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    Online Promotion For Businesses

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    Living in the Web 2.0 era has caused a surge of websites to be created for businesses new and old.

    Now more than ever, surviving without an online presence is nearly impossible. Making a name for yourself on the internet has finally become just as important as any word of mouth marketing you may have accomplished. To some, the task of building an online presence seems daunting. However, with so many wishing to accomplish such a feat, promoting yourself online is now easier than ever.

    The first thing to understand is just how many people wish to make themselves known online. There are literally hundreds of thousands. Luckily, even when considering such a vast amount that may wish to become known in the same niche in which you are venturing, there is still space for everyone. As a matter of fact, much of the community engaged in the act of online promotion is very mutually beneficial. A great deal of the time, the case is such that while you are trying to promote your own products through the various avenues discussed below, it is worth other promoters time to help you if you will do the same for them. An example of this would be when promoting yourself with websites such as Ehow or Yelp. With both websites, promoters gain rating through positive comments and feedback.

    ehow 550x293 Online Promotion For Businesses

    Many promoters on these websites make it their business to target new members and provide them with a wealth of positive comments in hope that the new promoter does the same in return. The end result leaves both parties with positive feedback, positive scores and higher rankings.

    If your promotion is geared more towards the service side of the industry world, an avenue worth your time is the world of social networking. Sites such as Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, LinkedIn and the like are rapidly becoming some of the most productive and lucrative avenues for many different types of businesses. Promoting yourself with these websites is usually free and simply requires time. Like real life social networking, these websites are designed to spread the word about whomever is putting forth the most effort to make themselves known. In this way, online promotion through social networking may cost the most time. However, this avenue is the most known for having an online presence go “viral.” As the term suggests, this often leaves a much larger mass of people than originally targeted left either having been given some form of brand recognition towards the promoter or simply with some amount of knowledge of the promotion that had taken place. For many businesses, this is the only form of online promotion and is taken very seriously.

    twit 550x370 Online Promotion For Businesses

    Another such avenue that many promoters have considered with success is promotion through the various major search engines. Whether through the optimization of their website or by simply paying for adspace on Google, Yahoo or MSN, major search engines see millions of eyes and searches per day. Placing yourself in front of that kind of traffic may mean the difference between success and failure for your online promotion.
    Many times, the hardest part of the online promotion process is simply getting started. At stage one, there are roughly three ways to go.

    • The first is the do it yourself route. This requires an investment of time and research up front. You will need to learn how each website you’re going to use for promotion operates, what their codes of conduct are and how to best utilize their services. Most importantly, you will need to spend time creating accounts on each website and spend time linking them all together as well.
    • The second way path of pursuit contains pertains to performing do it yourself maintenance after having hired a team to put together a package for you. This means researching local marketing companies, large or small, that will invest the time to promote you through the search engines and social networking sites and often promise you a set number of postings, blogging and queries per month. Many times, this is all that is needed to gain a firm understanding of how online promotion works before you can start running the entire process yourself.
    • Lastly, either after having seen the success of having a team perform the online promotion for you or simply because your amount or type of business demands it, you may wish to hire a team fulltime.

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    Geet | HobbyPainting

    With growing number of web users, online reputation has become a valuable asset for the companies. In India there are already a few startups who are offering these services, i.e. “managing online reputation” for their clients.


    Rajiv Kumar

    I think the best way to manage your online repo is “DIY”…if you can’t hire an individual who is good at social media.


    Tim@Internet Income Rant

    Hi WFF,
    Thanks for the overview of the ‘new face of marketing’. I agree that you’ve got to have at least an online presence or you’re not yet in the game! Enjoy your day.



    You said online promotion is easy but i think for people doing business which works offline it could be easy for them.

    but not for them who only work online.


    Fabrizio Van Marciano

    Great tips, I’ve found that article marketing is one of the best ways to promote physical products indirectly, thanks.


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