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    Now Block Domain result from Google Search Without any Extension

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    Some time back we informed you about Block search result chrome extension which will help you to block any domain on search result. For example, if you block any site in Google search, you will not see search result from particular site in future. This is a good way to block spammy and useless site for appearing in your search result.

    Yesterday in another announcement, Google informed that they are rolling out this feature without need of any extension. Here is an excerpt from official announcement:

    You’ve probably had the experience where you’ve clicked a result and it wasn’t quite what you were looking for. Many times you’ll head right back to Google. Perhaps the result just wasn’t quite right, but sometimes you may dislike the site in general, whether it’s offensive, pornographic or of generally low quality. For times like these, you’ll start seeing a new option to block particular domains from your future search results. Now when you click a result and then return to Google, you’ll find a new link next to “Cached” that reads “Block all example.com results.”

    blocksite thumb Now Block Domain result from Google Search Without any Extension Now form the next time when you search anything and if that site listing is on first page, you will get a notification saying you blocked * results. You can click on managed unblocked site from there to remove that blocked site.

    unblocksitesearchresult thumb Now Block Domain result from Google Search Without any Extension It’s good that Google rolled out this feature without need of any addon. Though they have  made it clear that for now they are not going to count the user action to determine search engine position. More over if they do, it might create a new group whose action is to block the result from competitor domain and let them penalize naturally.

    What do you think about this new roll out? Will it be helpful to enhance your experience with Google and also are you seeing this option to block domain in Google search?

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    This is the most effective way i think to tackle spam let the user decide what they think is spam great work



    I like this feature. It helps me to block some dangerous websites.



    Ya good feature from Google. I help to block bad sites manually.



    it will to keep those annoying links at bay. there are sites on the internet which shows up on search result pages and when you visit that link it doesn’t have the required content.



    I like this new feature from Google. Great to block out spammy and useless websites!


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