Online Virtual KeyBoard: Secure Passwords from Keyloggers

One of the most common way the hacker hack your password is by using a trojan. Many of them inbuilt keyloggers, so when ever you type anything on your keyboard, it goes to them. To enhance the security while logging into secure websites is by using virtual keyboard.

Online Virtual Keyboard

Online Virtual Keyboard is the best Security implementation to make Sensitive data safe from “spyware” and ” Trojan program”.  When I was entering my Sensitive data (Username and Password) for Internet Banking, Security features recommend me to use Virtual Keyboard to protect my password. Virtual Keyboard is an online application to enter password with the help of a mouse.

The example of online Virtual keyboard is Shown Below

Benefits of online Virtual Keyboard

  • The  Online Virtual Keyboard is designed to protect your password from malicious “Spyware” and “Trojan Programs”.
  • Use of  Online Virtual keyboard will reduce the risk of password theft using Keyloggers and Keyboard action Monitoring.
  • It will auto encrypt your Password entered through Online Virtual Keyboard.
  • Easy to Implement as Login Security.

To use Online virtual Keyboard is the Best practice in websites where is to Protect sensitive data from hackers, crackers and  malicious programs.

Most of banks who offer online banking facility, offers Virtual keyboard to type in your password to login. Also for bloggers and freelancers who are using PayPal as their primary account to send and receive funds, I suggest start using Onscreen keyboard feature of your windows system to type passwords.

Onscreen Keyboard

You can type “OSK” command in Run windows and it will pop up On screen keyboard which works as a full fledge keyboard:

I will not discus other security tips as we already covered in the past. If you missed them, you can refer to:

Are you also p@r@noid about your security? What security measures you take to safeguard your password and important data.

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COMMENTs ( 13 )

  1. Nicholas Teo@Feng Shui since 1988 says

    Thanks for this wonderful tips. I never know that windows has a build in virtual keyboard with it. I will use this now. This is great

  2. Vuong says

    BTW, I think the author should change his domain name. Reuters is a big trademark and we can not ensure that one day this news acquire it by a law suit :-P.

  3. Lakhyajyoti says

    Most of the banks including SBI use virtual keyboard for online banking.I use it always when I browse from cybercafe.

  4. Amol Mhetre says

    Yes, There are so many Spyware and keyloggers. My old facebook account got hacked. And from that day I’m trying to secure my accounts from all sides. maybe this information will helpful for everyone. Thanks Mate !!

  5. Vuong says

    For more convenient, you can bring this useful application to the desktop :-P. In case OSK unavailable, you can use virtual keyboard on Kaspersky.

  6. Jasmine says

    The osk is really cool, I have never used it before. I typed OSK in my Windows run box and viola, it works! Haha… really nice. :)

  7. Mahendra says

    Hi Dheeraj today I got to know about importance of virtual keyboard. I always use to be surprise about why these internet banking site have Virtual keyboard. Thanks Dheeraj

  8. arramuse says

    I just feeling very safety when my Anti Virus and System security is up to date, but when I’m Online on the Cybercafe, I always use Onscreen Keyboard.

    Nice Share guys :)

  9. MAHESH KUMAR says

    Thanks for the info buddy , It is great way to secure your sensitive data
    My orkut was hacked by using keylogger in a cyber cafe , that is why i just refused to go cyber cafes

  10. Himanshu says

    ya i agree most of banks provide these facility, we should use it so as to prevent any agony later. good article