Problem Shopping with PayPal in India? Here’s a Solution

PayPal is one of the most popular payment gateway system for Indian freelancers, but they comes with lots of restrictions. You can’t send PayPal payment from one Indian PayPal user to another one, you can’t use PayPal money for buying stuff, and there is lot more restrictions like adding your Pan Card and others. I’m calling it restrictions, because earlier there was no such rules, and an Indian blogger or freelancer can easily use PayPal money for buying, and there was very fewer limitations.

PayPal is a preferred Payment system internationally, and you can easily make most of the online Payment using PayPal. Specially, all the blogging tools/services sold online, prefer PayPal or credit card for payment.

I will not concentrate over the topic of transferring money to your account through PayPal I am here with a tip to solve the problem while purchasing any product(foreign product especially) through PayPal  which many people would have faced in India and in those countries as well whose currency is not supported by PayPal network.

Below PayPal trick would be helpful for Indian bloggers, Freelancers, young entrepreneurs who are willing to start a blog or website with web hosting companies like BlueHost or any other hosting company which support PayPal network.

Note: Here I would be discussing with using “Indian Currency” word but the steps may apply to other currencies also which are not supported by PayPal.

Problem while Paying Foreign merchant through PayPal

In the recent days I came across with a problem while purchasing few software and plugin for my Blog through a merchant who supported PayPal payment gateway.When i was ready with everything and clicked to Pay it showed a message “We were unable to authorize your Payment, try with another card“.

I’m from India, and I used AXIS bank debit card to verify my PayPal account. I searched for the issue in Google but didn’t find any exact answer or solutions, then I contacted PayPal they said “Contact your bank as they are not providing us access to transact money.”and Bank said “PayPal doesn’t support verified by visa/master secure code , so we can’t allow the payment”.

I didn’t lose hope I searched a lot in internet as I was knowing many would be having this problem and finally I got a small help in some forum through comments and used my mind too and got problem solved.

How PayPal will accept Payment(Trick which is the title of this post)

Before proceeding with the steps below note down one important thing that you need to have a registered email ID(new ones can sign up here.) with PayPal and then register your credit/debit card in PayPal and they will verify it at the earliest.

  • Proceed with PayPal Payment Gateway while you are purchasing any product.
  • Change the default Indian currency to USD or any other currency which PayPal supports but don’t change your country name it must be India only.(see the image below)

Changing PayPal Payment Currency

  • Sign in with your PayPal account
  • You will be seeing the cost of product and few details about your PayPal account like, Registered card and email Id.(See Image below.)

Making Payment via PayPal

  • Now don’t be in hurry to press the Pay tab.
  • Select other conversion option and select the tabBill me in the currency listed in seller’s invoice.(see screenshots below)

choose other currency conversion

Screen shot showing how to change other conversion option in PayPal

  • Click submit button and you will be directed to the same payment page but this time currency listed will be in US dollars or the currency which merchant bills.

PayPal merchant bills.

  • Press the “Pay Now” tab and your payment will be accepted.

So the above was the procedure if you face this type of problem while paying with PayPal and I want to tell you this method works because PayPal doesn’t support Indian Currency and it may work with other currencies as well which are not supported by PayPal and it was the biggest mistake of mine that i was proceeding my PayPal transaction using Indian currency.


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COMMENTs ( 30 )

  1. Sumit Chakrabarti says

    Hi Nimish,

    This is a very useful post and I stumbled upon it when faced problem when making payment through Paypal.

    I followed the steps you mentioned, still received this error “We’re sorry, but your transaction couldn’t be completed using the selected card, MasterCard xxxx. This happened because it has been refused by the card issuer.”

    Can you please suggest, what can I do next? Thanks.

    • faraz says

      Don’t be said. Indian peoples can receive or pay money through paypal by PRIVATE BANKS Debit/Credit cards, because paypal restricts all the government banks to proceed payments through them. So if u have Private banks Debit/Credit Cards, then you can easily do transaction through paypal, as followed by the Nimish Post.

  2. says

    I am from Indonesia and having error “we regret to inform you that this account has been restricted. Please login and resolved your restrictions.” When try to login to my Paypal acct. I found no restriction to be fixed. Any idea what is the problem? I need to pay membership program.

  3. says

    Hey Nimish,

    I have a problem regarding add a credit card in Paypal, while I am trying to add a credit card then it shows an error that is “We were unable to verify this card. Please review and make sure that the information you entered is correct. Your card billing address needs to match your PayPal postal address.’

    How to get ride to this problem and I want a quick solution because I have to purchase Hostgator’s hosting service .

  4. keimah says

    whats the point when MILLIONS OF US are still struggling with stage 1 “linking our debit cards with paypal” which paypal never accept forever…. only then we can move on to this technique, anyway thanks alot and bookmarking for the futures

  5. Abhishek chatterjee says

    which bank’s debit card are you using ?? and Visa or master card ??

    i cannot add/transaction my Bank of India, Master card (debit card) on paypal.

    im getting this error msg:-

    The bank that issued your card didn’t approve this transaction. Please contact the card issuer’s customer service department if you have any questions. Or you can add a different card now to continue.

    any solution ??

    and tell me which debit card are you using ??

