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    Google Panda 24: First Panda data refresh of 2013 Confirmed

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    Time is gone, when we used to complain about Panda updates. Panda algorithm is now a part of Google search algorithm, and periodically Google keeps updating the algo or refreshing the data. Finally we are in 2013 and Google just tweeted about first Panda data refresh of the year 2013. If you are confused between Panda update and Panda data refresh, here is quick one for you:

    • Panda algo update: When Google make some changes in existing Panda algo, which affects search engine queries.
    • Panda data refresh: When Google refresh the data and sites get affected. There is no change in panda algorithm, but it’s just a data refresh.

    Getting back to first Panda data refresh of 2013, which is also Panda update 24, according to naming convention we are following. Panda 24 will impact 1.2% of English search engine queries. Here is the tweet, which is going to make the life of few bloggers restless:

    It might take a day or two from today to notice the traffic impact on your site. There might be no traffic change for many site. But, if you are one of those who got affected with Panda 24 update, here are few suggestions for you.

    Fixing traffic drop after Google Panda 24 data refresh

    If your traffic improved after today Panda update, it’s time for you to tap your back for good work you have been doing. If your traffic went down, no need to panic. It’s time for you to roll up your sleeves, and start fixing the issues which might have caused Panda penalty.

    I have set up a guide on how to recover from Panda algorithm update, which will give you all the information you need to fix Panda traffic drop. Along with it, here are few more articles which you should read to understand about Panda algorithm, and how you can be Google fan boy again:

    If you need more guidance, you can always take help of my personal consultancy, where I can help you find the reason for penalty, and show you how to fix Panda traffic drop.

    It might take little time to see the latest SEO changes you are making, but if you work hard and fix all SEO issues on your blog, you will be able to get back your lost traffic. I highly recommend you to read this article on increasing CTR from Google search. This will help you to implement some of the latest SEO techniques, and improve your organic traffic.

    Go ahead, and have a look at your blog stats. Let me know if you see any traffic change after Google Panda 24 update?

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    Sri Ganesh.M

    My Site was injected with malicious code and affected in Nov 2012. And past 90 days report from safe Google page report.

    Will it affect my blog ?, Although from the next day, The site was having good traffic amount, even do also ?

    Any suggestion ? designer not a techie !


    Sohil Memon

    OMG! 2013 has just started and Google makes changes day by day. How we survive in this updates but some or the other how we have to manage our blog, but now it’s time to check Google Analytics! It has affected my blog or not, by the way thanks for the information. :)


    Ravi budhwar

    Mine websites are not affected much from the google panda update but all will be clear with in 1-2 days about my websites traffic and also eagerly waiting for the google page rank update 2013.


    Beth Hewitt

    Thanks for the update. This one had gone under my radar, I will be checking to see that the outcomes of this panda update are on my site. :)



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