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    Now browser cache your youtube video

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    Now browser cache your youtube video

    In India ,Internet speed is always so low such that youtube fans wait for a long time to load the youtube video to watch. Some may use Youtube downloader because they have no patience to wait so long, sometimes it takes too much time to load the video such that

    user may take a sleep session and after awake they notice that only half of the video loaded.

    The thing get worse if the loaded video tab accidentally closed by the user. If user want to see the video again he needs to open the page again and load the video again. All the activities leads to end the interest of users towards the video.

    Now something very innovative came from Youtube. Now your Browser cache Youtube ,you can load the same video multiple times from the local cache. What it means? It means that whenever the whole video loads a single time and if you reload the page then the video start playing without taking time.Because the video is saved in a cache of browser.

    youtube thumb

    But if you close the tab accidentally Don’t need to worry, This works even if you close the tab and open the same page later.

    NOTE You need to increase the browser cache size to load the longer video.

    Youtube recommendation for slow internet connection Still rocking’ the 56k? No problem. As you may already know, a slower connection simply means slower delivery of services. You only need a little more time and patience than with a faster connection. For best results, you may want to start the video player and then click on the PAUSE button immediately. Then, wait until the red progress bar has reached the end of the video before playing it. Allowing the entire video buffer lets you watch it without interruption. Remember, the shorter the video, the shorter the amount of time it takes to buffer


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    Hi Derrick, thanks again for kind words, its nice to have a friend from Singapore. Added you on my twitter network. See ya there :)



    @Derrick Thanks for kind words for India, yes internet speed in India is not too much appreciable according to Akamai latest report. But that sleep statement is only for creating humor in the article(which is actually wrong statement) and i think i got a success.
    Its nice Derrick that you have that much knowledge about India and its development ,seems India is shining everywhere in the World and specially in your Singapore. Singapore is also very famous in India. :-)



    @ Himanshu

    Hey, i have many friends in Singapore whom are from India and they are very friendly and nice person. Very positive thinking and willing to learn..

    Is nice talking to you!



    Hahaha, really that bad that you can take a sleep session and after awake they notice that only half of the video loaded but India is nowadays very innovative and spending tons of money on infrastructure; building roads, upgrading transportations, trains etc and i believe upgrading networking is also another aspects your government is looking into..

    But with Youtube browser cache, it should help a little bit!

    You should see faster speed once your internet service provider is ready and up but i think prices will be slightly expensive..

    Nice post. Thanks


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