  6. Nisha says

    PayPal has come up with a new issue, CHIP and PIN card. My withdrawal was declined saying that I should add a CHIP and PIN card. As my existing VISA Gold card is CHIP and PIN, I tried to add it again but it didn’t work

    Any advice on how to fix it?

  7. Bhanudas says

    Good info. I paid a US based webhost $50 USD with Paypal India registration without any issues. I received email from my card, paypal as well as Web hoster about payment completion all in few seconds. Looks like Paypal is using your trick now as the payment was shown in USD and my card was charged with Rupee amount. The Rupee rate was not shown on payment page anywhere and I had no idea about conversion rate as well during payment. Only way to know Rupee amount was post transaction. Works for me as I don’t have to worry about payment failure resulting in loss of business due to downtime.

  8. Namas says

    I need help guys, I have an Axis bank debit card but I am not able to verify it with paypal, I have a paypal account although I get an error saying :

    “The bank that issued your card didn’t approve this transaction. Please contact the card issuer’s customer service department if you have any questions. Or you can add a different card now to continue.”

    How do I solve this problem, as you mentioned you need to register, which I have already done, it does not verify my debit card at all, please help me!

  9. Akash says

    Thank you so so so much for your amazing post man , Truely i was totally lost all these years since Paypal INDIA and RBI bring this dark day to us but now you solved the problem OMG i can purchase with my Axis Visa Platinum Debit card via Paypal with click of a button by doing the currency change from INR TO USD amazing man just amazing :)

  10. sandra says

    thank you very much for this post and your help.
    Its really helpful trick. I was trying for payments for months now… Even went to axis bank to sort the issue they just told me we have no idea its happening …errr…ehhhh
    Well was sure somebody could help me on Google.. and yes this post is really helpful…

    Thank you very much, For taking your time to post this info. :)

  11. Devendra says

    Hi thanks for the tip, I am trying to connect my axis bank debit card with paypal but I am keep getting following message, has anyone experienced this before?

    The bank that issued your card didn’t approve this transaction. Please contact the card issuer’s customer service department if you have any questions. Or you can add a different card now to continue

  12. Arpanjot Singh says

    Dude I have no words to thank you.As a designer,was tired of seeing paypal blocking Indian payments.Came across this ,tried and made payment of my server using Axis bank card.Your technique works 100 % man.Just got my currency changed and whooops the payment was accepted instantly.

    Keep up the good work.

  13. Janmejai says

    I don’t know if all the above commenter have really followed the trick or not,I can’t find the dates also…..But whenever i try to pay using this method,whenever i reach to paypal page and i click on other conversion option it redirects me to another page.
    I have Axis Debit card and it’s verified with paypal.

  14. Sonal Sinha says

    Thank you so much you are a master/genius.

    I tried using entropay for payment and for the past few days i couldn’t pay or order from sites like which uses only paypal.

    Thank you once again.

    • Somenath Sen says

      Entropay just work fine with paypal..when you link and make your first purchased paypal ask for you id varification send them your id photosho copy and that it now you entropay vcc work with any problem. hope that help..

  15. Harkunwar Singh Kochar says

    I also have an Axis Bank Debit card and I was facing this problem a lot of times. Now whenever I’ll get this problem again, I’ll try to use your trick.

  16. Kohinoor Dev Roy says

    Dear Nimish,

    Your description was very detailed and clear but however the culture of online purchases will need time to grow in India in fact in many many parts of Asia .

    The primary concern is cyber security.

    • nimish kumar says

      Ya I agree to you Mr. Roy but yes it will be better for all if the improvements an improvisations increase at a fast rate keeping security as priority option.

  17. Jit Dutta says

    Very accurate and helpful info. As soon as I visit this article I try it myself for buying a theme from themify. I have been trying since last one month with paypal. But today I am able to buy it. Thank you very much. What a brilliant sharing… Grateful to you.

    • Nimish says

      Happy to help Jit and thanks for your appreciation as well I congratulate you for your new theme :)

      Consider liking my blog :)

    • nimish kumar says

      Happy to help Jit and thanks for your appreciation as well I congratulate you for your new theme :)

      Consider liking my blog :)

  18. Nizam Khan says

    Excellent and very useful post. You have explained it very clearly and this will be indeed very helpful for bloggers/webmasters. I too faced this problem couple of times and was not able to proceed to payment, so now I know what’s the issue. So, we can’t pay in Indian currency as Indian currency is not supported by PayPal. Now with this procedure, we can convert Indian Currency to seller’s invoice by selecting other conversion option and then we can proceed to payment. Thanks a lot Nimish for sharing this info and tweeted :)

  19. kevin says

    I had this problem 1 year before and solved in same way ,you written here ..look even customer support of Axis don’t know about it ..I wonder how they recruit people and they have great degrees ..ha ha