A Blogger Guide To Overcome The Fear Of Writing Guest Posts

Writing Guest Posts
There is no second thought about benefits of writing a guest post, and when ever I read about guest posting, I always get pumped up to write my first one.  No matter what, you need to write guest posts to make a name in the blogosphere or build your brand. You can use some other resources like advertising to promote your blog, but with guest posts, you can promote and build your brand naturally.

The problem that we face is getting started with guest blogging. There is a fear which stops us from start writing guest post, and if I narrow down to two simple reasons:

The first one is fairly simple, as with 10 minutes of research on Google, we can easily make a list of target blogs for guest posting. The problematic is the second post, where we get confused about picking up a topic, trying to put our best foot forward, and that unsaid fear of rejection. No matter what, in all the cases, we have to fight out fear of being successful. After all, nothing in life comes easy. Is int it?

In this article, I will share points that let me fight my fear of guest posting, and by the end I’m sure you will be so energized, that you will start doing guest posting. But, first let me clear out what are the direct benefits you will get when you start with guest posting. After all, it’s no fun working without knowing the rewards.

Reasons why you should write guest posts

1.  Spotlight:

Don’t you want to be in the spotlight? Of course I know you want to. Guest blogging gives you the opportunity to explore yourself and your blog in the crowd. As you know, blogosphere is crowded with millions of blogs and websites, thus making your blog/website feel lost. Don’t you want to get explored or make your blog popular? You may know Bamidele Onibalusi from Writersincharge.com (previously Youngprepro.com), he came into the spotlight through guest blogging. We wrote guest posts on various blogs like an unstoppable warrior, and if you wanna know what kind of posts he write, check out 101 ways to drive traffic to your blog.

2.  Build blog authority:

What is authority? Authority is nothing but influence or power. By guest blogging you can gain online authority. People will be influenced by you; they see you as an authoritative person. If you notice, people only run behind influence or successful persons. Nobody wants to hear it from you if you don’t have an authority.

All you need to do is, pick the topic that you are most comfortable with, and you will end up creating a name in that particular niche.

3.   Traffic

If you write guest posts on top blogs, the obvious thing you get is free-traffic. Sometimes you can drive a massive amount of traffic. You can convert that traffic into readers by implementing these techniques. Just pick, some of the active blog in your niche, get in touch with admin via contact form, or simply read that blog guest submission guidelines (These days most of the blogs allow guest blogging), and write your best content.

4.  Backlinks

You know how important backlinks are to get high search engine rankings or high page rank. Google hates and punishes sites that involve in black-hat link building methods. Guest blogging is the easy and LEGAL way to build quality backlinks.

Apart from above benefits, guest blogging also gives you confidence and boosts your enthusiasm. It stops you from procrastination, and you’ll be able to write more guest posts.

Now, how you can fight the fear of Guest blogging

Now, lets point out the things which are stopping you from guest blogging, and lets kill it one by one. The very first thing that you should leave behind is self-assessment. There are two possibilities when you submit a guest post: Accepted or rejected.

If you are accepted, nothing is going to stop you after that. But, if you are rejected; consider it as an honest feedback. In blogging it’s hard to get honest feedback, and if your article is not getting accepted, that means you are missing on something. Your writing is lacking something, and how about you work on that side to improve your writing. Don’t you think it will help you more in the longer run?

Lets discus some of your fear, and find a solution to all of them:

1. Fear of rejection:

I think this is the main reason many hesitate to write guest posts. What If they reject my hard written post? Well, this fear is natural. Even pros had this fear. Many people think it is a shame to get rejected, this mindset will always hold them back. They don’t think there is an opportunity to improve on something.


The only way to overcome this fear is by writing a guest post. You got to take this leap. Let me give some tips to overcome this fear.

  • Hone your confidence:  Whatever you want to achieve in blogosphere depends on your confidence. You need increase your confidence on a daily basis. Once you get that little confidence, you’ll be able to write more.
  • Work on increasing standard: Guest blogging requires an extra little bit of hard-work to increase the standard of the post.

