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ShoutMeLoud January 2015 Traffic & Earning Report

Hey Shouter, This is the time of the month when I put myself into an introspection mode to learn what are the things that are working and what things are not. Every month I share detailed traffic and income report as a part of ShoutMeLoud transparent culture, so that you and other bloggers can discover new ways to drive [...]

ViralTag : Social Media Posting Tool for Visual Content

In the past I have covered many awesome social media tools like Hootsuite, Bufferapp, Socialoomph and today I'm sharing about another popular social media tool call ViralTag, which I have discovered recently and it become an essential part of my social media posting strategy. Specially with the growing number of social media sites, it's becoming important [...]

How Much It Costs to Start a Self Hosted WordPress Blog?

Everyone knows that hosting your own blog is a costly affair and this question arises in everybody's mind who just started with Blogging or plan to start with their own self hosted blog. How much it’s going to cost to create a self hosted WordPress blog. In this post, I will point out some of the [...]

How to Earn Money From Your Blog in 2015

Few years back blogging was just another hobby but a lot has changed in past few years. This is 2015 and now blogging is one of the great online business that anyone can take advantage of. I started as a  blogger in 2008 and in last 7 years blogging has gifted my a new house [...]

Highlights From #ShoutUp Blogging Workshop

How many times in the life you have ever felt content? For me, I have experienced Happiness, Sadness uncounted times in my life, but being content is a feeling which I have felt only few times. 25th January 2015 was one of the days when I felt content. That's because for the first time I conducted [...]

Top 10 Productive Tips For Bloggers From Personal Desk

Being a professional Blogger is not an easy job, as you don't only have to write articles but you have to take care of everything around your blog. In nutshell, here is my daily-routine: Writing new articles, updating all my blogs, replying to users comment, replying to readers email, promote my blog, network with others, [...]

PostPlanner Review : Perfect Marketing App For Facebook

Facebook has always been one of the top free tool for internet marketers and brand managers to drive traffic, and to create brand awareness. From a blogger POV, it's one of the easiest way to connect & engage with your readers. For ShoutMeLoud, I use Facebook as major social media channel to connect with other [...]