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Add more Social Touch to Feed Flare FeedBurner Options

In the last post how you can add social touch to your feeds using FeedFlare option of feed burner. Before I will tell you how you can add more social touch to your Feeds, Do check my previous posts on : How to Burn your Feed using Feed burner Make Your Feeds Browser Friendly Smart Feed : Make your Feed any Feed reader Friendly FeedFlare has an option to add [...]

Feed Flare Feed Burner Option : Make your Feeds Social

We have covered Three topics on this series so far : How to Burn your Feed using Feed burner Make Your Feeds Browser Friendly Smart Feed : Make your Feed any Feed reader Friendly Extending the series with Feed Flare option which is found under Optimize > Feed Flare in Your Feed   burner account of Corresponding feeds. Feed Flare add social element to Your feeds by giving an option [...]

Smart Feed FeedBurner Option : Make Your Feeds any Feed reader Compatible

Till now we have covered Two topic in the series How to Burn your Feed using Feed burner Make Your Feedburner Feed Browser Friendly Third one in the series is Smart Feed option of Feed burner which is not active by default. Making it active will enable your feeds to be read into any feed reader applications. In Google Term Smart feed Feature of feedburner is : Reach the widest [...]

Make your Feedburner Feed Browser Friendly

Few days back I talked about How to burn your feed using Feedburner? Continuing the series and adding more to it. Under Feedburner we have lots of options like Optimize, Publicize and so on. I will cover sub topics one by one to give you a much better idea of Feedburner. The first option under Feedburner is Optimize. Optimization means you can make your feed Optimize for different browsers and [...]

[Blogging] Receive Free SMS for Comments Awaiting Moderation

Many blogger's might want a means by which they get notified when they get comments on their blog especially when they using Comment Moderation mode, or When they are busy with their work staying away from their blog this trick will help them keep updated with whats going on in their blog. Just Follow the below steps: Note: This trick requires Gmail Account. 1. For Indian Users : Register a [...]

How to Point domain from Namecheap to Hostgator

One of the security tip which I often give to other blogger is host your domain and website on different registrar. For example, if you hosting your site on Hostgator, Dreamhost or Bluehost, use ShoutMydomain, Namecheap or Godaddy to host your domain. Long time back, I used to use Namecheap for hosting my domain and my sites are still hosted on Hostgator. This post is for all those who register domain [...]

Add Page Navigation To any WordPress blog

Few days back I talked about How to add page navigation to Thesis Wordpress theme, this is for all other bloggers who are not using SEO optimized Thesis Wordpress theme. The problem faced by many Wordpress user is even after installing WP Page Navigation plugin, page navigation is not showing up. This is because your theme is not supporting Page navigation plugin. You can add Page navigation to your theme [...]

How do I Attract New Commentator on My Blog?

If you have been following ShoutMeLoud for a while, you would always notice many regular faces in commenting form. These are our regular commentator, and some of them are active shouter too. When I started SML back in 2008, I started with the aim of making it an engaging blog, and getting lots of genuine comments. One thing which I learned, lots of traffic doesn't mean that you will get [...]