Official Twitter Share Count Buttons Released

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Yesterday we informed you about Twitter launching share count button and finally today Twitter launched share count button. At one point we thought that this official share button will be big loss for Tweetmeme buttons but as posted on official Tweetmeme blog, they are partnered with Twitter to assist them in technical how to.

This is what official tweetmeme blog says:

Firstly we will be assisting Twitter with the technical challenges involved with the button and secondly we will be working even more closely in the future on delivering real-time curation of the Twitter Firehose. This will manifest itself in the launch of a number of new products and the first of these is being unveiled today.

How to get Official Twitter Count button?

Head over to Twitter goodies page and configure your button. Once done, copy paste your code into single.php and your Twitter official share count button will be live.


Here is a sample code:

<a href="" class="twitter-share-button" data-count="horizontal" data-via="denharsh" data-related="shoutmeloud">Tweet</a><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Here is an official video from Twitter team about this Twitter share buttons:

I’m sure within a day or two we will have some WordPress plugin for the same. Do welcome this new twitter share button by tweeting this post.

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  1. glenn says

    The twitter button “retweet” has some problem? especially the javascript one.. once you refresh the page the count will disappear.

  2. Nabeel | Create Your First Website says

    Hi Harsh,

    I think the official version is looking better than Tweetmeme.

    Your’s is the first blog that I have seen with the new Twitter button!


  3. Dinesh says

    Harsh, Have you noticed TweetMeme and official button counts are different? What could be the reason?

    • says

      Dinesh I believe it’s data aggregation.. Since Tweetmeme has this technology from long time,…whereas twitter are getting into it..and more over according to report Internet is crowded with this new twitter button..
      Hope it’s temp error… :)

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