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Emails are one of the important part of our life but the biggest problem with Email is, they take away our productive time. Specially, Emails from Social networking sites , notification Emails, Newsletters which are useful but not the important part of our productivity. Gmail have few features like Priority inbox which helps us to quickly keep an eye on Emails which are useful but again at the same time, how about a feature which will automatically label less important Emails like (Facebook notification emails, Job opening Emails, daily newsletter and so on) ? Today, I will be talking about a third-party free service call Other inbox which I have used OIB for almost an year to keep my Gmail inbox less cluttered and directly out all unimportant Emails into different folder.

Other Inbox Organizer : Your Free Virtual Email assistant to keep inbox Clean

There are few things which I know about Email productivity and which I follow:

  • Don’t check your Email Inbox early morning
  • Don’t keep your Inbox open all the time
  • Delete all those emails which doesn’t need a reply or need attention.
  • Take action immediately on an Email or add it into To-do list

I have mentioned about Otherinbox once when I wrote about : Blogging tools I can’t live without and while I was helping my brother to clean up his 90,000+ unread inbox Gmail account, I find it worth to feature this free and awesome Gmail cleanup service in a Blog post. Otherinbox offer two features and one of them is Organizer. This tool works with Yahoo mail, Gmail and AOL mail.

Other INbox Organizer

Other Inbox Organizer works in simple way, it sorts out all unimportant Emails in different folders in your Gmail account and also it will send you daily digest of such Email which you can review quickly and in a quick glance, you can figure out if there is any important Email there or not. This will also help you quickly cleanup your entire Gmail inbox or any other Email service provider you are using. The best part is, it scans all the earlier Emails and label and put them in appropriate folder.

How to use OtherInbox?

Using OtherInbox (IOB) is as easy as clicking 1-2-3 on your Keyboard. Simply go to Otherinbox Organizer page and click on sign up. Select your Email provider.

Select Email provider
Depending upon the Email provider you are using, it will ask you to authenticate access to your inbox. Once you grant access, it will start scanning all your earlier Emails and start sorting them in different OIB labelled folders. The best part is, once you are done setting up Other Inbox, you don’t need to do anything else. It will take care of all current and future mail itself.

Otherinbox is very useful for every Ymail, AOL, iCloud and Gmail users to get rid of useless Email quickly and save time to increase productivity. How many of you are using Other Inbox or any other similar service to quickly declutter your Email inbox? If you have any tip to quickly get rid of useless Emails, do let me know via comments.

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COMMENTs ( 9 )

  1. Shrinivas says

    Otherinbox is the best way to sort out emails which I personally use for my gmail account.. Nice post..

  2. Debasis says

    Harsh after a Long time Back I am coming to your blog… :( Feeling very refreshing. Well The Articles is very useful to me, previously what I was doing Just selecting FB or any Other Notifications as Spam so from next time all Notifications stored in spam folder in my Gmail but later stage it cause some problem like some important Notifications went to Spam folder and by Mistake I remove them permanently, that time I face some problem.

    Going to follow your Guide and implement it today.
    ~Debasis :)

  3. Vipin Pandey says

    I create filters and folders manually to short mails. It helps you when you are getting some number of emails but when numbers increases. Shorting mails become tedious task. Then we need Other Inbox. I wondered that it automatically creates folder and filters.


  4. hrmehrotra says

    nice article bro similar to otherinbox there are many others like Rapportive and Smartr Inbox……..

  5. Sadhil Kumar says

    I will surely use this service. I know how painful it is to scan for important emails from blog comments notifications. And much it hurts on missing out an important mail.
    Nice review.

  6. says

    Too good I am waiting for it from long time time. OtherInbox is best for me I get daily 300 mails but i don’t have time to read it daily, When i get time i read it so OtherInbox plays cool for me. I really thanks Harsh Agrawal for this one.