Why Page Rank Goes Down And How to Get Back Lost PR?

Page rank droppedI’m sure many of you have different opinion about Page rank and it’s useful ness. Google Page rank has nothing to do with the traffic of website. If a website has PR 3 it does not mean that it will have traffic more than a PR 1 website. But it will surely show one thing that the quality of PR3 website is more than the quality of PR1 website. Specially when there are very few ways and standard metric to judge quality of a Website ( Ex: Alexa rank, PR) , Google PR matters a lot for many of us.

We have already talked a lot about improving Google Page rank and also a useful case study from Harsh about a Website getting PR 3 with no content. In this article, I will be discussing and pointing out to some of the reasons why your Google Page rank is dropping and what you can do about it.

What is Page Rank

Page Rank is the measure of website’s reputation in Google’s eye. The higher page rank a website gets, the higher it is reputed. ShoutMeLoud has page rank 4 which is impressive. Google updates page rank 3-4 times a year. Last Page Rank update was pushed back in first week of November.

We all expect some increase in our website’s page rank when Google update the data. But some web masters also face drop is page rank. One of my friend’s blog was on PR3 that was dropped to PR2 in last update. He was pretty upset and was aksing many questions regarding this.

Why Page Rank Drops

This is not a strange thing when your website lose page rank or see drop in page rank. Google is always transparent and made everything clear why it ranks and website better. If you lost a page rank, then there are some common and valid reasons for this.

These are some common reasons why page rank of a website drops:

Selling Links

This is the most common reason for drop in page rank. If website has caught in selling links, it will surely see drop in page rank in next update. It breaks quality guideline and Google hates selling link. If your website’s PR went down due to this reason, you should remove all paid links on your website and then submit a reconsideration request from Google Web masters tool telling them that you have removed all paid links. Here is an article from Matt Cutts on Selling links:

Too Many Paid Links Coming to Your Website

Google clearly mention that it hates when a person purchase links to increase website’s page rank. Google says that you can have some but not too many. If you are advertising on some other blogs, you can use nofollow attribute in those links. If a link passes page rank juice, Google cleverly monitor whether it is a paid link or not. If it found paid links towards your websites, you may see drop in your website’s page rank in next update.

High PR BackLink is no More

We all know that PageRank of a website depends on the backlinks of the website. If a website has some high PR backlinks, it will also get high PR in next update. If your website has seen drop in page rank there may be a possibility that the high PR link coming to your website is no more or removed my that website. If no backlinks, then why PR. You can use tool like Ahrefs to monitor newly added or removed backlinks and you can work on building more quality links, once you loses a high PR backlink.

Linking to Bad Websites

If your blog has links to some bad websites (porn and gambling), you will surely see drop in page rank of your website. Google strictly hit those website which passes page rank juice to these kind of websites. So try to avoid it.

Poor and Thin content

If your website is producing thin and poor content, it may also hurt page rank. I have seen that so many blogs gets PR 2-3 just because of their content quality only with few back links. If you start producing poor content, then there may be a possibility that you will see drop in page rank of your website.

You can also see this video by Matt Cutts to know more why Google Page rank drops.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFcJ7PaLoMw?feature=player_detailpage]

If your blog has faced page rank drop in last update, now its time to think about the reason and then start working on it. Next Page Rank update is expected for Feb 2013. If you want to increase page rank of your website, you must follow quality guide lines and start building some quality backlinks. You can read ShoutMeLoud earlier guide on 101 ways to get quality backlinks and this useful article on how to calculate Google page rank.

Do let me know what action do you take when your Website loses Page rank? Do you work on improving the quality of your site or work more on getting more high PR links to your site?

This is a guest post by Deepankar from Techlomedia. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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  1. says

    Great tips in here. I am seriously looking forward for these all things to work even for my blog to grab the upcoming PR update with a good and noteworthy PR. :)

    Thanks a lot for sharing this help. :)


  2. Anchit Shethia says

    No matter how quality articles i publish or get backlinks from sites like xda-devs etc, my blog’s PR does not increase. God knows why.
    Need feedback from some one

  3. Blogger Whale says

    My PR dropped from 4 to 1.It was really depressing initially.But later i realized that low PR has nothing to do with traffic.I see a lot of high PR site lagging in ranking and several low PR site occupying top SERPs.But a higher PR will still be pleasing to the eye. :)

  4. says

    So the concept of page rank entirely depends upon link building and getting do follow back links from other sites. These days Google algorithm is smart enough to distinguish the high and low quality links easily.

  5. says

    Dear Deepak,

    Thank you for this insightful article. My problem is little different and wish if I get help.

    The PR for one of my blog is still constant, no drop. However I noticed a heavy drop in traffic. I checked Webmaster Tools and found that the search queries are reduced to a few dozens from hundreds it used to be. Tried to find the cause and solution everywhere, but to my dismay I could not do anything.

    Do you know situations like this? Do you have any suggestions so that I can find the cause and resolve the problem?

  6. Sadhil Kumar says

    A very nice post on Page Rank. In the last PR update i found a relatively new blog get a PR 2.
    I was amazed by the sudden increase in PR from 0 to 2.
    My blog too was 2 months then and managed a PR from 0 to 1.
    But later on i found that the blogger, a friend of mine had a year old PR 3 blog. So he got some easy HQ links to the new blog.

    So i want to know in the next PR update in Feb, for a single domain PR 1 blog like mine, how much should be a realistic expectation for a blogger?? Is a PR 3 possible?

  7. Asif Billah says

    Yes it is a up hill battle for the top ranking for a keyword, but never do things that will get your site penalized. This will be the down fall you will not get back up with.

  8. says

    Nice recap of current trends. I had recently watched my site drop from PR3 to PR2 and didn’t understand why. Most of my blog posts are very short with original photography so I’m assuming, based on your common reasons, that my main issue is thin content.

  9. says

    Hey Deep,
    Nice sharing. Recently one of my site’s PR rank has dropped. But the problem is this happened without any PR update.
    Do you have any idea why PR dropped without any PR update?
    Please Let me know.

      • zaid says

        Yeah, One of my friend`s rank was dropped from 3 to N/A !!
        The reason was that website server went down for few days.After some days, it automatically gone 2.All happened in absence of pr update.

  10. Taswir Haider says

    Informative post Deepanker. I prefer to built backlinks through blog commenting, forum posting and article marketing – all 3 sources instead of sticking with 1 technique so that search engines weigh the backlinks more.

  11. says

    Very useful information, both for somebody who is just starting a blog as well as for established blogs wondering what happened to their PR.


  12. Ammar says

    Good Points there! Most of people are Selling Links and are also getting too paid links, Thin Content. Such people often face drop in their ranking. They should stop now! :)