What to Do When you Don’t Feel Like Writing?

Blogging is one of those fields, where you need to focus on many things. It’s not just about writing blog posts, but you need to market them, take care of your blog maintenance, promoting your blog on Social media and more. We have talked a lot about Writers block and Bloggers block situation and shared many ways to come out of it. Though, in this article I will be taking a new approach to stay productive when you don’t feel like writing.

Blog Writing Motivation

As I mentioned above, Blogging requires lots of activities and when you don’t feel like writing, you can take care of additional blogging tasks to grow your blog. The whole idea is to make most out of your time, instead of wasting it completely.

In Blogging, there will be many days when you don’t want to write a post or you are not able to write a post. Right??

When you will not post anything at your BLOG, you will simply waste your time on Facebook or any other social network.

Don’t lie, I know you will ;)

Instead of wasting your time anywhere you must try to improve yourself and your BLOG.

As Improvement in you and in your BLOG = More Money from BLOGGING


But I think you don’t know the things you can do to improve your BLOG instead of posting at your BLOG.

That’s why I have wrote this post, to help you improve yourself with your BLOG.

So, Without much more ado, here are the

7 Things to do when you don’t want to Write Blog post

Create Back links

I know that you already know this but a majority of intermediate bloggers are ignoring to create back links. Backlinks are very vital for your blog growth and it helps to improve your blog in organic search. Here at ShoutMeLoud we have shared 101 ways to get backlinks or if you need a complete DIY guide, I would recommend you to read these two articles which will help you to get guaranteed backlinks:

Well, there is no need of telling about the benefits of back links,  As I’m sure even a newbie blogger is now aware why backlinks are so crucial for his blog.


Head to any social network, find some co-bloggers in your NICHE there and connect with them. You must be thinking now that why should I connect with anyone?

Because this is one of the best thing to GROW your BLOG. As

More Contacts = More Friends = More Traffic

And increase in traffic is the ultimate thing which everyone needs because Traffic is directly proportional to earning you can get from your BLOG.

Find New Competitors


Yeah, you read it right. Find some new competitors in your niche that are growing faster or will grow faster than you.

Spy on them, find the keywords they are targeting, find their top 3 traffic sources, etc. etc. the list goes on.

Why you must find and spy on new competitors??

As spying on them will help you to know the things by which they are growing their BLOG and after knowing them you can apply them to your BLOG to grow your BLOG.

Ask your READERS

Question your readers that what does they want from your BLOG? or What do the want to see next on your BLOG?

Benefits of questioning you READERS??

  • It makes your reader feel like wanted.
  • Help you to build community.
  • You will reach a new dimension of Blogging.
  • It increases respect for your Blog
  • It makes your readers more comfortable and thus, they can share anything with you.

Ultimately, it helps to grow your BLOG.



One major reason you can change your way of blogging is by improving your productivity. I have noticed, people who are unplanned and stay in an unproductive environment are more likely to get into writer’s block situation.

so, How to Improve Productivity??

  • Avoid DISTRACTIONS while you work on your BLOG POSTS.
  • Set up DEADLINES for everything related to BLOGGING.
  • Manage your TIME effectively.
  • Capture Motivation from inside or outside.
  • Make a To-do list
  • And lastly, Trace your PROGRESS.

Do the 5 things above and increase your PRODUCTIVITY because

More productivity = Power of producing more and more QUALITY content = More Content = More Traffic

I usually start with making a list of To-do task and finish the one which are easy to do. This way, my work load decreases. Another thing which I usually do is, clean my work area to make it cleaner and better for work. Depending upon your working style, you can choose your own ways to stay productive.

So, BE PRODUCTIVE and Grow your BLOG.

Improve Blog Design

If the content is the KING, SEO Is queen then, your Blog design is the castle.  And without a palace, king is not the king. So, you need to improve your Palace. :)

Your next question is

How to Improve it??

Well, I can not really help you to improve your BLOG design as without seeing your BLOG how can I tell you to improve it’s design. Right?

Anyway here are some tips that may or may not improve it depending on your current blog design.

  • Don’t over stuff your sidebar.
  • Make your design wide for the new monitors, old is not gold here.
  • Create creative headers and footers for your BLOG.
  • Use H1 tags in your pages/posts titles.

The whole point is to give a better user experience on your Blog. Here is a handy guide, which will give you a better idea of giving good User Experience:

How to make a User-friendly Website and Blog


Promote your old Blog posts:

Promotion is never ever over. You can do it whenever you want, as many times as you want but the game of promotion never ends.

How to promote?

There are many ways which you can promote an old blog post. We have already got it covered in detail earlier: How to promote old blog posts.

To you: What you do when you don’t feel like writing?

These are few of the ideas that you can work on, to make most out of your leisure or non-productive time. These tips work for me and I’m sure it will work for many of you. Do let me know what all productive things you are doing to make most of time when you are not writing?


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  1. Gautam Doddmani says

    really good points you have outlined here anurag…thanks and yes i do go over to facebook when i am bored of blogging! ;)

  2. says

    One more thing that you can do when you’re not feeling as blogging is to do some freelancing or teach others how to blog. I find this really helpful in keeping me active and inspired and also makes me feel good to help others.

  3. says

    Yes certainly we should not waste our time. Make the most of your free times and work hard to improve the productivity of the blog. I spend time in reading about latest tech updates and getting ideas for my next post.

  4. sheshnath says

    Hi Anurag,
    Thanks for this nice tips as I don’t had anything to write I was free and wasting my time on Facebook, but now got something to do :D . Thanks again