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5 Things to Consider Before Buying any Website

Few months back I write a post on 5 Websites to buy and Sell Websites and how to buy a Wordpress blog. Here I’m extending those post and adding few more things which you should consider before buying any website. Buying any Website is very critical and it’s like an investment. When you make an [...]

Adsense Revealed Revenue share between Publishers and Advertisers

This is one of the most talked topic in the forums and make money online world. Till now no one was sure about the percentage of revenue adsense give to its publishers. Today in an official announcement Adsense revealed the exact detail on percentage of revenue they give to publishers. Adsense for content: Adsense for [...]

How to Solve Facebook Login Problem?

Facebook is the most famous social networking sites. Like other social networking site it is a place where people from different countries interact with each other in a common environment. It also allows people with same choices and interest to discuss or interact on it. Here I'm explaining most common Facebook login problems. Around 800 [...]

Online Logo Maker : Free Logo Creator Tool

When you decide to start a business, doesn’t matter its online or not, you must have a logo for your business which represents you as well as your business. When it comes to blogging or online business, we hardly know our visitors or competitors personally, we know each other either by blog’s name or logo. [...]

How to Increase Motivation for Blogging

Blogging sounds like one of the easiest way to earn money but honestly it's not. In long run, we need lots if motivation for Blogging and with time, we lose the energy and enthusiasm. This is not same as writer's block and we need to work on things, which can keep us motivated to blog [...]

How to Unblock Facebook – 5 Working Tricks

Facebook is most popular Social networking site but despite of various advantages of Facebook, there are many other side of Facebook. When it comes to work, Facebook is biggest productivity blocker site. Due to this, most of colleges, schools and companies block Facebook and similar sites. Even in many countries like Pakistan, government ban Facebook [...] Facebook Mobile site with No Data transfer Fees

Some time back we told you about facebook lite site which was launched for low-bandwidth users. Though it was shut down after a while and today facebook announced the launch of new mobile site The major feature of is, it will be free to use from certain mobile operators around the globe. For [...]