Official Facebook Share Count Button From Facebook

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Update: Facebook replace share button with Facebook like button, so it’s better if you grab Like button code.

Official Facebook Share Count Button

Few days back I talked about facebook share count wordpress plugin which will let you and your reader share your post like tweetmeme button (twitter button ) and also keep a count on number of share. Though that plugin was from a website call

Now facebook has added one more tool to its facebook widget, that is facebook share count widget which you can use on your blog and also customize it according to your needs.

Here is a snapshot of the widget which you can customize and by simply copying paste, you can use this facebook share widget on your blog posts.

If you have not added this widget, I will suggest you to use it in your blog, to increase reach ability of your blog posts. More over you can also add following widget from facebook for your blog.

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  1. Naruto says

    I knew how to put a facebook add as a friend button but this is new for me. Thnx for the know-how

  2. Tony M says

    Took me a while to place it because I forgot to switch the placement to manual inside the plugin but now I got it. Its too bad its slightly larger than the Tweetmeme button.


  3. Duncan33 says

    thats cool! I knew how to put a facebook add as a friend button but this is new for me. Thnx for the know-how

  4. John Samuel says

    This is really an interesting development. Now facebook is going in the lines of Twitter. Instead of saying the number of retweets for a particular post, we will be saying number of shares :)

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