevin S

    one of the visitor bought link space on my blog @ Featured link and paid via Pyapal but later amount got reversed. :( its really sad.


    Sourish Nath

    damn , still waiting for my money in SBI :(



    My PayPal account has been limited twice just by loging from different IPs but it is still the #1 payment gateway for everyone online



    Today two sites re-sent the amounts through Paypal which were reversed previously. Now I am waiting to see if Paypal again reverses these payments or not.

    I had written to the sites about the Paypal issue and asked them to send the payments as goods or services received. But don’t know if they did this when re-sending the payment. Till now the payments have not been reversed. Will post updates about this


    Pinaki Ghosh

    Here is the latest scam from PayPal. They are returning withdrawn money to the accounts of Indian account holders. Count your money. YOU HAVE GOT MUCH LESS THAN WHAT YOU HAD WITHDRAWN. PAYPAL HAS STOLEN YOUR MONEY!

    I am one of the many Indian sufferers of PayPal. I had withdrawn the following amounts recently but have got back $172.52 less today! How did this amount get stolen??? Will PayPal authorities take the trouble of explaining it? Or are they so think skinned that they put petty scammers to shame? Why was I returned $172.52 less than what I withdrew?

    Transaction ID #1P466262YW5334011
    I withdrew on 04-Feb-2010 $459.72 USD
    I was returned on 05-Feb-2010 $430.48 USD (the withdrawal was cancelled by PayPal within 8 hours)

    Transaction ID #2B303386B17653802
    I withdrew on 01-Feb-2010 $460.00 USD
    I was returned on 09-Feb-2010 $426.20 USD

    Transaction ID #0T124177Y4852320H
    I withdrew on 28-Jan-2010 $1,099.44 USD
    I was returned on 09-Feb-2010 $1,018.22 USD

    Transaction ID #4Y143209L0476512N
    I withdrew on 01-Feb-2010 $384.57 USD
    I was returned on 09-Feb-2010 $356.31 USD

    Total withdrawn: $2,403.73
    Total returned to my account: $2,231.21

    Total amount stolen by PayPal from my account: $172.52
    How much has PayPal stolen from you? So it is proven they have stolen. Why wait? Go, complain to the police immediately. Let there be at least 5,000 police cases against PayPal.



    Wow, that’s not fair! I have been using Neteller since about 1 year ago when PayPal had that problem the first time.


    Bhanu Chauhan


    Can you tell me how i can use the Neteller to transfer the money from my pay pal account to indian bank account.

    Bhanu Chauhan


    Timir Patel

    I also got loss of USD38 while reversing withdrawals, paypal has informed me to credit as soon as possible.

    Did you get these deductions back (credit to you paypal account)?


    Abhay Kochar

    This is same issue with me as well They are returning withdrawn money to the accounts of Indian account holders but my money is very less as compared to which i withdrew.
    Paypal will have to return our Money!!!



    Hey guys!

    When do you think these paypal people will let us withdraw our money? since a week they have been telling us you can witdraw in few days, I was hoping it could be done by the weekend.

    But the mail I got from them today morning said again ” a few days”!

    What the hell, is there anything else we can do to force paypal in speeding up the process.

    Transfering funds from paypal to XOOM would mean loss on transction fee! So we are stuck with paypal at least for now.

    But for new payments I have tried XOOM, I will let you know guys how it works later today!


    Faheem Bhati

    I lost my $28 :(


    Faheem Bhati

    Hey guys, just checked my paypal account. PayPal has reimbursed my reversal fees. :)


    Timir Patel

    Hey Faheem
    Did you get deducted money while paypal reversed withdrawals and sent money back to senders?
    Because of I got loss of USD38 while done this by paypal, but I did not get this money back.

    To get back reversal fees, what I have to do?



    not sorted yet. i tried exporting funds to my indian account and now the money is nowhere, neither in my paypal account nor my bank account. the deadline that paypal specified for the transfer is over a week ago.


    Timir Patel

    I got credited USDs which are deducted while reversed withdrawals.
    Keep patience every one will get their deducted money while reversed withdrawals.


    Anirudh K. Mahant

    Recent issues with PayPal withdrawals to Indian Banks & more over payments just randomly being reversed back to the senders will have a deep impact on PayPal’s reputation. It raises so many questions like (THIS MIGHT CONTAIN SPOILERS):

    A) Should we trust PayPal in future?

    B) Are they really concerned about our Money?
    ANS: ABSOLUTELY NO, After a long period of two weeks we receive an apology letter stating that “We are sorry we goofed up opps!”? and stuff like “Your money just got sacked since this is nothing serious to us we are just doing a drill of playing a game with your hard earned money”?

    C) Is RBI responsible for this?
    ANS: UNQUESTIONABLY MAYBE, So, Question is why this is happening in India and nowhere else? Question is why we are being kept behind curtains and dark? Question is why Moneybookers and other Payment systems are working but PayPal is not? you just want to exclude the RBI out of this since they are least concerned with us. Everyone failed here! RBI off course you cant expect them to give you a comforting truth so a comforting lie should suffice you! And PayPal Ow man no shit a multinational company failing to inform and notify of an issue of this magnitude. That was an AWESOME combination of pure frustrating, destroying trust & spreading chaos.

    D) So what does PayPal tell us now?
    ANS: “We are sorry, but your valuable to us so please give us another opportunity to goof up and play some more engaging games with your money” and “We just love to make more profits by giving you a pathetic exchange rate”

    D) What now?
    ANS: DTA (Don’t Trust Anyone) Get your sleeves up against them and find your own ways to get paid over any other medium that serves better, communicates better and keep them in plenty. If one fails other should work out.

    Ive let all my clients know about this issue and advised them (in advance unlike PayPal) to switch over to some other Payment system which is reliable, responsible and does the main thing “ACTION” at PAR. The truth will probably be dead and berried RIP about what happened because the shame and disgust they bring upon themselves is apocalyptic now.


    Timir Patel

    Hi Anirudh,
    I also faced same problem. They also deducted my money while reversed withdrawals.
    But Now, I got my deducted money (Deducted while reversed withdrawals).
    I notify all paypal users who did not get deducted money back yet, mail to customer care along with transaction Ids. Paypal will credit those money.



    Hey harsh. Paypal owed my money for transferring to my indian bank account. I had to transfer $19 but they owed $9 for this transfer. If you find anyway to help me, please let me know…. :(


    sumit uttam

    i am also facing paypal money transfer problem….they are not transferring money into my account …..


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