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    Opinion: Is Social Networking market getting Saturated?

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    This is a guest post by Rahul from Webplanetfreaks. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our adsense revenue sharing program.

    A lot of my friends and family members are often boggled by the number of social networks that exist today. Although all of them are primarily Facebook members but they often wonder what is the use of so many platforms when you can do almost everything with one.  Well, most of them are not as Geeky as me and they do not understand the profitability and other uses of opening a social network. After all if you know PHP very well then you can easily create your own social network. On top of that there are sites like Ning and Mixxt that allows anyone to create their custom social networking website. Their interface is so easy that even a layman with basic internet browsing knowledge can use it.

    social networks Opinion: Is Social Networking market getting Saturated?

    So, the big question is Why do we need so many social networks. The answer is very broad and i cannot probably write each and every reason in this blog post until you want a complete encyclopedia. Facebook has dominated this niche for quite some time and finally it looks like Google+ is out there to give them a stiff competition. Google+ already surpassed 22 million members and the count is rising at a rapid pace.  There are also news in the blogging world that Microsoft is also investing  a lot in their own social network codenamed “Tulalip”. With the there giants already sitting on top of the cake they have completed saturated the market for new and innovative networks.

    Imagine for a second that Google+ was not Google’s after all. Would you still join that site? You would probably not know of it unless its been into existence for a year or so. I mean no offence against Google+ but except the Hangout feature there is nothing really that creates a solid reason for users to flock into Google’s new venture. If you think that Circles were great then go check Circlehack.com an exact replica of Google+ Circles for Facebook. So the bottom line is that the market is so saturated with the top guns investing billions that there is no room for creativity and progress in this field.

    You might create the best Social Network on the planet but what use is your creations unless people join your site. In order to make others join their site one needs to spend large amounts of money advertising and getting that initial Buzz which Google could afford. In such tough times the web world in general stopped producing creative sparks. I mean you would want a business and to be successful online you need to rely on social marketing one way or the other. This brings me back to m first question. Who uses all of the social networks? The answer is all webmasters. Social networks are the only way they can appeal to the masses in a very short time.

    Having said the above points i believe that the market for web growth is getting narrower by each day. Designers and Innovators fail to execute their plans as social networks dominate our lives. They know that in order to get your attention they need to use these websites. As a result the bravery to do something different perishes. Remember the .com boom of 1999, remember how lots of social networks evolved over the first decade of the new millennium?  Soon you will find that a new form of communication will evolve, a new medium of sharing knowledge, a new way to express yourself. Till that day we have to bear with the current trend. Lastly I would like to tell all of you that Web 3.0 is coming faster than you expect. There is always a sudden calm before a violent storm and the current social saturation expresses the calmness

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    Rahul, I think there is much more space for google+ and facebook in the coming years. In my opinion it is just beginning of social networking era.


    Kavya Hari

    Social networking is one of the easy way to interact with all the people in the web within a minute. Great article Rahul :) Keep Rocking :)



    @Bhaveek Social networking started in 1991 with Tribe….its only during the late decade of the 21st century that we felt its true presence. Yeah it will continue to bom for a full year or so but i think Google+ is the roof…do not expect any thing more except Microsoft’s Tulalip.

    @Kavya Thanx



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