On Page and Off Site SEO Techniques for Blogs

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Blogs are very vital in every website. They have become very popular because they are user friendly. With one click publishing virtually everyone can make a blog. But not everyone can create a successful blog. For a blog to drive in traffic you need to incorporate SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to make your blog visible in search engine results and get visitors.

There are basically six elements that you should work on to be able to create a blog that will rank well in search engines. These are the following:

1. Keywords
2. Descriptions
3. Title tags
4. H1 tags
5. Keyword density
6. Keyword placement

Use LSI keywords

Picking the right keywords for your blog can do wonders. Choose a good set of keywords that you think users will type in when they look for information on the Internet. For example, if your website is about ‘koi fish’, then list phrases that you think people will use in search engines along with these words. Create variations of these keywords. After jotting down these keywords use a keyword tool such as Wordstream to check the volume of searches of your chosen keywords. Learn about LSI, which is a good driving factor for OnpageSEO.

Keyword density and keyword placement

Your chosen keywords should appear on your title, tags, headline (H1), descriptions, images and of course in the content itself. It is wise to use your keywords at least once per 100 words. Keyword density is anywhere from 1 to 3 percent of your content’s total word count. It is also important to add your keywords to permalinks or the URL of your blog. Normally a blog will list your URL with sets of numbers. You can customize this so it will contain your primary or secondary keywords. When using pictures, make use of the Alt tags to insert your keywords so it can help you rank in image searches.

Off Site SEO for blogs

After optimizing your page for SEO, you should also employ off site SEO techniques. This basically involves creating inbound links or getting other sites to link to your sites. Ideally, the websites where you put your links to should be high ranking, relevant to what your site is about and linked using your chosen keywords.

Quality Content

The most natural way for other sites to link back to your site is to create quality and useful content. If your site has a lot of substance, webmasters can point to your site without you asking for it either because your site is authoritative or it gives out useful information. If this is not the case, you can actually swap links with other webmasters with sites related to yours. You can also use different link building campaigns such as blog commenting and forum posting. In addition, you can also buy links from high ranking websites so you can achieve a better position in search engine results.

You can create several inbound links to your site by adding content to article directories or you can also be a guest blogger from other sites or you can also list your site in web directories.

Follow the tips above and create a link building campaign and you can see an influx of visitors to your site in no time.

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  1. Nick says

    I guess, your last list item should be first ;). Nevertheless, it’s very usefuls compact list – thank you!

  2. aatif says

    I try to do all of these tips mentioned in the post . in fact this comment is part of the technique :)

  3. Irfan says

    I think both offline and online SEO is must for one newly launched blog to gain exposure. People should concentrate on these things instead of copying other’s content, which is quite popular these days.