And in any case, even if you are rejected; you are getting an honest feedback, and you know it’s time to hone your skills, and become a better blogger/writer next time.

2.  Fear of ‘not good enough.’

Many think they can’t match that standard to write guest posts on top blogs. Many think their writing is bad. This is where they go wrong. Never doubt your ability.

Let me tell you one secret guy; no one was born with an Oxford dictionary in hand. I know, your mother tongue might be different, you might struggle to write perfect English. But keep one thing in mind that you can always improve your writing skills.

If your guest post got rejected, don’t take it negatively. Instead, think from their perspective, what you would’ve done if you’re running a popular blog? Will you accept low-quality articles and ruin your brand? Blogging is not just building links and making money; it is about adding value to the community. So, the only thing to remember is: Improve and improve.

Become better blogger than yesterday


  • Sharpen your writing skills: you need to learn at least basic writing skills; otherwise it is difficult to survive in the blogosphere.

Wonder how to improve your writing skills? Read, read, and read. Yes, Read as many blogs and books as you can. Don’t skip a paragraph, don’t skip a word. Observe everything like commas, formatting, etc.

3.  Fear of Critics

Everyone has faced critics, irrespective of how small and big it is. No matter where we go, critics is there. You have to deal with it. You can either take it negatively and ruin your peace of mind or take it positively to encourage yourself to do more. The choice is yours.

See how we can change our perspective to take things differently. I know critics hurt, but it’ll hurt more if you don’t let it go.


Think like a celebrity: we often wonder how it feels to be a celebrity; we think how they feel to be in the spotlight and all. No matter what, every celebrity has Haters as well as Fans.

Just go through celebrity’s social media mentions on their profiles; you can see an LOT of abuses and Critics from people. These people are usually called trolls; one thing majority of celebrities do – Ignore. They know that they are not worth their time.

If critics are stopping you from doing guest blogging, do one thing – just ignore and go forward. In case you receive a negative comment, do not respond. Let them feel alone.


If you haven’t written a guest post yet, go give it a try. Don’t hold yourself back, holding yourself won’t help you to achieve your goals. The blogosphere is getting more competitive day by day, Take a leap; you’ll enjoy it. Do let me know what’s stopping you from guest blogging? Also, if you enjoyed this article, do give me a like and share on Google Plus.

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  1. says

    Yes! Guest blogging can be like walking on a stage in front of people you’ve never seen, performance anxiety can be enough to make us not even try. Luckily with every small step we build confidence, and I’ve recognized almost all the benefits you talk about in this post. Thanks.

  2. Rupak says

    Hi Aditya! Great post on guest posting. I was really scared of writing posts for other blogs before. But now I’ve successfully over come of this fear when I wrote my first ever guest post for shoutmeloud and it was selected at once. It boosted my confidence to write few more for some other blogs too. Thanks again for the cool tips.


  3. Muhammad says

    Fear of rejection always stop us from attempting. Tips in this post really work to overcome this fear. It is very right mistakes are the best trainers but only those commit mistakes who attempt to do anything. People always in fear of failure never do mistakes but they also never succeed.

  4. richmiraclefiles says

    Hi Aditya,
    I liked your post a lot for the practical tips. However i have couple of queries…..
    Firstly where do i get so much content for writing the guest post.Because i have to write for my own blog also.If i put out guest posts,can i use that same material for my own blog posts also?Because there is a fear of google penalty also if there is duplication of content.

    Secondly if i put out guest posts who will have the rights over that content?Because i am writing the content and i want to have control over it. Can i use the same content elsewhere also?

  5. Karshim Kanwar says

    What is think about Guest Post writing is – you should be strong enough in your niche and ensure you don’t go out of that.

  6. Amal Rafeeq says

    Hi there Adithya,
    You pointed out Onibalusi as a warrior and you’re really one too. You just nailed it with a totally unique and amazing article. I was sick of reading same content from everywhere and then you showed up with this post.
    Way to go.

    Thanks and Cheers!