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When ever a new blogger look out to make money from their blog using AdSense, one of the first few thing he needs is an AdSense account and easiest way to insert AdSense ads on their blog. So far, there are unlimited AdSense plugins for WordPress out there, and they all work differently. The hard part is deciding which plugin to use, and her is new official plugin from Google to make your life easier.

Google Publisher Plugin

Google launched a new plugin and first in WordPress plugin repo with the name “Google publisher plugin” and at the time of writing this plugin is in beta. In this post, I will share how you can configure and use this plugin with your WordPress blog, and my viewpoint after testing this plugin.

How to Setup Google Publisher WordPress plugin for AdSense

First of all you need an AdSense account to use this plugin, and if you don’t have one, here is one guide which will help you with the sign-up process. If your earlier AdSense application was rejected, check out this handy guide to fix that issue. Now, I assume you already have your AdSense account up and running, and now it’s time to wear your WordPress maintenance cap and start with the installation and setup of Google publisher plugin.

Login to WordPress dashboard and install Google publisher plugin. If you prefer to download and install, here is the official repo link to download this plugin. Once installed and activated, go to Settings > Google publisher plugin and link it to your AdSense account.

Google AdSense publisher WordPress plugin

verify Google Access to WordPress plugin

One of  the key feature of this plugin setup is, you need to have verified site under Google webmaster tool. If you haven’t verified your site, it will ask you to verify your site in Google webmaster tool. You can use any one of these 3 ways to verify your WordPress blog in Google Webmaster tool. Here is an excerpt from official setup guide page:

Setup WordPress Adsense plugin

 If you see any error, I suggest you to flush your WordPress blog cache. Here is a screenshot of my WordPress blog, which is already verified and have an activated AdSense account:

AdSense WordPress plugin

Click on Manage ads and this plugin will first analyse your site to suggest ad tags. In my case it detected already running AdSense ads and suggested to remove it.

existing AdSense ads

For this tutorial sake, I removed existing AdSense ads, and let this plugin again analyse my blog. What amazed me about this  AdSense plugin is, you don’t need to edit any HTML or play with the codes to insert AdSense ads, just click on any of the Pin point and it will automatically add the ads.

Right now this plugin doesn’t allow you to add text-link ads, but I’m sure they will be adding it in near future. Once you have selected the ad placement, click on save and activate.

inserting Adsense ads on blog

This is not over yet, as you need to repeat the step for different templates on your blog. Three common templates are home, Page, post and you need to place ad on all of these. So, select the different template from drop-down and again repeat the process to insert ads. Here is  a screenshot of my blog homepage where I added different ads.

Different Ads on differne template

Note: If you want to control the ad type (Display or text or both), simply click on gear box to configure that.

While testing and trying official Google AdSense Publisher plugin, here are few of my thoughts:

  • This plugin is out of the box as you don’t need to edit your blog HTML or code.
  • This plugin is currently in beta and in coming days we can see a lot of new features. Specially I’m excited about serving responsive AdSense ad units via this plugin.
  • This AdSense WordPress plugin is also placing ads using custom AdSense size.
  • At this time you can’t add links ad unit or AdSense for search using this plugin.
  • Instead of naming it as AdSense WordPress plugin, Google named it as Google Publisher plugin which indicates that this plugin will bring more feature from other Google products like Google Webmaster tool.

Over all, this is one of those out of the box AdSense WordPress plugin which will make work easier for any non-technical blogger or even tech-savvy blogger to quickly insert AdSense on their blog. More over, this plugin might offer deep-integration with AdSense optimisation suggestion, and will help AdSense publishers to optimise their ad placement for better performance.

This plugin is currently in beta stage, but I’m sure you will find it worthy enough to use it on your site. If you are using Link AdSense ads, you should stick to your current AdSense plugin, as this plugin doesn’t support Link ads at this moment. If you have trouble setting up official AdSense plugin, do let me know your issue, and I will try my best to find a solution.

Which WordPress AdSense plugin are you using at this moment? Are you going to switch to official AdSense plugin? If you find this guide useful, do share it with your friends on Facebook and Google plus.

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  1. says

    I m totally confused about plugins for google adsense.
    After reading this nice post, I have decided to continue with official plugin for google adsense by google.
    thanks @harsh for clearance.

  2. ankit sethi says

    Hi harsh, I found that this adsense plugin change the code of ads. So i want to know more about this like it may affect on my adsence revenue or account disable.

  3. says

    I have applied and got approved for 1st step review. Thereafter I have implemented ad code through adsense official plugin. I have received a mail saying that ad code is not implemented. Still my account is under review.

    Now I have deleted this plugin and implemented ad code by using different method. Let see what happen

  4. says

    Hey Harsh,

    Thank you very very much, I got my Adsense approved because of your articles only and the first anxiety I had after approval was how to add code to each and every php file in wordpress to place different ad units in different places.
    This plugin and your way of explaining was awesome and in 10 min I have inserted ad units in all types of pages in my blog. It’s really awesome. Thanks again Harsh.

    Harsh, I have a question – In Adsense, we have an option to create more than one ad unit what is the use of creating more than one ad unit ? or we can implement all the max. number of ads on a page with one unit alone ?

  5. Aniket Bhave says

    Does the plugin work only for WordPress based sites?

    As in i have ! Not a proper domain.

    Can it still be used? Let me know

  6. Vijay says

    Can i use Google Publisher tool for text and display ads and simultaneously other plugin to show link units of ads?

    Is it possible or it will affect.

  7. says

    Thanks a ton Harsh. I really needed this information. I shifted to WordPress just few months back. Still a newbie.

    I installed the Plugin and analyzed my site. I think I need to work on the layout of my site. Adsense couldn’t find much places to put the ad. Any guidance regarding that.

    But you know finally the plugin didn’t work. I tried putting Google adsense directly & through every plugin available, but YouTube videos in my site gets totally messed up. So I had to remove Adsense again. Any idea why?

  8. Aditya Shirodkar says

    I tried the plugin on two of my blogs, when I clicked on Manage Ads, I got the Message – Oops Something Went Wrong. Try Again. 1 blog is using the Thesis Framework and the other 1 is using Genesis Framework. Any body else have the same issue ?

    @Harsh – Any idea what I might be doing wrong here?

  9. Sunita Sharma says

    Hello harsh This is Really Awesome News about official Adsense Plugin to manage ads.
    Thanks for Suggesting its Complete Guide from Installment to Implement on blog. i Will tell about this plugin to my Other Blogger Friends. :)

  10. Prince Molak says

    I use wp insert for my adsense ads and its awesome,pls does the adsense publisher Plugin have an option for mobile ads.

  11. Yashobant says

    This is a great article and thanks for your effort to bring it to my notice. I have 2- 3 websites to put the adsense ads on, so this will definitely reduce my efforts.

  12. Avtar Singh says

    Sir, need you help to get it done. im using one of my friends adsense account as my account was blocked few month back. how i can setup with my two different account ( webmaster and adsense )

  13. says


    I tried the plugin on my website and it showed me the error that I ave caching plugin enabled. I do use page caching using W3 Total Cache and use CDN too. I disabled both of them still didn’t got past that error. Any idea or solutions?

  14. Pranjal says

    Amazing Harsh, coincidentally I was just about to buy a Google AdSense for Responsive Design plugin to implement Responsive ads on my site, but now after reading this fresh new post, I think I should go with the official plugin :)

    Thanks for sharing, as always!