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    Not Google +, the New Anti-social Network [Parody]

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    Earlier today, or perhaps yesterday, Google announced that their new social network, Google Plus is now open to all. Every single living soul on planet Earth who wants to have another social network attached to his sleeve, another network to post updates on and share things. Don’t you feel like all this is getting too much? I mean, there are about 500 million social networks already, well not really, it’s only a phrase, but there are many. And do you think another new social network is required.

    not google plus Not Google +, the New Anti social Network [Parody]

    Well, there is a solution to this problem of having to manage too many social networks. The guys at College Humor have opened another new anti-social network called ‘Not Google + .’ Epic don’t you think? And the best part, it’s super easy to join. You don’t need any invitations as such, you just need to NOT JOIN Google +. It’s really that simple. Also, you don’t have to send any invitations to anyone to make them join, nor do you have to sort everyone in to Circles. In short, Not Google Plus makes life easier and more interactive, without having to join anything or hit the refresh button to keep a track of your friends updates and posts.

    If you’re thinking, ‘ What’s this guy going on about here?’, then you should probably check out this introduction video for the new anti-social network called Not Google +.

    What do you think now? Are you going to join another social network? Do you really need to?

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