Paypal: How to Send Money to India?

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I have already informed you about Paypal stopped personal payment in India and Infolinks response on Paypal India refund fiasco.  After refund I asked my client to resend money and she did. Though today again money got refunded and now I have almost 1000$+ which are refunded via paypal.

This post is for all the paypal users who are sending money to India. This will help you to avoid this refund policy of Paypal, until Paypal come up with a wise solution to this problem.

Login to Paypal account and click on Send money

paypal_send_money Enter the receiver email address and in the send money option select goods and send the money.  If you received refund email from paypal, they have clearly mentioned :

“If this was a payment for a purchase of goods or services, and not a personal payment, then you may contact the buyer and have him or her resend the payment as follows:  (a) click the Send Money tab, (b) select “Goods,” and (c) provide a shipping address.”

So this will make sure you will receive payment without any issue. Do let me know if its working for you, or you facing issue with payment sent under goods.

Do let us know how much amount was refunded from your account under this refund policy?

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  1. says

    Hello I am from India. I’m going to start a online store in India. Is there any possibility for me to use Paypal account for my Indian Customers to transfer their payments ? Please help me

    • says

      The only solution which I can think of is having a Paypal account outside India. If you have any friend or relative that is residing outside India, you can ask them to open a Paypal account on their name and you can operate business under that PayPal account. Else you can look into some of the Indian alternative!

  2. Sanket says

    Harsh remembered me ? I wanted to ask that what payment option do you prefer to use for info links and ? Which I should use as I have current kept PayPal still not received payment just wanted to ask you :)

  3. ram jain says

    I Have Received 10$ In My Account 2 Days Ago Now The Problem Is I Am Not Verified There So My Questions Is How I Can Get It Transfered To Me In Any Way And Also The Terms Have Changed For Indian User.please Let Me Know How Much The Fees Will Cut From That Amount And What Money Will I Finally Receive

  4. Akash says

    the problem includes this also..

    I read somewhere that this has happened because RBI asked for some documents but Paypal didn’t furnished them and as such all the transactions from Paypal to Indian Bank has been reversed. That do explain the delay in withdrawing the money from paypal to bank accounts(which people are reporting that they are facing this from 26th Jan onwards)

    • says

      Akash its hard for me or any one to come to conclusion about the root of the cause, the bottom line is its end user who are suffering now. What ever it is, Lets hope Paypal and RBI dispute will solve asap.

  5. sunil says

    I have a good alternative. Use Neteller instead. They are a UK company and have never had this issue with India.

  6. mahesh says

    Issue not yet resolved:

    8th February, 8-30 PM

    Just made another call to Paypal customer care and had a chat with Supervisor too. They are having technical issues and developers are working on it. They are telling that issue will be resolved this week.

    Here is the new recording of Paypal Chat:(8-02-2010) 10.1 MB

    The chat with the supervisor has more clarity.


  7. Lee Ka Hoong says

    We can only send as “Goods” but not “Services”? I try to send by using “Services” to an India buddy and the money been reversed as well. I’ll try to send again with the “Goods” option.


  8. Kevin S says

    its really sad but Paypal is saying its just a bug and seems they are working on it but am not that sure but its really sad news.

  9. Sushant @ Techooze says

    If Paypal had thought about the risk of losing potential Indian users, then they might have not taken this step.

  10. Joseph says

    Lets wait and give it some time until the issue gets sorted out. It’s pretty obvious that PayPal won’t go against India, or they would risk losing potential users.

  11. Deepa says

    With people/ company who actually make payment (to users in india) for services, wouldnt they be facing problems at internal audit, when the records show that they are ” paying for goods” , and not for services?

    • Rakesh Waghela @Webiyo says

      Deepa ! You have raised a very important point ! I suspect many of the people on this discussion board are even aware of IT Compliance and Audits :)

  12. Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats says

    I think paypal will charge for every transaction if we pay by selecting the option Goods.. isn’t it??

  13. Vaibhav | Programming Kid says

    I dont think Its beneficial, cause we wont be able to Withdraw the funds. So, I see no point in the Goods. Moreover, I think this can be even more problematic as we are not actually delivering any goods!

  14. Mayur says

    Will PayPal implement charges on Payments sent for Goods, Services/Other ?
    If yes, then it’ll be bad as they charge too high.

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