OIO Publisher WordPress Plugin: Manage And Sell Direct Ads

No wonder selling direct ads are more profitable than using any 3rd party sites like Buysellads. Though it again depends on your niche and how you going to get advertisers. We have already shared 5 Working tips to find direct advertisement and now it’s time for you to realize why even after following some basic tips of selling direct advertisement, you can’t sell. I’m considering you have a quality website on any niche and you getting good no. of traffic.

OIO Publisher WordPress Plugin

Now let’s go to the basic and think, how do you shop online. When ever you see anything interesting along with buy now button, probably you will look into FAQ and buy the product directly. Same goes with the basic of selling direct advertisement. When a potential advertiser land on your blog and despite of finding your blog as a good place for advertisement, due to inadequate information, he might jump to some other site. Having a direct buy option will create a significant difference. Isn’t  it?

OIO Publisher WordPress plugin

Now here is a useful WordPress plugin call OIO publisher WordPress plugin which will help you to sell ads directly. Your potential advertisers can see the available ad slots along with price and if it appeals, they can quickly place the order. This will completely automate the process of buying and selling ad spots and less headache for you.

Advantages of OIO Publisher plugin for WordPress:

Here I will outline some of the advantage of using this ad manager plugin over other plugins like ad manager or any plugin.

  • Automation of buying and selling ads
  • Free listing on OIOPublisher market place
  • Track clicks and impression
  • Unlimited Website option
  • Free lifetime support
  • Backup Ads

Now I have been looking into this Ad manager WordPress plugin for long but since Buysellads marketplace is doing good for me, I never looked into OioPublisher plugin before, but now with my other niche blogs, I will be considering this plugin over Buysellads. No doubt buysellads is one of the best marketplace for advertisers and publishers but more or less BuySell Ads is niche centric. For certain niche you won’t be able to sell even a single ad slots. In such case, using an automated process for selling ads is something which will interest you.

Here are couple of screenshots which will show how your potential advertisers can directly buy ads using this plugin:

oio-publisher-guideline buying-ads Before you buy this plugin, here is another question you should ask: How many advertising opportunities you have missed because of delayed email response. Do you really need an automated process for selling ads? If your answer is yes, this plugin is what you need now.

OIOPublisher plugin is a premium WordPress plugin and it cost $47. Use Coupon code:SUM15-SML to save $10 in your purchase.

Learn more about OIOPublisher Plugin.

Do let us know how are you dealing with direct advertisements? Are you using any plugin, buysellads or any other method? And don’t forget to add an advertisement page on your blog, you can check out ShoutMeLoud advertisement page as an example.

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COMMENTs ( 13 )

  1. Andrew Rezk says

    OIO Publisher is a really good plugin. I think it’s the top ad managing plugin so far, others will lack some of its features.

  2. Kingsley says

    This Plugin is Great, I bought some months ago and i have not seen any reason to regret except payment processor issue due to my country

  3. Jarret says

    It’s a good plugin and it works well. However, I’ve been serving about 400,000 monthly page views with it across three blogs. It’s causing huge server overload now and I have to deactivate it. I even have MaxBounty CDN and it’s still causing server problems particularly with cpu usage.

  4. Swamykant says

    This is an awesome plugin. I have found this on many famous wordpress based blogs.

    Nice review. thanks for sharing your insights

  5. Michael Aulia @CravingTech.com says

    I already have this but it’s been months since I’ve activated it on my sidebar. I tried BuySellAds because I thought I’d have more advertisers from their marketplace. Ended up didn’t.

    Might want to add them back in to see if it attracts any advertisers

  6. Amol Mhetre says

    The information you have published here on OIO Publisher WordPress Plugin is good. I’m Thinking to purchase this !!

  7. Rajan Balana @ DreamBloggers says

    Yes, This plugins is very beneficial, but a bit costly for me :( I will purchase it soon :)

  8. Vijayraj Reddy says

    i have to take a look at this OIOPublisher plugin as it saves the commission taken by 3rd party…

  9. Santel says

    I have used this plugin few years ago, the great part of it is that we can sale direct via our WordPress platform. I would recommended this to everyone!

  10. MAHESH KUMAR says

    wow ! nice , but people have to think once because it is a premium plugin for premium websites .
    Thanks for the coupon code.

  11. Sandeep@Curious Little Person says

    Thata’s a pretty neat plugin for managing ads.. never knew about this plugin.. thanks for the share

    Does it redirect them to paypal for paying up as well?