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How to save your self from Orkut account hacking using fake orkut method

How to save your self from Orkut account hacking using fake orkut method

This post doesn’t talk about hacking in any circumstance, This post is all about how you can safe yourself from orkut hackers.

If you are looking for orkut hacking method, I will suggest hit the back button and Start Goggling again, else particiapte me to make orkut a beautiful and neat community.

If we talking about social networking   orkut is the widely used social networking website in India and Brazil.

Most of users Yahoo and Gmail account is linked with there orkut account and hacking orkut account also give exposure to the users Gmail account and Yahoo account.

For the safety of your Gmail account don’t forget to check my previous post on : Check if your Gmail is hacked or not.

Many users never get to know even there orkut account is hacked or not because they are unaware of the fact even clicking on some link or running a javascript can give access to hackers.

The purpose of this post is to safeguard yourself from orkut hacking and the evil methods being performed by Hackers to hack users account. orkutfakepagehacking thumb

There are many methods of orkut account hacking and we will cover these in various posts. So if you don’t want to miss any of them do subscribe to shoutmeloud feeds and also free SMS updates to get notified when we post.

The basic method which hackers are using is fake orkut pages:

Fake page hacking method is the most easiest method being performed by most of the users. This method requires no technical skill. All you need to know is how to use Internet and simple file upload.

In this trick people create a fake orkut login page similar to Orkut page and they redirect user to this fake login pages using various methods.   The hacker use simple form-mailer to get the login information into his account and redirect the users to any orkut profile page or some orkut community.

If you get messages like :

Someone posted your pictures in his/her album click here to see the album

and once you will click on that link you will be redirected to orkut login page. Once you will enter the login details you will redirect to some orkut profile or community. Victim don’t even realize that he is hacked or his password is now into user database.

How to avoid getting hacked by orkut fake account hacking method?

It’s said by a great man precaution is better then cure and this is applicable here. First of all you should make it a habit of changing your password once in fortnight and don’t forget to use complex password.

# Never click on link on your orkut scrapbook if it comes from unreliable sources .

# When you click on any link and if it ask you for login information immediately move away from the page without   entering your login information.

# Do notice the website URL when you are redirected to orkut login page. Most of the hacker user free hosting websites like freeweb7, 110mb and the URL format is like



The link seems to be real that any normal user will never realize that it’s a fake page.

If you come across any of such pages do let us know we will inform the moderator of that hosting company to remove the link from there website.

There is a simple way which we can use to find the hackers email address if he is using the simple fake page hacking method.

If you are concern about your and yours friend security do spread this words before some one hack your account.

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  • imran

    sir i am new in this field so i just want the basic knowledge about the orkut pages and etc. plz help me and i really appreciate ur will.

  • Abraham Arslan

    Guys..this is all about phishing and guess what…this ttrick is no longer available to fool al….google is far ahead of hackers…

  • Nitin

    Hey Harsh,

    I need a genuine help in orkut. Somehow i cant post it here…could you please send me ur email id.


  • Ashish Mundhra

    Hello Harsh I am a blogger from Westbengal all i want to know is what is that welcome googler widget before the post and how to get it . secondly about the feed burner reader count badge .. how to get hands on it
    .-= Ashish Mundhra ´s last blog ..Optimize Your Pictures Before You Upload It On Web =-.

  • dutta

    hello i have i ques for ya my a/c was hacked by a brazilan haccker and i cant get my a/c back whenever i give my login to orkut it shows me redirecting for several minutes do u have any answers to my question :)

  • Asra

    plz plz tell me how to recover orkut account !!

  • akram

    pls tell me how to hack orkut Ac. and how to change other orkut account passward

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Akram we do not discus Hacking here. This post is to make you aware how people are invading your Orkut account. So better Safe guard yourself from hackers.

  • chethan

    It is called Phishing..
    I recently came across this… and i designed my own phishing site!
    actually it is a no man’s job! so easy! anyone can duplicate your site!
    one must make sure to see the address bar before logging in…
    a phishing site normally have different url than the original site.

    in the test case which You Have mentioned, “click here to see the new album images” if a victim clicks on it.. it is redirected to someother phishing site..
    Orkut is aware of this!
    when u r on orkut and when u click on such links (which is not orkut. com/xyz)
    it pops u a message this site may be harmful!

    so low chances that user gets hacked!
    what say?

  • ankit sharma

    how to hack an orkut account?
    its really important for me,plz help me

  • parmanand jha

    i hav no bad intensons but simply i want to hack orkut account

  • ahmed

    i wnt to hack account

  • mike

    dude c i hav got no bad intensons but simply wanna get back my gf back…n as i hav no contact of her n c deleted me from her account i just wanna hack into her account n be frnz again…plz mail me buddy

  • Harsh Agrawal

    Hey arafat
    Hacking any orkut profile is not a big task..
    but I will personally never promote it until someone life’s on stake..
    I hope you understand this.

    • Animesh

      hey plz tell me how to hack an orkut account
      i want to do so coz my friend has scrapped my girl friend “”Bad Wordings”
      and also written bad comments….
      PLz Help me reply me

    • Anubhav

      Hey buddy . there is a person on orkut i dont know he is fake or wt bt i wann hack his account coz he is abusing n writing all shit words u can also check . so buddy plz tell me how to hack his acc n get to know him .

  • Zubin

    In simple words…its “Phishing”…!

  • sorb saini

    hi yaar can u give me how hack orkut acount boz sombody hack my passward plz yaar,,,,,,


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